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  1. I hope he's right. I don't think we need 2 vampire houses, even if they are completely opposite ends of the vampire spectrum.
  2. This about sums it up. My 7 year old knows the word titty and knows what a titty twister is. I see no reason for them not to have the word titty. I do understand why they wouldn't have the neon fingertips pinching the naked breasts though. I also have to agree with Freak, I'm skeptical about the drunk guests reaction to vampire strippers. I hope it goes well but can see why it would be a cause for concern.
  3. I wish it wasn't over the top but sadly I do agree, it's over the top for the event. In my opinion the perfect facade for this house is the front of the titty twister with cheech and his Pu**y, Pu**y, Pu**y speech standing outside. I watched the movie last night and that scene never fails to make me laugh. Of course it is based on the show not the movie and like you I have no idea if his character is in the show or not. I still think most people know that scene and it would add some comic relief to the beginning of the house. I don't expect to see this scene, or the word titty but I really wish they would include it if only for sake of pushing the envelope a little bit.
  4. Thats a good question, I would think there would be a way around the small amount of outside light that leaks in after dark. During the early, pre dark hours of the event I doubt they could get around it enough to be effective. Personally, I lean toward hoping it's not 3d. I'm just sick of 3d houses and I could use a year without one.
  5. In my opinion, AWIL stands in a category of its own, just like every great house before it. I hate comparing one house to another unless its a sequel house, a house with similar themes or a house using similar technology. If there is a house this year with amazing puppets, then we can talk about if it is this years AWIL. As for this house, I can't wait to see the titty twister lol. Seriously though I haven't seen the series yet but plan to watch it before I go through the house. From everything I've seen, the series is just like the movies but has more backstory and character development. If thats the case I'm looking forward to it because I enjoyed the movies. I just hope the rumors of Dracula Untold being a house aren't true. I don't want two ip vampire houses.
  6. That article is from June 11th 2011, I think its safe to say it's not a killer klowns 2 house. If the clown house is not in 3d I'm sure it will have nice bright colors and you could use your 3d glasses from previous years if you wanted it to be a "3d" house and there isn't an actual 3d house this year. (I have no idea if there is or isn't a 3d house, I haven't followed rumors this year at all)
  7. I haven't posted in what seems like forever but I figured with big news like this now is as good of a time as ever to post again. If you're like me and haven't seen the series yet supposedly it will be on netflix starting on August 19th. It is normally on the El Rey Network but its not carried by my cable provider so I haven't seen it. I do like the movies and if the show really is just like the movie but with more character development I'll enjoy it.
  8. ^ Because HateToFly just released his first HHN24 rumors. I'm not going to re-post here just because I'm not trying to step on any toes. They are over on Orlando United as the other Aaron said above. As for the possible Dr Who house, where there's smoke there's usually fire. There was a very obvious nod to Dr Who in AWIL, if the Tardis is not enough to make you a believer, then the Bad Wolf spray painted on the wall opposite of the Tardis or call box should. I'm by no means saying there will be a Dr Who house this year or any other year for that matter but I'm saying it is a possibility, too many coincidences to ignore there. Does it fit? That's for you guys to discuss, I for one feel it would.
  9. You just worry me a bit, because now that I think about it my first time through the area they were moving but the second time a few hours later I didn't notice any movement. I really hope something didn't go wrong with them already. The movement didn't really add too much to the scene but was just one of those little things that make HHN the premier event in the world.
  10. When I say operational I mean up and available for photographs although I saw them move side to side, or twitch as they did in the show. I know what I saw, my wife saw the same thing. This was right around 7:30, maybe they broke or something by the time you saw them. They moved very slightly side to side as if trying to get off of the chains.
  11. They we're fully operational tonight and they look very real. It's a nice touch to have added the pets to that area.
  12. One of the guys that accompany the walker bomb must be a member, or just like to torment us nightmares folks. Both nights that I've worn one of my nightmares shirts he's shouted at me something along the lines of "better get moving, we don't like you nightmares folks around here" it's those small touches that make buying a shirt worth it. All in all the walker bomb is a cool little addition to the streets.
  13. I did my tour on the 3rd and it was great. We did both the morning and afternoon tour. Our guide Jesse was really cool and seemed to genuinely love his job, which always makes things that much better. Only issue we had was the 2 kids who just had to be at the front of the tour right beside the guide the whole time, even going as far as pushing my wife out of the way at one point to get there. I had to tell myself to just breath at that point lol. All in all it ended up being a great experience. The guide kept me involved in the tour, due the nightmares shirt I was wearing he knew I was a huge fan. I hung towards the back of the group most of the time though to get pics of the rooms without anyone in them which was nice. I would suggest the tour to anyone on the fence about it. If you're a fan of the event and like to know the inside workings then the tour is a must. The details in these houses are just amazing.
  14. I'm not here to argue with anyone so when someone gets me on a technicality I won't argue like some would on here. It is what it is and isn't worth the time or effort. Sorry that I thought you we're a new member but it wouldn't have changed anything if you we're one of the founding members. I still have no interest in arguing with someone over something as simple as a technicality.
  15. No, not exactly but it was my 2nd house of the night. We we're in when the gates opened and went to Resident Evil, walked straight in and then went straight to AWIL after that. My guess is after 6:30 but before 7:00
  16. Yea, it did look as though it was just the canvas that was removed.
  17. Last night I attempted to go through the house, only to be told it was closed. No big deal we went and rode MIB and came back and it was opened. I can confirm that the vortex was gone, as in I did not see it there at all. I was told there we're technical difficulties but don't know any more than that.
  18. Ok I stand partially corrected, due to a heading lol. If the traditionals were not considered the trick or treaters, then I'm mistaken. Myself and many other forum members who I hung out with at the event always thought the scareactors coming up to us asking for candy would be the trick or treaters. Considering that is what trick or treaters do. We had even begun taking candy in especially for them. Personally the ones with the clear masks never once asked me for candy as the traditionals did and that is the sole reason I consider the traditionals the trick or treaters. I agree with JDW, the clear masks, to me personally we're not the trick or treaters but whatever, I don't have the time to or interest in arguing with a new member of the forum. You can call the clear masks the trick or treaters, I'll consider the traditionals the trick or treaters and we can all be one big happy group of nightmares.
  19. I've been to the event twice this year so far and have a few of you scareactors I'd like to thank. In Evil Dead, last night, the girl coming out of the hole in the floor saw my nightmares shirt, pointed and mouthed nightmares. That was cool. Also last night one of the zombies in the Atlanta area also noticed the shirt, he proceeded to follow me until I quietly pointed out a lady not paying attention walking across the street in front of me, he got her pretty good using myself and my wife as a shield. That was awesome, it was in front of the mummy. On Saturday night in the theater scene in AWIL the girl in the last chair before the exit of the room jumped up and smacked my hand accidentally, she apologized but if you're on here, you had nothing to apologize to me for, you made my night lol.
  20. Early on Saturday night, in the same house one of the gals in the theater scene jumped up and smacked my hand. I laughed, she apologized and I told her not to worry about it. To me it is no big deal, it was an accident. Someone said earlier that some would consider you lucky, I fall into that category. By the way if your a member here and remember this happening, hi!
  21. Umm no, the trick or treaters had been there from opening weekend. A quick google search would have led you to the inside the magic review of opening weekend which talks about them. If I'm wrong I guess Ricky met Doc Brown and used his Delorean to go back in time to change his review that was posted on September 24th 2012 which was not halfway through the event. It is also not an update to the article considering all updates are dated.
  22. 1. Resident Evil - My most anticipated house of all time because I've been into this series since I first played the original game. 2. Cabin in the Woods - I think there may be a few surprises in this house......... The potential of this one is huge, everything horror could fit. 3. Afterlife: Deaths Vengeance - I'm a sucker for the 3D houses. 4. Evil Dead - I look for GORE, GORE and more GORE. 5. AWIL - The movie is great and I know how much of a pet project this is for the design team, could easily end up being house of the year in my opinion. 6. Havoc 2 - I liked the first house but it wasn't a favorite of mine, the train concept could be great. 7. La Llorona - I don't know the story so it isn't something I'm looking forward to besides knowing how well it was received in Hollywood. 8. The Walking Dead - Lol, what a difference a year makes.
  23. Awesome job Cody, it's my background now.
  24. I could not agree with you more. Sound helps with the immersion factor. It puts me into the scene that much more. I also love when they use scents. I will never forget HHN 13 in Psycho Scareapy the overwhelming smell of feces in one of the rooms. As sick and disgusting as that smell was, that was the moment they had me hooked for good. Coming from Pa I had never experienced a "haunted house" with smells before. I have only once or twice smelled a scent at local haunts in the 10 years since then and don't notice them at HHN anymore. I don't need a bunch of blood and gore because honestly it fits in some houses and it doesn't in others. I don't want extreme amounts of gore just for the sake of gore. I would much rather the blood and gore that they do have is placed properly in a realistic fashion, with scent. As far as the e-proms go, I hate them. I'm not a scareactor and have never been one. Talking strictly from a guest standpoint they become predictable, especially when you go through a house multiple times. I have better experiences all around without them. I don't mind one here or there but last year they were just ridiculous.
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