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Let Scareactors know who you are


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We had this thread last year, but it wasn't made until the morning of the first day of HHN. I thought I'd make it a week early this year so there is a better chance of more people seeing it.

Basically, this is the place to post a picture of yourself to try and get an extra scare or two from the members on HNN who are scareactors!

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What's the difference between this and the thread?

There are two threads every year. This one is specifically for the scareactors.

See from last year?

Anyway, I'll start since nobody else has.

This is me


I will be wearing a nightmares shirt every night I'm there and most likely be with others who are as well.

I'll be at the event employee preview, all of opening weekend, and all of closing weekend, except for Wednesday the 26th.

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I guess it's for so scareactors can look at this thread, recognize who people are, and scare them if they dont have an HNN shirt or something. Theyre obviously are going to scare the HNN members twice as bad, so why only have that extra scare be limited to HNN members with shirts? Maybe people should put the day they're going so the scareactors dont have to just guess when you'll be there


^^ Hey, that's me :D

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Here is a pic of me and my lovely wife:


We will be there both nights Opening Weekend and periodically on Fridays throughout the month. I'll most likely be wearing either an old-school Vault shirt or a shirt with a pic of my avatar to the left (the monkey face).

We are also bringin my 13 year old brother on opening night for his very first HHN (creating a new addict), if you happen to notice us, please scare the piss out of him :D

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This is me on the right:


I'm hitting Opening Weekend with my friend Hannah and fellow members Roberto and TheAlmightyRaine, plus whoever we end up bumping into through the night :) and I'll be back mid-October for the final half of the run.

Easy way to spot me is I will always be rocking the Jack Bauer bag from 24 to carry my camera :)


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This is who I am (from my Epcot Seas Aqua Tour this year):


now for many of the scareactors from past HHN events, i'm quite notorious for obtaining scares by getting my Pal Mickeys involved, and last year i ended up experimenting with random disney character hats to see if it had the same effect as a certain "rodent". But this year, things will be... shall we say "Bear-y" different ;).

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I always try to interact with scareactors since I go so much but I know you guys see so many people almost every night it's hard to remember everyone

but here I am!! I will be going opening weekend, almost every thursday and sunday, and the last weekend. (I am ALWAYS wearing that blue backpack)


and this is more recent...


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