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  1. Same. And hotel. Only doing 1-2 nights tho. 3 if I stretch it.
  2. Same, and their eyes glaze over when I start trying to explain it to them
  3. More than likely its just a reference to this:
  4. Hey hey hey hey hey I just had an idea. What if they're doing seasons 2/3 this year cause they got some info from Netflix/Duffers that season 4 since it's the last one is gonna be so epic that it needs its own house by itself???
  5. I just re-looked at the map and I get the Anarch-ade thing now. For some reason my brain kept putting it in NYC.
  6. WTH is Anarch-ade? It sounds like some new alcoholic twist on lemonade that will be served during the event.
  7. I think it could make a good transitional tool as well. You cross through the bridge and it has the next destination on the wall. Though I don't know how many settings they could use. I'm on the second episode now and just finished the scene with Bing and Manx. (I rewatched the first episode again) ETA: I *was* on the second episode. Either my ipad, the app, or the wifi here at work keep messing up. When I restart the app the episode starts over again at the part where she confronts her dad. It's done that twice now, so I'll just wait till I get home
  8. I don't have AMC Premier just Sling so I have to watch them as they air, lol. Honestly there's so much (from the book at least) they could use in a house. Manx, Bing, a couple of the vamp kids, the smell of gingerbread in the air (which I hope they keep in the series). I would legit cry if part of it was walking through the Shorter Way.
  9. Does anyone else kinda wish they'd do a NOS4A2 house? They already have a relationship with AMC. The book was awesome and the series is looking great so far. (I'm actually quite pleased with how they're splitting the book up, at least from looking at the cast and episode lists).
  10. It's just on the FF+. The regular FF does have a discount. But it does make sense with as big as the event is getting. We'll see what happens next year.
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