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  1. It's never to late to speculate! Here are our current speculation maps for HHN31!
  2. Awesome, have fun! We'll be on the media tour tomorrow night, and general guests on Saturday!
  3. ***NOW AVAILABLE*** No one escapes their fate. "Sir Henry's Haunted Tales" is finally available for purchase! You can grab it on Amazon to get delivered right to your door. Own the origin stories, and bring your copy to get signed when you visit us in Plant City! We offer a limited quantity of signed copies on our website and will also have limited copies at our gift shop when you attend our event. https://amzn.to/2Ya4EmM https://www.sirhenryshauntedtrail.com/sir-henry-s-haunted-tales-novel
  4. It's more like vinyl strips (think freezer storage), from what we've heard/seen. I've been away from social since yesterday afternoon to avoid any spoilers, so there may be more insight now that I'm unaware of.
  5. We've created a bunch of playlists of The Music of Halloween Horror Nights on Spotify for your listening pleasure! Click the link below to Hear YOUR Fear!
  6. The Miklos are a wealthy, eclectic, aristocratic family descended from Romanian immigrants. But they carry with them a secret heritage, they believe that they are direct descendants of Vlad the Impaler. In honor of their daughter coming of age, and to feed their hunger, the Miklos are throwing a grand ball. Their pale appearance in contrast with their ruby red lips, along with their pointy teeth neatly filed, gives an allusion to their alleged distant vampire ancestor. Luring guests into their cellar, they trap them and use a variety of homemade devices to sypher blood from their victims. They bottle the excess blood in vintage wine bottles to overt suspicion. Tucked away in the deepest darkest part of this cellar is a beastly creature who feeds on the remains of their drained victims. A defective gene in the family line that only blood can activate, this creature is the core of the family. Will you thwart the allure or will you become a bottled memory ready to be consumed?
  7. In a small town a cemetery worker notices graves are being dug up and left empty. After an investigation ensues, the constable discovers that the saw mill owner has been robbing graves and feasting on the bones of the deceased. To add to the horror, in the basement of his home, he's building a whole throne from the stolen bones. A disgusted and angry mob captures the sawmill owner and decide to hang him. In his final words, he vows to return and avenge his death! As soon as the noose drops, a flock of ravens descends upon his body and feast on his flesh. Now every Hallows Eve, when the veil between the living and the dead is the thinnest, he rises from the depth of darkness and returns to the town. With the help of his loyal ravens, he hunts the living to exact his revenge and finish his throne. The townsfolk have taken to calling him Sidious. Will you escape Sidious or will you become another bone on his throne?
  8. On the outskirts of Castlemoore lies a dark fishing town named Portsmouth. A young fishing captain is soon to be married to the love of his life, Abagail. But Captain Willem Jonah is soon sent back out to sea for work. When his ship falters in an unexpected nor'easter, the captain and his crew are believed to be lost at sea forever. In mourning and deep sorrow, Abagail seeks to end her suffering the only way she can think of: she jumps to her death from the lighthouse. Her ghost is said to be seen walking along the lighthouse balcony, looking for her long lost love. Many moons later an eerie fog rolls into Portsmouth. Soon, reports of mysterious murders and tragic deaths begin to swirl. Some claim that it is the ghost of the Abagail, but the old timers in the village know what the truth is. The captain has returned from the sea. Blurring the lines between living and dead Captain Jonah has come back for his love only to learn of her tragic death. In his anger and pain, he takes his wrath to the village who has caused him to lose everything. Bringing some of his crew from the sea back with him to carry out his revenge. Who is next to join him in the watery grave?
  9. https://www.sirhenryshauntedtrail.com/ I-4's premier fear park! A one of a kind outdoor haunted trail totaling almost 1 mile in scares. Open select nights in October. Experience Halloween like never before at Sir Henry's Haunted Trail. We are a one of a kind outdoor haunted attraction featuring 3 high intensity haunted trails that total almost a mile in length. Brave your fears and see if you have the courage to face the legendary phantom Sir Henry. Open every weekend in October. We are located right off Interstate 4 between county line road and park road exits. https://app.hauntpay.com/events/sir-henry-s-haunted-trail-2021
  10. Welcome! Hopefully one day you can attend!
  11. Here is the official Universal released map for HHN30! halloween-horror-nights-event-map.pdf
  12. Long time, Mr. Grime! Awesome to see you back at the event!
  13. We hope everyone enjoys HHN30 and has fun, please stay safe! All HHN30 general discussion starts here!
  14. Everything has been announced, and with the event about to begin, this thread will be locked. Enjoy!
  15. Welcome back! We hope we can build it back up again!
  16. Here is a version everyone can edit and use freely without causing any confusion for the regular speculation maps we release.
  17. If you scroll all the way to the bottom, left corner, you can switch themes.
  18. Hello everyone, long time! First, we would like to apologize for the downtime the past couple of days! We've upgraded the server, forum software, plugin-ins, and theme! This all needed to be done to make everything more smooth and offer new features. During the past couple years, we have neglected the forums and focused on building our social media networks, mostly Twitter and Facebook. We've built a better network of friends, and collaborators for various projects. During the beginning of the pandemic and the cancelation of most haunted events on 2020, we also created a virtual event named #HHNatHOME which we've now held two times, 2020 and 2021. Both of these events went over VERY positive and we'll see what happens for future events like this! With that said, we'd like to see if we can bring some life back into the forums and create more of a discussion again that really can't be done on Social Media. We get it, the forums are not what they once were, and the team over at Inside Universal are doing a great job providing awesome information for the Universal Community! We hope to supply a alternative, and hope we see some familiar faces back again! We'd love to encourage everyone to sign-up and post, we swear we won't bite (not yet! ). Let's keep the HHN and Haunt Community alive and we'll see you in the fog! Smaller updates and noticeable changes will happen over the next few days! The Horror Night Nightmares Team
  19. This Manhattan neighborhood has gone to hell. A diabolical new nightclub, Inferno, has opened with demonic clientele straight from the Underworld.
  20. Get ready to howl, roar and bellow with fear as you’re hounded by a bloodthirsty band of chainsaw-wielding maniacs wearing grotesque animal masks.
  21. The Bride of Frankenstein is bringing classic female movie monsters back from the grave to strike fear into the hearts of men. Sinister sisters unite!
  22. Jabbawockeez returns to Halloween Horror Nights with their unique mix of dance, special effects, music and humor.
  23. The Terror Tram returns, taking you where Purgers are running rampant. Once you get off the tram it’s no rules. No laws. No escape.
  24. Enter the post-apocalyptic world of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” in a fully immersive journey through a world overrun by walkers with an insatiable appetite for the living.
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