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Let Scareactors know who you are


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Ok so am gonna try posting a piccy, i am aware i have a penguin with me but it's the only piccy i have on here atm lol i will be there on the 13th and 20th of October :) can't wait last year was my 1st HHN and now i'm hooked!


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I know I have already posted this picture, but it comes the closest to what I shall be wearing tonight.


I will be wearing last year's Horrornight Nightmares shirt, the blue Hollister jacket I'm wearing in the picture above, long blue jeans, and a black Aerosmith cap with the letters in red. My hair will not be spiked. Keep an eye out 4 me, and HAPPY SCARING!!!!

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I'll probably be sporting an old school, throwback Vault shirt tonight. If you see me in a Vault shirt (I'm about 5' 7 so I may be hard to spot), please scare the bejeezuz out of my 13 year old brother who will be experiencing his very first HHN.

Here is what I look like again (with almost the exact outfit I will be wearing tomorrow night for night #2)


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