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Let Scareactors know who you are


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How do you insert a picture? Can you not upload one through your computer or does it have to be through a URL?

no, just upload it to photobucket and then direct link it. I suppose you could use a picture off of facebook or other social media site, too.

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I just wanted to THANK YOU for all the scare actors that gave extra special attention to me and my group while we wore our HNN shirts last weekend and this past thursday and Friday night. Cudos to the SA that managed to see me in the Canyon of Souls on Friday night and gave a gentle hand swipe across my HNN shirt and said "walk slowly".... That was great! I can think of at least a half dozen or more extra scares or attention while at the event and it really gave that extra Umpff to the event.

Also, great job Last Friday night (Sept 30th) when at 1:55 am the area between the Canyon of Souls and 7 had about 8-10 SA wandering around with the trench coats and masks. The girl I was hanging out with fell behind me by about 20 yards and she started to shout my name looking for me, it was like CHUM in the water and she was surrounded by a circle of SA! Laughed my ass off at that. It was great to see you guys putting that much effort in after a long night of scares and especially just 5-10 minutes before closing! UNI needs to realize the work you guys put in to make this event great!

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I'll be there tomorrow with a group of about 25 people (convinced the office that they needed to experience HHN)

I'll be wearing the 'madmonk' shirt that appears in my Avatar so if you see me, please scare my group :-)

As always, thanks for all that you guys, and gals do!

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