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  1. Just breezing through conversations from earlier lol sorry for throwing a wrench in things haha
  2. Sorry guys catching up! I didn't get to go last year and am still bummed!! I read in earlier posts the possibility of a misfits house!?!? I am all for this if the rumors pan to be true I'd love to see, dig up her bones, London dungeon, teenagers from Mars, astrozombies all mashed kinda like the cooper house did. I'm not a fan of havoc but it seems to be a storyline that not much needs to be done to in order to keep making new houses, I feel as if there's always a throwaway house, that's havoc for me...
  3. I have to agree, the last couple years have been rough, when I first saw it in 04 it was great but then each year after seemed less and less funny, somewhat to the point where I don't even care to see it or not
  4. Vampires Walkers Prisoners Beasts Traditionals Iniquitis Warriors
  5. The first time I went to hhn and had no clue what a scare zone was I thought about this, it seems like the right thing to do, although I love scare zones and the sets all out, a little change never hurt, I think it will be cool to see different scare actors all over the park..,that's what I loved about chainsaw drill team.
  6. 1.house of horrors 2.walking dead 3.dead end 4.alice cooper 5.gothic 6.silent hill 7.penn and teller Pumped for all of em but if I had to list em that's how it would go
  7. I think well see some old tricks from the dead silence house...I hope lol I liked that house a lot
  8. I'm guessing that this is the house featuring nosferatu so they can most likely lay me to rest in this house and I'd be in heaven... Can't wait for this one
  9. I will $h!7 a F***in brick if a House with nosferatu happens..,just saying lol
  10. Fear could've been awesome but everybody needs a Kodak moment right lol I think at 50 sounds good. They should make the devil the icon one year lol next year I hear the icons going to be the guy who drove the bus around telling people the world was ending
  11. Lol it's not to often a horror film comes up twice a day for me. But insidious deffinetley would top the cake this year for hhn I have to say i would love to see the demon figure alive at hhn in the Victorian style house and the ghost lady to
  12. When I think tesla and science I automatically think of Frankenstein and all the crazy equipment in his lab
  13. Lol I saw the invisible man in a house last year...seems to be everywhere I go ;-)... Would deffinetley like to see the creature but I think you're right about it being a little advanced although I think they could make it happen
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