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  1. yes thank you!!! i had a feeling it was either DevilDriver or Coal Chamber(the vocalist's other band)
  2. i see that "CIRCUS" by Floriano Righetti, is a parkwide song as well. i didnt see it on the list. And ive been going in purge long enough to realize that "Bodies" by Drowning Pool does not play in the house, its a way heavier song. i'd try and shazam it, but dont need security flipping on me for taking my phone out.
  3. In body collectors facade section, theres this loud Bass like sound/music that plays every few minutes during the Voca Me song. Anyone know where its from? Also, icon zone does indeed play "Ghost 8" by Nine Inch Nails, and "Ghost 20" Also theres some metal music in the ending of Freddy Vs Jason that i cant seem to figure out.
  4. I'm hoping for originals. 8 houses, 1- All nite Die in (director with Myers, leatherface, freddy, jason) 2- Psychoscareapy(jack brings carnival to asylum?) 3- screamhouse (caretaker) 4-RUN!!!! (eddie) 5- Scary tales! (either storyteller or blood mary) 6- Silver screams (Usher with Phantom, scream, chucky, purge, etc) 7- Ship of screams? 8- Psycho : Norman Bates 5 zones. 1- Havoc(disaster area) 2- 25 years of hhn zone (outside of terminator) 3- skoolhouse (central park forest with bloody mary pumpkins from 2008! lol) 4- Walking Dead or deadtropolis? (New york including sting alley!) 5- chainsaw drill team (roaming either in Lucy tribute area, transformers, or bridge between simpsons/diagon) and maybe an extra scarezone somewhere. ICON- either Fear or that red devil dude from 2006 arrival show. idk i would love to see 25th anniversary look something like this. No more of this IP crap. Bring back the classics!!!
  5. 1.) HALLOWEEN- HANDS DOWN BEST HOUSE I'VE EVER BEEN IN, EVER. Scary as fuckk from start to finish. Non stop in ur face action from Myers. Its a beautiful house. GREAT JOB UNIVERSAL! 2.) Walking Dead- the last 2 TWD houses were okay. but this one was absolutely KILLER. I know people are tired of zombies, but go in this house alone, no one in front or behind you, fresh cast change, and lemme know if you pissed ur pants or not, cuz i almost did haha. 3.) Giggles&Gore- FINALLY a clown house, this house was amazing. shortest house of the year? my ass it was, it was never ending. Great energy from the casts, i'm not scared of clowns, but they sure know how to change that for those 5 minutes ur in the house, lol. 4.) From dusk Til Dawn- i talked mad shit about this house. It sucked the first time i went in, sucked the 2nd time. But my third time was incredible. Got the entire house to my self, i even got cornered by two vamps! i couldnt move haha, it was great! 5.) Roanoke- MEAT!!!! The word meat gets annoying, but since opening night this house hasnt really disappointed much,so yea. definitely top 5 for me! 6.) Dollhouse- Dolls dont scare me much, but this house reallllly knows how to get deep in ur head, very creepy. I've only done this 3 times. So i definitely will try again, shoutout to those mannequins at the end tho for giving me a good scare!!! 7.) Dracula- uhmm.... yea, beautiful house and all, but i got one scare at the very end, and i was nearly alone the entire house, so yea, very lazy cast. 8.) Bum ass AVP- this house sucked. I'm sorry but it did NOT do any justice to the wolves from last year. great scenery, but super predictable scares. Once again, nearly alone the whole house, sooo. The puppets are to visible and obnoxious. They dont LUNGE at you or anything the way the wolves did last year. And the predators just come out and stand their. They dont do anything productive. What was in my top 3 before going, is now my least favorite house. Probably not going back in this house the rest of the month :/ sorry AVP, could have done better, Way better... 1.) PURGE- Whats better than Metal + chainsaws? I'll tell you, NOTHING. I only wish sting alley was being used during it, but oh well 2.) Maskerade- i love the music, and lighting and costuming, but scares could be a bit better if this area wasnt so damn crowded :/ 3.) Bayou- Very dark and eerie scarezone, But no more sacrifice show brought this down to number 3 instead of 2nd place. Hope to get more scares when i go back tho! Love the weird tall skull creatures btw. 4.) Face off- yea no, this sucks, sorry but i was hoping for something like "7" but oh well. Probably the first Terminator area scarezone to ever disappoint me
  6. Honestly this is probably the First house where i stood outside of the Facade, and contemplated on leaving. The exit was right next to me. I was scared out of my mind. This is from someone who's been watching the Halloween series since he was a sperm cell almost. haha. This house was extremely terrifying, and a great walkthrough each time. Fans or not, you will LOVE this house.
  7. Whats up Dudes & Dudettes! Its that time of year to let all the terrifying creatures that roam the streets of HHN know who we are, in hopes of a shoutout or a particular scare that regular guests wont be getting, ya feel? ANYWAYS, here's my GF and I. And my equipment that i shall be wearing opening night. and mostly every other night. FEEL FREE TO YELL OUT DRUMMER IF YOU SEE ME! Blessed be our new founding fathers, and enjoy HHN 24 everyone!!!
  8. My most expected house & scarezones from best to worst. 1- HALLOWEEN (my fav movie of all time along with AWIL and dead silence) 2- AVP (Giant predators + AWIL style Aliens = fuck yea!!) 3- Roanoke (STOKED beyond imagination for this one, reminds me of nightingales) 4- Dracula (im hoping its as good as 2009's,) 5- Giggles (first clown house since 2007!) 6- TWD (biggest house ever intrigues me..) 7- Dollhouse (hopefully its similar to Chucky or something) 8- FDTD (show sucked ass in my opinion so eh...) 1- Purge (i visited the other day and the props and area are HUGE. so excited!) 2- Maskerade (i love scarezones with dark storylines like this, should be fun!) 3- Bayou (central park area zones never disappoint, so we'll see..) 4- Face Off (i only hope this zone is like 7 from 2011.) Overall im pretty much excited for all of the houses and zones, but we'll see opening night.
  9. Cant they make maybe one or 2 of the lines be inside a soundstage with lights on, A/C, and music videos like they did back in 2008? That way 4 lines arent outside in the heat or whatever just walking around parking lots.
  10. So, HHN 23, was a complete success. This year was just flat out amaziiiinnnnnggggggggggggggg! Everything from the streets, to the shows, to houses, to the actors themselves. Everything was beyond perfect. Definitely my 2nd favorite year, behind 2007. Here's a review. I went 8 times this year, so this is my overall review, not based on one day. STREETS So this year, the streets were all based on The Walking Dead, at first i thought this was a bad idea, but boy was i wrong. -Entrance zone The entrance wasnt that bad, it was cool seeing the chick frantically fight off the walkers, and it was awesome seeing the "summer" walker roaming around. Also, props to the shirtless zombie for amazing scares all month long. Thanks for not scaring me though, cuz you were creepy as shit, and one of the most realistic ones i saw. haha. :x -The Clear <3 scarezone, of the YEAR. Amazing amazing amazing job from all the actors in this zone. on November 2nd i sat in the scarezone twice for 40 minutes, and walked through like 44874393 times, haha. I was the kid walking alone with the green shirt, and jack skellington beanie. But anyways, all the actors went insane here. I shit myself many times lol Thanks for an awesome zone guys, probably the best zombie scarezone since Deadtropolis 2006! -Hershel's Barn Walking through the barn was freaking awesome. Although i felt like the actors in here were lazy, i walked through here everytime i passed by it, just cuz. lol Still an awesome area though, not to mention the awesome walkers outside of it, and when the van would mix with the outside of the barn, bringing like 873838 more of them. Pretty scary -The Woodlands First off, props to the crawler, and the deer eater (before he became a disney photo op.) This scarezone was pretty good, the amount of fog, and amount of walkers was insanneeeeee. I couldnt tell who was who. This scarezone wasnt good if the area was crowded, but when you have the entire zone to yourself, holy shit, its a nightmare D: lol -Survivor Camp Once again, another crowded area. Too many people trying to photograph the RV, I really liked the amount of walkers in here though, and the tent with the guy being eaten was cool as well. Props to the chainsaw guys for interacting in this zone whenever they would march to the Springfield area. -Chainsaw Drill Team WHY MUST YOU ALL BE SO DAMN TERRIFYING. Lol, you guys were pretty good, although i did miss all the original members of the drill team, you guys still did an amazing job. Also, props to the guys who chased me from the La Llorona entrance allllll the way to the RV. That was probably the most intense chainsaw scare ive had since Eddie back in the Fear Revealed zone in 2010. -The Freeway I think thats what the disaster zone was called, anyways, this was pretty much a repeat of last year's walking dead zone, but for some reason, it was better. I LOVED how they were all attracted to the fire everytime it would shoot out. Although the constant repeat of the walking dead theme was REALLY annoying. Either way, you all did pretty good c: -The Fall of Atlanta The scarezone was pretty cool, loved the tank, the gunshots, the show they would put on when they ate the chick by the tank. Reminded me of how much i missed Deadtropolis back in 06. I wished they would have used the Sting alley though :/ -Walker Van This was awesome to see, they were the most intense zombies of the night other than the ones in the Clear. The guards were awesome too. Props to the old guy who would constantly smack the van to scare people. Lol, and props to the big dude who scared me by yelling at me, saying "PAY ATTENTION, WHY YOU FLINCHING YOU LITTLE WHIMP, KEEP WALKING!" XD HOUSES And now onto the..... HOUSESSSSS!!!! Which were beyond fucking amazing this year, agh, they blew me away man. the art & design team just never disappoints me <3 -Cabin In The Woods So to me, the movie was complete shit, like idk, i just couldnt take it seriously, even if it wasnt meant to be taken seriously, just something about it pushed me away. But the house? That house was intense. The actors were top notch each time i entered, and the scenery was crazyyyyyyy. Props to the Boo Hole mirror person, scared the living fuck out of me and my friend Early october, lol. Also, props to the strobe-ish elevator scene with the fairy chick, and the saw blades guy, scene was pretty cool. I also liked seeing Caretaker and Jack above at the very ending c: But even after all that, this house was still at the bottom of my list for some reason :/ -American Werewolf In London <3 Oh. My. Fucking. God. Best house i've experienced in years. One of my favorite horror Movies coming to life, and i was able to experience it. The sets, costumes, wolves, everything was just perfect. The slaughtered lamb was fun to walk through, then the wolf attacking jack, and every other wolf after that were amazing, and fucking HUGE. God i've never been more terrified in my life. Lol props to the Wolf at the very end that scared me opening weekend to the point where i hauled ass out of the house, and the laughing cops outside the house had to ask me if i was okay, lol. Also, props to the wolf in the subway scene that caused me to nearly shit myself on closing night. House of the year guys. -Resident Evil So i'm a major fan of the games, and was amazed by how epic this house was. Although it was short, the sets, and zombies were amazing. The dogs were cool, the licker was shitty, the nemesis shooting at us was cool as hell, the hunter was fucking HUGGEEE, and the ending RPD scene was great. Wish they could have included the mansion or something, but hey, it was fine as it was. Thanks HHN for finally bringing RE to life like most of us wanted, especially after that disaster called "Silent Hill" lol. -Evil Dead "The most terrifying film you will ever experience." Nope, not even close. But the house? God this house was scary. Lol. The actors were INSANE, and took their roles very seriously. The sets were awesome, and even though the entrance felt empty, something about it was still scary. And i loved the Pages entrance with the "Book of the dead" recording in the background. Props to the "you're all gonna die tonight" chick. She was cool. Props to the "feast on your soul" chainsaw scene, shit had me running. Lol. Also, props to the cute blond chick that was cutting her arm with the turkey cutter thingy, who smiled & sprayed me on purpose instead of staying in character on Closing Night.. Did i mention she was cute? Lol -Havoc 2 Derailed Welcome back Dogs of war! It was great to relive the Insanity of 2010, but this time on a speeding train. This house made me feel very claustrophobic and made me feel like i was losing my mind. I loved the "crash" scene, and how it went from an enclosed house to a wide open area. The dogs were crazy, the sets were awesome, and the intensity of this house was right on the dot. Well done yet again, dogs! Hope we see you guys on the streets or something in the future! -Afterlife GAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, just kidding. Not really. This house was really lame, i went in it about 4 times. and each time seem to improve in one part, but fail in another. The knife scene was okay, but really lame at the same time. The 3D was the most painful of my eyes out of the 4 "3D" houses ive been in, in the past 10 years. Also, hated how the tunnel broke, or something happened Mid-October, but luckily it was fixed by the last few weeks. NO MORE 3D HOUSES PLEASE -.- Anyway, props to the Demon who scared the fuck out of me around the middle of the house Mid October, and the chick before the tunnel who made me almost fall to the ground on Closing Night. Lol. -La Llorona My family and i have been dying to see this house since we heard it was a Hollywood Only house. But boy were we glad when they brought it to orlando. This house was just beautiful, the entrance facade, the church scene, the drowned kids scene, the ending mirror scene, it was all amazing. It had me sucked in to the point where i forgot i was even in a Tent house. lol. Hope to see more Urban Legend houses in the future! Props to the Watery/foggy scene that was all white. Something about that scene made me feel like i was drowning in a never ending nightmare. And to the very last scareactor in the house (the one before the chained up Llorona) scared me each time i went through. Great job to everyone involved! -The Walking Dead: No Safe Haven This was intense. Zombies dont fear me at all, but when you stick me in a haunted house that is so long, and enclosed, dark, and intense, i will fear them to death. All the walkers in this house had so much energy. There isnt a time where i entered this house and left dissappointed. It was amazing each time i went through. I wish we could have had a longer prison scene, but what we had was good enough. Props to the 2nd walker before the "head tanks" scene, the walker that gets shot, the prison gates that made me feel claustrophobic and desperate to haul ass from the 383390987654 walkers in that scene lol, the walker that eats the guy's guts. They worked well with the walker that comes after that in the same room, shit myself each time. lol, and the final strobe light scene. Amazing house, BUT NO MORE WALKING DEAD FOREVER. SHOWS Didnt get to see rocky horror. Bill & Ted- Taylor swift taylor swift taylor swift taylor swift. <333333333333333 Oh right, the show was awesome each time i saw it. Alot funnier than others ive seen, Did i mention taylor swift was the hottest, i mean best part of the show? ;D So overall, this year was AMAZING. Definitely my second favorite year behind 2007. Zones 1- Clear<3 2- Walker van 3- Atlanta 4- Farm area 5- Chainsaws 6- Woodlands 7- Entrance area 8- Disaster zone Houses 1- American Werewolf In London <3 2- Evil Dead 3- Havoc 2 4- La llorona (tied with TWD) 5- Walking Dead (tied with La llorona) 6-RE 7-Cabin 8-Afterlife. CANT WAIT FOR HHN 2014!!!!!!! (hopefully i can audition for it)
  11. Anybody hear? FFP and FFP+ now have the last 2 days of HHN! see you guys there, lol.
  13. That video was hilarious XDDDD Wish they could've done that for orlando, since she used to do the Universal thing during spring break. Speaking of Orlando, wish the zombies were that intense and detailed. Yes i still shit my pants in the houses, but still, a little more intensity always works. Even though its intense as it is. Lol PS, anyone else think the security Chick at 1:26 is pretty cute? XD
  14. Love reviews like this, glad you enjoyed it!!!
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