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  1. So the lanyard isn't available yet?
  2. I still have the voodoo chicken claw you gave me! It's awesome. By the way..dunno if anyone has brought it up yet but what are your thoughts on what the merch may look like this year?
  3. Mike did say the full reveal will be coming at the end of this month..so we have that to look forward to.
  4. Is there any way to make the HHN 25 logo (first post) a jpeg? Trying to make it my wallpaper on my Xbox one but not having luck.
  5. ThomasHHN


    I am so beyond excited for this house. It's been a long time dream of mine to see this house here in Orlando.
  6. There is a app in the app store that you can use called "instasize" I use it all the time!
  7. now THIS is awesome Gambit. Job well done. Where did you find that Halloween photo? I want! Haha
  8. I honestly think it would be impossible to conduct a interview with a scareactor this year..I mean you could try but who knows what might happen. I'd get with media relations..
  9. Booked for September 21st, 10:30 & 2:00. Just me
  10. This house looks to be really amazing. Cannot wait to go through it. The church scene looks really cool kinda reminds me of The Forsaken.
  11. So there doing different houses this year for the morning and afternoon times? Decent
  12. Congrats to joining the hhn family. I didn't get it casted unfortunately..but look forward to seeing you all.
  13. This will be my second year auditioning. my appointment is July 30th at 5:58. Hope to finally get a role!
  14. I'm really hoping we don't see Slenderman this year. Maybe in the near future but not now.
  15. Wow..sites already gone? That's the quickest i've seen the site taken down.
  16. Thank you Gambit for the info! Def will have to run over to the rental area Friday or Thursday.
  17. I'd like the give a shout out to the guy in Alice Cooper in the scene where there playing "schools out" Not sure if he is cast A or B but everytime I saw him he would yell "Nightmare!!!!" to me & he'd start rocking out with me. Awesome guy!
  18. I understand what you mean. But just by listening to that song, It fits well with the Silent Hill house
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