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Halloween Horror Nights 28 Speculation

Mark M.

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10 minutes ago, Drummanmatt said:

Never heard of it. Any good?

They’re compilation flicks, akin to TrT, and I’d say 1/3 of the 20-30 minute shorts are any good. VHS 2 has the most good ones, and what I’d consider the best one, so I’d just check that out if you’re interested, and check out the other two if you’re in the mood for shitty horror movie comps, which is something I actually enjoy under the right conditions, haha.

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7 minutes ago, TheRobcat said:

Dynamite works for Trick r Treat. I bet they blasted the hell out of that quarry. 


Possible secret house code-names are reduced to:





I'd guess Feature?


Would it be possible to get a list of the code names, and/or clues that we have so far? 

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13 minutes ago, Rikku said:

Wait...I missed it....what happend??? 

TrT is coming to both coasts.


Also, screw it, heres the video screen recording: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OfIVKyNhTHSZLrMkKXVsgyHpyL2UFZyS , just download it from drive.

*BTW* the audio is a bit loud and not HQ due to Macs not letting you audio record because...DRM

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Just now, faceleg said:

Man I really hope this turns out better than the Krampus house. 

I agree, while Hollywood's house was AMAZING I hope it wasn't a fluke and both coasts get it right cause you are right Orlando's Krampus was very disappointing.

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