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Halloween Horror Nights 28 Speculation

Mark M.

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I dont really feel like I fit in any one, but I'd mostly be a mix of Baccanoid and Strengoit. Mainly Baccanoid. Probably a bit Morphan if I weren't so tall (close to 6ft 1)

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39 minutes ago, TheRobcat said:

I'm maybe 5'7, used to say the Cheshire Cat was my spirit animal, am endlessly drawn to games and riddles, always played a chaotic good thief in D&D, Ragabash in Werewolf and specialized in duplicitous Ravnos in Vampire: The Masquerade. 

I'll go straight Morphan. heh heh

My Hogwarts house is Raven Claw. That might translate. 

I'm a fellow Ravenclaw.

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3 hours ago, StupidStupidDan said:

So, the one thing I noticed about this set of clues is, unlike the others, what's posted over here is different than what's posted over on IU. That has to be a pretty big key, right?

There's a lot in this set. I'm just spreading the wealth.

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23 hours ago, Legacy said:

It's not Feature.

I'm guessing Feature is the mystery house (hopefully upcharge--I don't want them to have to "spread the peanut butter" on houses, and I don't want the FFP costing (much) more than it already does).

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Since I'm busy tomorrow... Here's a new round up with the complete Set 8.


Clue Set 1 – “Babylegs” (Announced Dead Exposure: Patient Zero/Codename Zero)





Rule – Word Exchange

Solution – In Part 1, the word “Detective” is replaced by the word “Cop.” A Detective is similar to a Private Investigator. Boris Schuster, the protagonists of Dead Exposure in 2008 was a PI. In Part 2, “Daddy Legs” replaces “Regular Legs” to key on a replaced word.


Clue Set 2 – “Mind Blowers” (Announced Trick R Treat/Codename Dynamite)



Rule – Word count

Solution – Counting the words in each line of the clue gives you 4-2-2. This translates to a time of 4 minutes, 22 seconds (it’s the only option in a 30 minute show). At that time mark in the Rick and Morty episode “Morty’s Mind Blowers,” Rick states “They don't all have titles, though. It's not a "Simpsons" Halloween special, more like a clip show made of clips you never saw!”

The movie Trick R Treat, as an anthology, is ‘like a clip show,’ dedicated to Halloween.


Clue Set 3 – “Dammit Jerry” (Codename Rag-tag)







Rule – Elements of Story


Clue 4 – “Saving Rick”



Rule – Context


Clue 5 – “Pink”








Rule – Analogy


Clue 6 – “Pickle”



Rule – None


Clue 7 – “Nihilism”



Rule – Sleight


Clue 8 – “Ship”




















Rule – Disarray


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47 minutes ago, fvcking cvnt said:

Sorry to hear that. Will your vision while seeing strobes or in dark areas be impaired?


Good chance it will.  Following the operation, the pupil remains dilated for up to a YEAR!  That makes you very sensitive to light.  Strobes can be painful.  Oncoming headlights are starbursts, etc.

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Clue 8 is starting to seem like that interstellar zoo idea or whatever it was. 


And since clue 3 is rag-tag, is this one snacks? Maybe Meteor too, but I'm pretty sure clue 6 was more or less confirmed as meteor. 


Maybe bite size scenes or something

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Text from e-mail I just received from HHN-

Experience terrifying houses inspired from cinematic greats and crazed current cult favorites, along with the park's original abominations. 

Don't fear the darkness. Well, don’t fear JUST the darkness. 

They've stopped mentioning number of houses, I see.

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