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  1. I've had a music track that I would think of time to time thats been stuck in my head for years. Just recently I was playing Bioshock 2 and when a certain track played I was hit like a ton of bricks with a Nightingales flashbacks. Thank goodness for this post so I could confirm it or it would have drove me nuts. I thought it was from HHN and it turns out the music memory was from a walk-through of Nightingales.
  2. @littlegreenghouls Thanks for the preview review! Whats the new haunt down the street?
  3. I'm excited to see the direction they go this year. I'm so worn out on 80's things that I lowkey hate it now
  4. So it's almost Halloween and I wanted to post some final thoughts before my last night in attendance. This year has had some of my favorite houses ever. Surprisingly for the first time ever my list really didn't change from most anticipated to what turned out to be my favorite. The only exception was Nightingales briefly, but what a comeback they had! A couple of people have commented that this year seems 'weird' or 'off'. I think a better term for this year would be experimental. There are some amazing houses that really clicked with what I wanted from the event. In addition US, Ghostbusters and Killer Klowns were amazing film-to-house adaptions. In my personal opinion an issue some of the fans had with these houses were not with their quality but their scare factor - that's not anyone but the IPs fault if that was an issue. Quite frankly Ghostbusters, US and Killer Klowns are not scary films - especially when compared to IP houses such as Halloween or Poltergeist which achieved being the best adaptation and one of if not the scariest houses in their respective years. I now understand one of the reasons why we've gotten Halloween 4 times over the past few years. Michael Myers is scary and the character works regardless of the quality of the film it's based off of. One of the reasons the originals ended up being so much scarier than other houses is the same reason Nightingales went from a rough house to a worthy sequel. The actors could find their groove and intensity to develop an already scary creature and environment into frightening experience. No matter how good a Ghostbuster is at filling his role, he will simply never get scarier. Ghostbusters (and Stranger Things last year) are some of the best theme park attractions Florida has seen in years but are only decent Haunted Houses. A final note on the issue of IPs: Us is so different and ridiculously good at the end of the night/ when it's empty. The scare actors are incredibly creepy and its unlike anything I've seen at HHN. With all of the above said, adaptation preference is simply that - a preference on what elements the event has. The REAL issue this year was the scare-zones. This is where the experimental issues were the most present. It's like every different zone had different testing elements. I do truly feel that they're trying to figure out how to proceed with scare zones now and into the future. I expect them to eventually hit the mark, after all, HNN does this event better than anyone else. I still don't like a single thing about Vanity Ball though (and I really don't like saying anything like that about a part of the event. I know A&D and the actors work very had to make the event so fun). I had a great time so far this year and can't wait to go back for a final trip. I loved hearing everyone's experiences and stories and I appreciate all those who post who keep me coming back to this forum. Happy Halloween everyone! Make sure to follow all the rules and avoid a visit from Sam because it's almost speculation season again!
  5. Thank you so much for posting an answer! I really appreciate it
  6. This year is my favorite year for houses since I've been attending. This year is also my least favorite for scarezones except for Rob Zombies scarezone which is not just the best this year but one of the best in years.
  7. The cast for this house deserves an award. They're all incredible and if you go through the house when it's not crowded the experience changes entirely
  8. This house is a LOT better now and my 3rd favorite after Graveyard Games/Universal Monsters. The cast is bringing it and I love the intensity.
  9. This house has dropped to the bottom of my list but not for the lack of the cast trying. It just doesn't click for me in the scare department/ theming after repeated runs. The facade is awesome though and my favorite this year
  10. This is the best zone this year and it keeps getting better
  11. This might be the only scare zone I've actively disliked since attending this event. It's not scary in anyway and has the worst theming I've seen at the event. This area is usually my favorite place for scare zones but like said: I literally avoid this zone
  12. Do you "die" at the end of this house? Because the room before the finale is the tomb of 'Angeline Albright' (I think that's the name) but it goes straight back into dirt and roots like a grave. Then you veer off into the pitch black hallway where the children ask things like 'where did you go?' and 'play with us' with the final scene being gazing upon the Blue Woman. Either that or she let's you go/ protects you and that's why the children can't find you? Or I could just be over thinking things. I really like this house
  13. Please do share! Where you the one that dropped a bunch of fun facts at the end of last year?
  14. So one of my favorite things every year is all the insane details that are put into the event. A lot of times it seems there are pages of backstories and loads of interesting info that the average attendee misses. If you guys know of anything, I would seriously enjoy it. Every year it's always fun to learn just how detailed the event it
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