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  1. That is a good start to a collection! Although I have all those things except the crew hat (which I am not interested in), I think one of the most satisfying collectible categories is the Cloisonne that Orlando gives out to key members. They range from very ordinary to insanely rare, which makes the search fun. They also presented multiple types in some years (coins every year, but sometimes keychains, necklaces, and even a letter opener). You can see examples from every year at https://www.hhncrypt.com/cloisonne Ebay and events is where I got all of my treasures. In these difficult times, it wouldn't surprise me to see some interesting things on Ebay.
  2. They must have concluded that because I am old I am rich. Little do they know I would have said "No! I want the tickets to be 10x the price. If I can't go, NO ONE CAN!" Or something.
  3. My 17 year old daughter seems to believe I am....
  4. Well this sucks. I just got an Orlando survey. UO: Which type of OUAP do you have? Me: Seasonal UO: In what year were you born? Me: 1967 UO: Thanks for your time, Boomer! I wonder which answer disqualified me... <full disclosure: they didn't actually say "Boomer">
  5. You got me before my edit I was getting those confused with the UK tickets that were being sold.
  6. I, too, am confused about the BOGO extension. In lieu of a decision, I imagine marketing is just proceeding as planned. I don't see them selling any of these unless they allow refunds for a cancelled event. The idea of a Fall Festival doesn't surprise me, but I won't believe it until they announce it. I have never seen any logistical way HHN could happen this year. Social distancing is the antitheses of everything related to a haunted house. Get the already-budgeted construction out of the way this year and put on the show next year. Makes sense to me. It would still be the 30th no matter when they presented it. I think things will be fully back to normal in 2021 in terms of crowds. Assuming there is still a theme park and hospitality industry. This notion of a Fall Festival would let Universal test the waters for some ideas I'm sure have been on the burner: Can they present a family friendly competitor to MNSSHP? Maybe something that would fit into IOA or the new park? They had a no-actor version of Stranger Things open last year following HHN. Maybe open one house early in the year - i.e. testing how a year-round haunt might work in Orlando. Personally, I could see them doing that with Shrek.
  7. Disneyland Shanghai is apparently reopening this coming Monday. They are the proverbial canary in the coal mine, and everyone should pay close attention to this. What sorts of measures they put into place, the reaction of patrons, and the crowds. Since masks were commonplace before the virus, their rules will be significantly easier for people to abide by. The only downside is that because it is located in China, most of the news we will read will be CCP-sanitized, and therefore not trustworthy. I would more trust the news coming direct from Disney and reports directly from people who decide to go.
  8. No one said they would be using a forehead thermometer.
  9. Article starting to appear regarding how parks might open. Another one. Nothing too surprising in my opinion. If they do this, they would only be slightly cutting their daily monetary loss. I'm not sure many businesses will reopen unless Congress passes some sort of liability protection.
  10. I am giving it the Zombieman Double-Your-Horror-Back Guarantee. The guarantee is if it doesn't happen in 2020 (I think it won't) then we get TWO HHN events in 2021! But I have every appendage crossed that Ultimateforce is right.
  11. Sounds like the kiss of death for Poseidon's Fury. And pre-shows. Also curious about temperature screening. Maybe someone who lives in Florida would know - if it's 95 and high humidity and you've been walking outside a lot, will that not increase your temperature to the point where a forehead scanner would find you in fever range? I suppose they would consider something like 102 to be a no-go threshold. Just wondering how high a healthy person could read due to the sun and heat.
  12. This is all my opinion. No politics behind this - just looking at the state of things and the numbers. Unfortunately I am still on the pessimistic side... I would take cues from how states are handling sporting events and concerts, because amusement parks and HHN is not far removed from that at all. I foresee some sporting events taking place in the summer - but being played in empty stadiums. Concerts postponed indefinitely. I don't think parks will open in June, July, and probably not August at the present state of things. HHN construction, and construction in the parks will continue. There will be completed houses come September. If the parks aren't open, then HHN will not be open. But I think they MAY find a way to open the parks to some degree to limited guests late summer, but there will be flare ups which may result in periodic closures. So I think it's possible HHN will take place. One thing is for certain - if it does not, they won't be tearing down the houses. I can easily see HHN take place during early/mid 2021 if it had to be postponed. It would be a moneymaker even if it was in April. I could even see HHN30 shut down mid-run and Universal simply keeping the houses in place and "resuming" the event during September 2021 in the exact same form. The parks are hurting terribly, and if it meant running the same houses two years in a row, I think many would accept that. If you think about it, Universal is probably in worse shape for Halloween as opposed to other events - because they tear down their houses every year. Howl O Scream, Knotts, Six Flags, and many local haunts just turn the lights off and keep the houses intact all year. They are much better prepared for this, but if they were open this year they, too, would need to make many changes - widening areas, removing SIF, adding ventilation, etc. There are a few wildcards out there that will be played before September: Some states are going to decide to open up a bit on May 1 or even sooner. This will undoubtedly result in some spiking of the number of new cases. How much remains to be seen. We should see spiking within two weeks time due to the recent protests. Really need to watch those numbers. The question will be how the states respond. Some will panic and snap restrictions back immediately. Others will watch cases vs hospital capacity. If the spikes are too strong, then any question of theme parks opening this year will be met with a resounding "Oh HELL no!" Antibody testing is also a wildcard. We saw the one Santa Clara study of antibody testing imply that the number of actual cases is up to 80x higher than reported. Which means there are far more people who had the virus but were asymptomatic or it was that "really bad flu" people had in January. But we also don't know the level of immunity these people have (if any) or how long they will have immunity. But if further studies show a huge number of people who have been infected at some time, there will be massive pressure on states to open. Without widespread testing and the knowledge that antibodies provide meaningful immunity to coronavirus, I don't see parks or any crowded events opening by September. The amount of Covid19 testing that has taken place is ridiculously small. 4 million tests out of 328 million people. And most of that testing has been done only on those with symptoms. And lab analysis is still taking multiple days (meaning it is impossible to test the nation in the next couple of months). Once widespread testing occurs, I believe we will see massive spikes, but we will also see that there is a much larger number of people who are infected but asymptomatic or not sick enough for hospitalization. The later this happens, the lower the odds of HHN happening are, because the response of the country will most likely be to overreact and clamp down hard. Required PPE: Currently, many states are requiring masks be worn. Even if those restrictions are removed for those who have an "immunity passport", I don't see that being relaxed for mass gatherings - assuming mass gatherings are even permitted in September. This may work for theme parks, but how about HHN? If patrons are required to wear masks, employees would be required to wear masks. "Sure, that sounds fine. HHN heavily involves masks anyway." But this would include show performers as well as scareactors. We aren't just talking about Michael Meyers masks. We are talking about a mask under a mask. And will a cloth mask be approved? Because N95 supplies will be going to health facilities and not amusement parks. Now think about the costumes, and all the people who need to handle those every day. Laundering them. Repairing them. Prepping them for the actors. In short, I think mass gatherings will be the last thing that gets relaxed, theme parks are a unique subset of mass gatherings, and this successfully happening by October is unlikely. Here are my foreseeable scenarios for HHN: Most Likely: No parks open this year - no concerts/sporting events/mass gatherings. HHN 30 takes place ASAP, even if early/mid 2021. No matter what year it is, it will always be HHN 30. I firmly believe Universal could have HHN30 and HHN31 take place in 2021 if needed, changing only houses that need to be taken down for summer and IPs that cannot be extended. 2021 could be the "Year of Belated Holidays" with all holiday events happening at odd times. Why not? Possible but unlikely: HHN takes place on schedule, but attendees must show proof of antibody results or no infection (a nationally required "immunity passport"). Possible that only Florida residents will be allowed entry and ID is required (because every state will have a different degree of safety). High likelihood of event shut down mid way due to new outbreaks/virus second phase/reports of new infections who recently visited ANY haunt or theme park. Very slim: HHN takes place on schedule. Temperature screening only. PPE required. Limited number of attendees. Virtual queues.
  13. I got a survey email, but the link said the survey was not active. I tried it within 5 min of receiving it... Not feeling the Whoa! More like the Bogus!
  14. Jeez, Beetlejuice IS on the map. I read it several times. And still didn't see it. SMH
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