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  1. Things are mighty slow as we wait for more announcements. I'm going to attempt to host some HHN trivia to pass the time. Know that the answers can all be looked up, but that would not be very fun (so please don't). To keep it fun for all I'm going to ask that you PM me answers. If you need hints, I will PM them back to you, and will post names of those who get them correct. Make sense? So let's start off with a huge favorite of many: HR Bloogengutz presents: Holidays of Horror DO NOT POST ANSWERS - PM me the answers; just jot them down as you go. I will provide a handy cut and paste for the PM Warning - this gets a lot harder as you go (that's what she said). Sorry, I'm binge watching The Office again... 1) Which one of the following holidays was NOT presented in the queue or house? A. Christmas B. Arbor Day C. Easter D. Halloween E. Independence Day F. St. Patrick's Day G. Valentine's Day H. President's Day I. Thanksgiving Users with correct answer: 2) In which HHN venue did HR Bloodengutz Presents: Holidays of Horror appear? A. Sprung Tent 1 B. Sprung Tent 2 C. Old Parade Building D. Sound Stage 21 E. Sound Stage 22 F. Sound Stage 23 G. Sound Stage 24 H. Jaws Queue I. Disaster Queue J. Shrek Theater K. MIB Tent Users with correct answer: 3) In the queue line video, what song was always played during the title shot proclaiming "HR Bloodengutz presents: Holidays of Horror"? A. Monster Mash B. The National Anthem C. Don't Stop Me Now, by Queen D. Crazy, by Patsy Cline E. The theme song to The Munsters F. There was no song played Users with correct answer: 4) Provide two answers: What was HR Bloodengutz real name? What was the name of the producer he kidnapped and tortured? A. Larry Kurtzberg B. Larry Hurtzberg C. Larry Reynolds D. Jack Schmidt E. John Reynolds F. John Kurtzberg G. John Hurtzberg Users with correct answer to Bloodengutz: Users with correct answer to his Producer: 5) As far as we know, what became of HR Bloodengutz? A. He was captured by police and sentenced to life in prison B. He was shot and killed by police C. He evaded arrest and is still on the loose D. He set fire to the TV station, killing everyone including himself Users with correct answer: 6) Before working at the TV station, he worked a stint for his uncle doing non entertainment-related work. What was that job? A. Scooping ice cream B. Woodworking C. Gravedigger D. Used car sales E. Big box store greeter F. Taxidermy G. Apparel sales Users with correct answer: 7) The house took place during HHN 21, when Lady Luck was the icon. Lady Luck provided the choice that led to his eventual downfall. How did she present herself and what were the choices? A. Lady Luck posed as a talent agent offering a last-chance role of Bloodengutz instead of continuing to work for his uncle B. Lady Luck posed as his girlfriend, saying he needed to take the Bloodengutz job or she would dump him C. Lady Luck appeared in a nightmare, with visions of him being laughed off a live theater stage or getting rave reviews as a TV host D. Lady Luck appeared as an "Elvira-type" movie marathon host that lured him back to entertainment. His decision was to change the channel or not. Users with correct answer: 8) What name did Lady Luck use when he was offered the choice? A. Elsa Strict B. Moyra C. Chance D. Vivian E. Cindy F. April May Users with correct answer: 9) HHN classified HR Bloodengutz as one of the Legions of Horror. In which Legion was he classified? A. Strengoit B. Cerebin C. Baccanoid D. Maschorian E. Morphan F. Kerezan Users with correct answer: 10) Provide two answers: What was the channel number and call letters of the TV station that ran the Midnight Horror Show? It was presented many times in the queue video and throughout the house. A. Channel 20 B. Channel 28 C. Channel 21 D. Channel 69 E. Channel 33 F. Channel 6 G. WHHN H. WOOO I. WB&T J. WKNB K. WKRP L. WTFH Users with correct answer (Channel number): Users with correct answer (Call letters): Extra credit (this is a TOUGH ONE): There was a reference to Jack the Clown near the end of the house A. Which holiday was represented in the scene? B. What was the name of the fictitious movie that referenced that holiday? C. What was the reference to Jack? D. What TWO well known songs were played during that holiday scene? Users with correct answer to A: Users with correct answer to B: Users with correct answer to C: Users with correct answer to D: PM me with the answers: 1 Answer: 2 Answer: 3 Answer: 4 Answer (Boodengutz): 4 Answer (Producer): 5 Answer: 6 Answer: 7 Answer: 8 Answer: 9 Answer: 10 Answer: (Channel number): 10 Answer: (Call letters): Extra Credit Answer (Holiday): Extra Credit Answer (Movie title): Extra Credit Answer (Jack reference): Extra Credit Answer (Two songs from scene):
  2. I have a grievance ready to file with Universal, but I don't know where to send it...
  3. Congrats! WHEN you get hired, let us know where to find you! We all know you're going to make it. Can you rank your roles over the years from best to worst? Thanks for the education!
  4. But they DO fart, right? Just not enough of that at HHN. Although as a scareactor, you may be in disagreement. You're specifically talking Pumpkin Pie and not meat pie, right? I'd really like to see a Sweeny Todd themed house or zone. Wait - an original based on Pumpkin Guts??!!?!?? TAKE. MY. MONEY!!!
  5. Unless Universal announces that an announcement is coming, then anything we anticipate is based on a rumor. So some "postponements" are nothing more than incorrect rumors. What I can tell you is that every single year a question like yours occurs. Seems to me that there is a lot of positive response to the rumored line up this year, so it makes sense that people have a high anticipation level and therefore it feels as if the wheels are turning slower. I am guessing something is being planned for the Funkins in Central Park? They fart glitter on you as you pass underneath?
  6. Interesting theory, but it's based on a progression of two numbers so far. I think that theory holds as much water as mine: that your post confirms that Dead Silence is returning. The problem with planning every house announcement to the day has a huge risk of some bigger unplanned event occurring that would normally cause an announcement to be postponed. Natural disaster, airline crash, school shooting, IP agreement falling out, etc.
  7. I've been doing UTH tours since they started, and video has never been allowed. Used to be all the pictures you wanted were allowed. They definitely were not allowed in Wolfman that year. That being said, people obviously disregarded the rules at times. I have always done audio recordings of my tour - better than nothing and not specifically prohibited.
  8. I gotta be honest, I recall almost none of that. Went to the UTH tour and through the house at least 10 times. The only things I recall were the bungee scare at the end and constantly reading about how good the final transformation scene was - which I missed every single time. You had the only description of the actual transformation. I'm not saying you are incorrect in any of your recollections. Just that the house was not nearly as memorable for me. As for Saw... 2017 seemed to have fewer traps than past years. It had the classics but by no means all. Between HHN on each coast, Fright Dome in Vegas, and Sinister Pointe, I've been through at least 8 Saw houses over the years. Only Fright Dome had every single trap that had been in the movies up until that time, though some were only on display. Classic case of the mind balling up several memories into one incoherent mass.
  9. Same here. I get mixed up all the time
  10. The speculation lineup sounds fully good to me. The originals are at the top of my list. HOTC was really well done in Hollywood; I'm sure Orlando would do it justice. Excited for Ghostbusters (words that would never have come out of my mouth two years ago), based solely on how blown away I was by Poltergeist. If Ghostbusters turns out to be another Poltergeist, and if the underwater house is successful, I say GIVE US JAWS for 2020. I think it will difficult for them to pack much more than the SZ into a Killer Klowns house, though. Feels like you need a really big venue for it...
  11. That's about 30 min of Pizza Fries sales.
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