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  1. I really liked Us as a movie, but as so many others have said, I don't see how it will translate into a house. I mean, there will most certainly be a mirror maze at the start and/or end, but beyond that.... it could end up feeling like the Strangers or Purge. However, Poltergeist went so far above and beyond the movie, maybe this will do the same and surprise us all. I'd still really rather have a Tooth Fairy house...
  2. I've got extensive recommendations for first timers in the forums. Here is the Cliff's Notes version: Follow MiceChat and HorrorBuzz. They each do a Haunt event (HorrorBuzz does a lot of events). They are a GREAT way to see the event, as they include dinner, Fright Lane passes, a walk through a maze or two with lights on (last year they did Pumpkin Eater), and a panel by the haunt designers. It is THE BEST way to see Haunt. Cost is around $130. They usually do a Fri or Sat late Sep and and announce any time now. It's a better deal than you will get with Knotts directly, and you are under no pressure to stick with the group. Do a VIP pass. Sometimes called a Skeleton Key pass. It includes admission and a Fright Lane pass, which is like a Fastpass. Fright Lane is sold in two forms: Houses only and Houses + Rides. It has always been unlimited entries. That of course could change. Using a VIP pass (Fright Lane) means it doesn't matter what day you go. The house lines will fluctuate wildly. Fright Lane is usually a walkon. Could be 15 min peak wait. In such a case, find a walk on. On a packed night, Fright Lane could be a 15 min wait at all times. LOTS of people buy Fright Lane nowadays. Not a necessity, but unlikely to do everything without it. Can always buy it in the park. There is a clump of houses to the left, past Ghost Town. These get immediately slammed when Haunt opens. Toward the end of the evening, they will empty out. Best path is to go toward the right when you enter, and take the event counter clockwise. After around 10PM, everything will thin out. With VIP pass you won't be rushed at all. You should be able to see all shows and all houses one or two times each. If you plan to stay at a hotel, Knotts hotel is highly recommended. Walking distance. Plus, many hotels in the area are crappy. If you stay at Knott's hotel, make sure you check in there and park there BEFORE walking to Knotts. In other words, don't pay to park at Knotts or you will double pay to park at hotel. Pre Scare buffet at Knotts is quite good, as are buffets at the Hotel. HorrorBuzz typically also does these events: Queen Mary Dark Harbor Delusion Something in Northern CA (i.e. Winchester House) They don't usually do Horror Nights (Universal isn't really too friendly with tour groups for some reason)
  3. I am on vacation in Hawaii (island of Kauai) for three weeks. Hawaii is having an Orlando-like heat wave. Miserable, even for a beautiful place like this. So while I'm hanging out in the A/C room, I thought I'd search to see what they do during October. Also listing Escape rooms; they don't qualify as haunts, but there are a LOT of them. Island of Oahu: Haunted Plantation - This seems to be THE ONE to see if you are in HI Scare Hawaii - looks like this one gets really bad reviews (i.e. "Just girls in jeans and T-shirts") Skeleton Key Hawaii - they have an actual website! Honolulu Ghost and Mystery Tours - Not really a haunt, but could be better than one Dole Plantation Haunt - Okay, this one is OLD, and may not be happening anymore. The Dole Plantation is an actual pineapple plantation you can visit year round. They have the world's largest outdoor maze (like a cornfield maze) that takes about 40 minutes to solve. I can attest to that time. They also have a train. Back in the day (and maybe still today) they would turn both into a haunt experience in October. I see no evidence of this happening since 2013. the problem is almost every search ends up with the Haunted Plantation. ESCAPE ROOM: Adventure VR Escape Room ESCAPE ROOM: Hawaii Escape Challenge - A chain! Another located on Maui ESCAPE ROOM: Breakout Waikiki ESCAPE ROOM: Solve the Room Hawaii Escape Room - A.K.A. "All the good names were taken already" ESCAPE ROOM: Room with a Clue ESCAPE ROOM: Scaventour - more like the Amazing Race than escape room ESCAPE ROOM: Chambers Escape Hawaii - looks like another VR based escape room OF INTEREST: Wet & Wild Hawaii, located a few miles from Disney's Aulani, is the ONLY waterpark in Hawaii. Hawaii has NO amusement parks. Island of Maui: Hyatt Regency Maui Spooky Haunted House - Yep, a haunted house at a resort... Haunted Haiku Hike ESCAPE ROOM: Hawaii Escape Challenge - A chain! Another located on Oahu Island of Kauai: Kukui Grove Haunted House - Kukui Grove is "The big mall" on Kauai. And it's a small mall. ESCAPE ROOM: Kauai Escape Room - Curse of the Tiki Lounge is GREAT! Honestly, don't miss it if you're there. One of my top 5 Escape Rooms. Big Island of Hawaii: Kona Haunted House - The Big island has two sides. Kona on the west and Hilo on the east. Not too much happens on either, as this is the most laid back of the islands. ESCAPE ROOM: Escape Hilo Islands of Lanai, Molokai, Niihau: These sparsely populated islands have no haunts. Head into the jungle at dusk with a flashlight that is nearly out of juice. It will be the best haunt you ever had. You will probably be eaten by insects before you return.
  4. Honestly, I have expectation it will be any different from the last two years of Toxic Tunnel. Even as the Purge and TWD, it was pretty much the same thing. Not much you can do with this - Murdy said as much. They get a banner, rails, fog and lights long the walls. I would definitely kill the dubstep and the crazy random lights. Try to make it dramatic with maybe two lighting patterns that they alternate every couple of minutes. Train the staff to behave one of two ways - have one light sequence be a "go crazy and attack" mode. The other a heavy fog into which they slink back and hide. Likewise two audio sequences to match. At least that would shake things up a bit from past years. But even my idea doesn't play into a car club in the slightest. I really don't get how they will pull it off. Why would there be a car club in or near a tunnel? Why would a car club operate near a toxic waste dump? Do car club people wear dumb outfits like that? This is another leave your brain at the door scarezone - HHN has had plenty of those.
  5. I do not think there is room for cars at either end of the tunnel, and it has to allow actual traffic through during the day. Expect the same old same old. But I hear great things are planned for HHN 2024's ToXXXXXXXXic Tunnel.
  6. Last year's crapfest about did me in. Maybe others are also not looking forward to 10 houses of plain black hallways. In my opinion, in order to add 2 houses, they need a pretty significant budget increase even if you consider the loss of the tram. Are we going to see the budget blown on one or two houses again and 8 state fair quality houses? My Magic 8 ball says: MOST LIKELY. I'm in no rush to attend this year; will wait to read the reviews online. Meanwhile, I'm going to the good HHN the last week of Sept. Welcome to the board! Please don't let my negative opinions of HHN Hollywood dissuade you from having a good time. I'm a jaded old man.
  7. There is a disturbance in the Force. Perhaps an actual GOOD year for HHN Hollywood?
  8. Attendee/Meetup thread posted - has all current ticket info posted. 10 mazes confirmed Tickets are now being sold. Mostly. You can buy Frequent Fear, or GA tickets through September. October onward not yet released. Looks like Hollywood is changing things up this year: Thurs-Sun every week. No more Wednesdays, but every single week will be Thu-Sun. Sep 12 is "Fan Appreciation Night". Admission for: Ultimate Fear passholders ($299) FrequentFear passholders ($179) who also purchased the 12th as an add on ($20, bringing total to $199) Standalone for Sep 12 ($69) It would appear there is a promotion now if you buy admission - one-time Express entry for Jurassic World. They are also selling a Front Line pass for Sep 12 ($179) - admission + one time Express for everything (JW is neither listed nor excluded, so it's possible you'd get two JW express entries) The Unlimited Express upgrade is not appearing in the online store. Unknown if this will return this year. It was the best deal around last year. Fan Preview Night also includes admission to a panel with John Murdy & Chris Williams. Oh yeah, and since NO ONE CARES - Jabbawockeez also confirmed.
  9. HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS 2019 - HOLLYWOOD EDITION  If you are going to HHN this year and know the nights you are visiting, then make a post with those dates as well as any of the letters from the Key below that apply to you. Please try to post only if you are mostly certain you will be attending that night. If you need to make an update to add or remove nights, please make a new post! I do not get alerted when you edit an existing post. When you want to make changes, make a new post so I see it. I will attempt to update at least once per week. Official Dates for HHN 2019 - 32 nights over 8 weeks!! September: 12*, 13, 14, 15, 19, 20, 21, 22, 26, 27, 28, 29 October: 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13, 17, 18, 19, 20, 24, 25, 26, 27, 31 November: 1, 2, 3 (HHN Orlando ends on Nov 2) *September 12 is "Fan Preview Night" Key S = Stay and Scream (Annual Pass or Parks during the day) E = Express Pass D = Legal Drinking age Here is an example of what to post so that I can fill in the info: 9/20: Zombieman (+0): S/D/E This means: Zombieman will attend 9/20 He will be attending himself (+0) He is using Stay and Scream, is of drinking age, and is using an Express pass About Universal Express Hollywood does things a bit differently than other Universal parks. Universal Express (known in previous years as Front of the Line) is generally sold with admission. That is, is not typically sold as a standalone option outside the park. Universal Express allows ONE TIME line skip for every show, maze, and ride. The pass is scanned at the entrance, and once used, it cannot be reused for the same attraction. Express passes are highly limited as compared to Orlando. So using an Express in Hollywood is truly a walk-on experience, bypassing the line completely. Express passes MAY be sold in the park when you attend, but chances are they will be sold out. This makes it difficult for Frequent Fear pass holders to obtain an Express Pass. In 2018, Universal Hollywood did something unique - if purchasing general admission+Express online, you were given the option of upgrading your Express pass to an UNLIMITED Express pass for a fee (typically $40-$100). Unlimited Express passes are usable as many times as you like during the night. Want to enter Stranger Things 10 times in a row? No problem. It is not know at this time if Universal is offering an Unlimited upgrade online or in the park. Jurassic World The new attraction for Hollywood going into HHN is the new Jurassic World overlay to the old Jurassic Park ride. As of end of June, HHN tickets have gone on sale. In promotion of the "Fan Preview Night", Universal is offering a perk: One time Express admission to Jurassic World. The site is also selling Fan Preview night admission+Express Pass, but it is not clear if Express pass also includes Jurassic World. If Jurassic World lines were two hours during HHN, that would be a good thing for people there to see Mazes. Typically ride lines are nonexistent during HHN. Attempting to add a crowd index this year. [1] - Small crowds (Express not needed). Peak house wait=about 50 min. Avg house wait=about 20 min. Avg Express wait=about 5 min [2] - Moderate crowds (Check crowds and decide on Express). Peak house wait=about 75 min. Avg house wait=about 30 min. Avg Express wait=about 10 min [3] - Large crowds (Express recommended). Peak house wait=about 120 min. Avg house wait=about 45 min. Avg Express wait=about 15 min [4] - Huge crowds (Express highly recommended). Peak house wait=about 150 min. Avg house wait=about 60 min. Avg Express wait=about 20 min [5] - Massive crowds (Do not attempt without Express). Peak house wait=about 180 min. Avg house wait=about 75 min. Avg Express wait=about 25 min These indices are estimates based on historical data. Please comment if you think my numbers are out of whack. Frequent Fear passes September Pass nights are in Green - 11 event nights ($109) Frequent Fear Pass nights are in Purple - 25 event nights ($179) Ultimate Fear nights are in Yellow - 32 event nights ($299) WEEK 1 Thursday, September 12th (Frequent Fear***, Ultimate Fear) - Crowd Index 2 *** This is "Fan Preview Night". Unless you have Ultimate Fear, it is a separately ticketed event. $69 (or $20 if you also buy Frequent Fear) Friday, September 13th (September Pass, Frequent Fear, Ultimate Fear) - Crowd Index 3 Saturday, September 14th (September Pass, Frequent Fear, Ultimate Fear) - Crowd Index 3 Sunday, September 15th (September Pass, Frequent Fear, Ultimate Fear) - Crowd Index 2 WEEK 2 Thursday, September 19th (September Pass, Frequent Fear, Ultimate Fear) - Crowd Index 2 Friday, September 20th (September Pass, Frequent Fear, Ultimate Fear) - Crowd Index 3 Saturday, September 21st (September Pass, Frequent Fear, Ultimate Fear) - Crowd Index 3 Sunday, September 22nd (September Pass, Frequent Fear, Ultimate Fear) - Crowd Index 2 WEEK 3 Thursday, September 26th (September Pass, Frequent Fear, Ultimate Fear) - Crowd Index 3 Friday, September 27th (September Pass, Frequent Fear, Ultimate Fear) - Crowd Index 4 Saturday, September 28th (September Pass, Frequent Fear, Ultimate Fear) - Crowd Index 4 Sunday, September 29th (September Pass, Frequent Fear, Ultimate Fear) - Crowd Index 3 WEEK 4 Thursday, October 3rd (Frequent Fear, Ultimate Fear) - Crowd Index 3 Friday, October 4th (Frequent Fear, Ultimate Fear) - Crowd Index 5 Saturday, October 5th (Ultimate Fear) - Crowd Index 5 Sunday, October 6th (Frequent Fear, Ultimate Fear) - Crowd Index 3 WEEK 5 Thursday, October 10th (Frequent Fear, Ultimate Fear) - Crowd Index 4 Friday, October 11th (Frequent Fear, Ultimate Fear) - Crowd Index 5 Saturday, October 12th (Ultimate Fear) - Crowd Index 5 Sunday, October 13th (Frequent Fear, Ultimate Fear) - Crowd Index 3 WEEK 6 Thursday, October 17th (Frequent Fear, Ultimate Fear) - Crowd Index 4 Friday, October 18th (Ultimate Fear) - Crowd Index 5 Saturday, October 19th (Ultimate Fear) - Crowd Index 5 Sunday, October 20th (Frequent Fear, Ultimate Fear) - Crowd Index 4 WEEK 7 Thursday, October 24th (Frequent Fear, Ultimate Fear) - Crowd Index 4 Friday, October 25th (Ultimate Fear) - Crowd Index 5 Saturday, October 26th (Ultimate Fear) - Crowd Index 5 Sunday, October 27th (Frequent Fear, Ultimate Fear) - Crowd Index 4 WEEK 8 Thursday, October 31st (Frequent Fear, Ultimate Fear) - Crowd Index 4 Friday, November 1st (Frequent Fear, Ultimate Fear) - Crowd Index 4 Saturday, November 2nd (Frequent Fear, Ultimate Fear) - Crowd Index 4 Sunday, November 3rd (Frequent Fear, Ultimate Fear) - Crowd Index 2
  10. This will be my favorite house if for no other reason lots of A/C.
  11. This is from the HHN Blog: From the evil geniuses (they paid me to say that) who brought you Attack of the Swamp Yeti in last year’s grindhouse-themed Slaughter Sinema house comes a frightening new take on the fear-inducing folklore of the wild Yeti. But beware, because this experience will trade B-movie scares for bloodthirsty terror that will send you running in the opposite direction. The snows will be red with blood in the Yeti: Terror of the Yukon haunted house coming to Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights this year. Story Deep in the remote tundra of the Yukon, loggers and trappers seek refuge from the frigid grip of an arctic blizzard. But out in the darkness, a terror lurks far more dangerous than the deluge of snow and ice. These unfortunate souls have intruded into a territory that is haunted by their worst nightmares. Enter a logging camp that’s been torn apart, floors caked with snow, bones and gore. Right outside, screams are frozen on the faces of those who fled the towering monsters only to succumb to the elements. But there is no escape from beasts as brutal as the winter. The Yetis Just when you thought the only thing to fear was the elements, an icy terror will descend over you. Cringe at the trail of blood leading to caves none have lived to see. As you enter the labyrinth of caves, you’ll hear the screaming echoes of those who couldn’t escape the inevitable. If you survive long enough to see the end, you’re likely to find the remains of those who came before you and meet their same demise. You’re in Yeti territory now. They’re stone cold vicious and will stop at nothing for a taste of blood. If the cold doesn’t get you, they will.
  12. Garden Grove is between Disney and Knotts. "Nearby" would be Sinister Pointe and Queen Mary. Delusion and Willows are not far apart. Absolutely consider these. They are not too far away. Haunted Hayride is a bit farther. Even farther out is MurderCo. Way far out is The Basement Fuggedaboutit is Reign of Terror. I am not familliar with haunts in Huntington Beach/Irvine area... Repeat after me: Delusion. The Willows. In my opinion, they are both better than all the rest (including HHN Hollywood)
  13. I have NOT read through bggrenville813's response so sorry if I am duplicating answers 1. Early entry is NOT included with RIP. Hogsmeade is closed for HHN. Universal really does a disservice to regular guests on HHN nights, as they start closing lines well before posted closing time. If you want to go for the day and for RIP at night, I'm really not sure how you go about doing that with any sort of combined discount. You should call and ask, but I'm not sure guest relations knows at this point. But know that "early entry" is not intended to get you into rides that won't be open for HHN. 2. On those nights, I would expect HHN to be operating on Thursday-Sunday. Since you are going to RIP, I would say to pick a nice busy night (Fri or Sat). Reason being that the RIP pass will get you into every house with truly zero wait, regardless of how packed the park is. Also, weekends are when scareactors are going to be most plentiful and at their best. 3. Select rides are open during HHN: Mummy, Transformers, JP. Things like Despicable Me, Potter, Simpsons, and Studio Tour will not be open. Kung Fu Panda is an unknown, but likely to not be open. The rides that are open will be open till HHN closes. With your RIP, you will walk right on. 4. RIP experiences have not happened the past couple of years. Let me be clear about my definition of RIP experience: A small private tram takes you to the backlot for some experience, such as walking through Western streets in the dark with just a flashlight. Stuff like that. Last RIP I know of was centered around Insidious, and happened about three years ago. My personal fav was the walk through Western streets in backlot that I described. NOTHING happened, but the anticipation created in your mind was enough. We also got to walk along Jaws lake where they had some special effects happening in the facades nearby. That same year was one when they did Walking Dead as a house and I got to meet some of the cast at the buffet. Really, the reason you do RIP at HHN is just so you can skip the lines multiple times. But I have another suggestion for you.... Last year they did something unique. You could go online and buy a Front of the Line pass (which includes admission and ONE TIME line skip for all houses). But when you went to check out, they offered you the ability to buy UNLIMITED line skip for an upgrade (i.e. $40). That was a fantastic deal. Don't know if they will offer it this year or not. It cost a whole lot less than the "RIP pass". Ok, so if you are coming out for Halloween season then there are some very important things to see beyond HHN and KSF.... Specifically be on the lookout for two events: Delusion and The Willows. These are absolute must experience events. They are not cheap, but they are worth every penny. They have not been announced yet for this season. Tickets sell out FAST - get on their Email list. They are an immersive haunt experience. Nothing where they make you do or eat disgusting things. It's theater in which you play a big role. Unlike anything you've done. Delusion has been going on for around six years, and every year is different and better than the last. The Willows has been going on for a couple of years. Delusion is an hour or so, and Willows is a couple of hours. Other haunts to see that are cheaper yet awesome: Reign of Terror - About 25 miles west of HHN Sinister Pointe - Around 10 miles from Disney Like escape rooms? The Basement is a horror based room with gore - About 15 miles north of HHN Murder Co is another horror experience created by the person who designed the best Knott's mazes There is also Queen Mary Dark Harbor, About 15 miles South of Knotts. This is a haunt that takes place on one of the most famous ships. That alone is a reason why many visitors make special plans to go. Unfortunately, it's an ok haunt that in my opinion sounds better than it is. If the thought sounds exciting, though, go for it. Last one I'll mention is the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride. People either love this or hate it. The people who run it got a Shark Tank deal with Mark Cuban - biggest deal in Shark Tank history. Some off-night suggestions (multiple things you can do in one night): Reign of Terror + The Basement (early slot at Basement, then drive to Reign, or even to HHN) The Basement + Murder Co (may have early afternoon slots at one or the other) Queen Mary + Sinister Pointe (would need to VIP one or the other). Could finish Queen Mary in about 3 hours with VIP, then run to Sinister and wait. It's hard to do Delusion and anything else because the wait at Delusion can be long even though it's scheduled. Not uncommon to wait 1 or 2 hours after scheduled timeslot. No VIP available. The Willows is scheduled and it's possible to do something else the same day. Could even couple with HHN if you are RIP at HHN. Very hard to do LA Hayride fast because the place is packed.
  14. I would say slim to none. It would make non-virtual lines 1/9 longer. Could you imagine the sweaty mass of humanity if all house lines were virtual?
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