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  1. I made some tweaks, hopefully for the better. I couldn't not mention Bill & Ted...
  2. It's really dead around here... My boredom got me thinking: what would it take for you to SKIP HHN 30? I mean, what lineup could they present that did everything so wrong that you would opt out? Here's my line-up of mashups that should never happen and things that are better left unseen: Houses: Caretaker Presents: Fear the Walking Dead Experience "Generation Z" as it began. But watch out for the icon that is always ready to make your end come sooner. WWE Presents: The Fiend's Awesome Funhouse Take a journey as The Miz into the twisted mind of The Fiend. You came to play, and HE is ready... Freddy vs Usher No matter how bad the movie is, never EVER fall asleep in the theater! Purge the Walking Dead In the Walking Dead universe, every day is Purge Day! Come celebrate these two epic universes in our universe - Universal's HHN! Take a Chance On Me Gimme, gimme, gimme an S.O.S! Your favorite Slashing Queen is back! Sing along as Chance slaughters to your favorite Abba hits! Candyman vs Bloody Mary This house of mirrors is twice the fun....for them. Universal Monsters Invisible Man You'll never see him coming! Ash vs Mia vs Evil Dead A groovy "He-dead"/"She-dead" battle for the ages! If the Deadites have any say, we're gonna need a bigger Boom Stick. Hellection '20: Choose Your Fate Vote with your feet! A choose your path house that marries politics with horror! Don't get caught with your chad dangling! XXX: Do-Over (anniversary house) We've given these "not so good" icon houses from the past a makeover. Will they earn a "slash right" or get another "slash left"? The Director Presents: Freddy vs Jason vs Leatherface vs Jigsaw vs Alien vs Predator vs Bagul vs Chucky vs Mary Shaw vs Killer Klowns vs La Llrona Mic. Drop. Scarezones: This is Your Waterloo You managed to escape Chance, but these Abba hits will be forever seared in your head. The winner takes it all...and it won't be you. What Brings you to HHN? The vacation planners have escaped their kiosks and are roaming the park with free meal tickets. They only want five minutes...of your life. Nightmaze II Because once wasn't enough Z Nation From the producers of Sharknado, direct to the streets of New York. A Quiet Place Don't make a sound! The first-ever silent scarezone! (Amp Up The Fear! $5 upcharge for the blindfolded Bird Box Experience!) Don't Go! (park-wide) No restroom is safe after the toxic spill last month, but our demented gas-masked crew is on it! Hold it (if you can) because it's about to hit the fan. Shows: Jack Presents: Jabbawockeez (replacing AoV). Jack may not say much from behind the white Jabbawockeez mask, but his fiery orange hair will speak for itself!The Fastest and the Furriest (lagoon show). Join in the celebration as we scare up the most intense moments from the Universal blockbusters Hobbs & Shaw and Cats! Kill Bill and Ted They said it would never happen! Killer LIVE recreations of gory fight scenes from Kill Bill Vol 1 and Vol 2, hosted by everyone's favorite stuffed bear, Ted!
  3. I think most of us would choke on recalling trivia if we were hosting a podcast. Most of those guys are madly looking up the answer on a laptop while they are vamping. My short term memory is pure crap, and I failed to recall Vanity Ball several times during conversations with friends. I resorted to "where Chucky was last year". Partially because it was a far better scarezone.
  4. It took me many years to get them all. Have an ongoing search on Ebay and be prepared to act. Of the pre 15, 1997-2014 are pretty common to see. The one that took me the longest to get was 1995. I have only seen a couple ever listed. Even 1991 was more common. Also, the artwork on 1992 and 1993 are nearly identical. Double check to make sure which one you are bidding on. Good luck!
  5. Happy horrordays, all. Hoping Krampus paid you a visit and gave you some time away from the kids. See you in 2020!
  6. Prob not until Jan or so. We did do the unlimited express on one night and just focused on the houses. $550 for two people and we didn't feel like staying the whole event.....so that may give you an idea of the review.
  7. I'm all for the multiple icons, but only when it makes sense. 20th, 25th - made sense to bring them back. 30th might make sense. I But sweet 16? Making up a story just to get the icons together...I don't know. And to use that to honor the very first HHN house. So strange. Personally, I think the 10 year anniversaries are fine for an icon party; 35th, 45th seems a bit much. Maybe if there was some new icons.... (and sorry, Bone is not an icon in my book)
  8. Oh dear God... Yeah, there was a crapload of discussion on this back in 2010. There was even more back in 2008....but those were the days of HHN Vault. A trademark search shows that Bobbie Weiner still holds an active trademark (she just re-filed) but the purposes are related to drinks (ale, wine, spirits, etc), make-up and jewelry. There was (and may still be) a huge line of prosthetics and makeup under the name Bloody Mary. I still have a 20 year old bottle of Bloody Mary stage blood. I don't have a clue as to why I still have that... One would think that when used for other purposes the name can be used - but way back in the day (2008), she filed a TM violation against Universal even though her TMs were for makeup back then. Word was that there was no license agreement. One could argue that BM drinks and jewelry were sold. I think it was the first year that they had the jello shot "blood bags" and of course there were HHN keychains and pins with the BM image, but not the words "Bloody Mary". The argument was that HHN was not marketing the name itself; it was a name assigned to a character at the event, based on a public domain legend - HHN created her image; there was no generally accepted representation of BM prior to that. Then came HHN 2010 and no BM appearance in the icon zone. Heck, no mention of her at all by Universal - presumably because Universal didn't want to pay to use her. Really, aside from the commercial and early marketing materials, there was really no mention of the name Bloody Mary at the 2008 event. The subsequent promos and marketing materials really revolved around the catchphrase "Say my name!" in connection with a mirror. People's minds connected the dots pretty well. Shortly after the 2008 event, Bobbi Weiner's website was updated to mention that HHN and other haunts licensed the name (which resulted in a head injuries on the forums due to excessive eye rolling). Then in 2015, she launched a press release stating that she is formally licensing the name to haunts. So did that mean that she finally had the legal backing to do so? Because that was the first press release following the whole fiasco. So what does this all mean for HHN 30? Universal no doubt can bring BM back.....for a price. At this point, BM ultimately played a pretty minor role in the much bigger (and I'd argue more interesting) Legendary Truth universe. The Reflections of Fear house was not well received. But Legendary Truth: Wyandot Estate house was a fan favorite. If you could bring back BM for a licensing fee or the next chapter of Legendary Truth with no associated fee, I think the choice is clear as to what would be better for the fans of HHN and the bean counters of Universal. For anyone who didn't get to experience HHN 18's use of Bloody Mary (and the last great slow-roll HHN website reveal....RIP), this is a wonderful telling of how she was woven in to each and every house. Warning: it becomes name soup toward the middle, as the web becomes thick. Upon listening to it, I had no idea how deeply interwoven the story was. By the way, one of the most important characters in that year's story was installed in the park in 2008 and remains to this day. See if you can spot it next time you're in the park.
  9. Coat of Arms of Archbishop Francis Patrick Keough Motto: MARIA SPES NOSTRA (Mary Our Hope) Keough was known as the "Archbishop of the poor" due to his dedication to orphans and the aged Bloody Mary (or Mary Agana's) return would be great. But Legacy never leaves such straightforward clues. He plays 5-dimensional chess.
  10. I search for anything Horror nights related or haunt related that included HHN 29. In order of my favorite downward (purely my opinions): Orlando Informer - by far the best Uni podcast around Scarezone (the first and second season had some amazing HHN guests - worth searching for) Universal After Dark - This one is going monthly, as Amanda is starting a new HHN podcast in a few weeks Unofficial Orlando Inside Universal Dis Unplugged Universal edition (Would be at the top except I can't handle Ryno for more than two minutes at a time...) Season Pass - primarily west coast based. They also do Knotts. Other ones that are new (to me) HHN 365 - a startup podcast. Not bad. Catacombs of Horror - They've been around for a long time. They have extensive historical walkthrus. I mean room by room that we have all forgotten. It's like they have old blueprints or something. Creepy Kingdom - only tried it for the HHN reviews. They are West coast based.
  11. I've had a blast listening to all the podcasts tweaking their top ten lists. What seems to be consistent from these were: A lot of high praise for this year. Monsters & Graveyard Games are at the top of everyone's list. HOTC was much better than everyone expected - even if it wasn't their cup of tea Yeti was quite high on lists. Stranger Things seemed to disappoint. HUGE polarization on Nightengales, KKFOS, GB, and Depths. You loved it or hated it. Us seemed to grow on people, to where it was high on lists. AoV did not disappoint like last year. Complete redemption. This year's Fallen award seems to go to Vanity Ball. A lot of people said it started strong but just petered out over the season. There doesn't seem to be a single soul that was even indifferent to the Lagoon show. It is an instant classic which puts a crapload of pressure on the pour soul who programmed it. I'd get started on 30 now if I was him/her... How do you even match it, let alone top it? Anyone else who went at both start and end of the season want to comment on changes? Effects that went missing? Houses/zones that improved or declined? I also heard something mentioned by exactly one podcast that conflicted when all else I heard. That was that Graveyard Games was the last house that was directed by Mike Aiello. I thought Charles and Patrick each took 5 and directed them. If it was Mike behind the scenes - what a way to go out, right?
  12. Asking this AFTER HHN has ended, but still wondering... Do they still have the Stranger Things experience up and running in the old T2 gift shop exit? If it's not open, does the exterior still look the same? I mean it's not HHN related, so it would make sense if it was still there and they were still gathering research data.
  13. I miss Graveyard Games SO MUCH!!!
  14. Zombie Approved! I was thinking just last week - how could they represent all of Terra Cruentus in a single house. This comes pretty damn close. I like having the Storyteller being tortured - nice twist. I was thinking about the Terror Mines - clearly it wouldn't make sense for us to have helmets for just one room, but what if that room had actors wearing the helmets being mutilated by the monsters who then go after us? I mean, seeing Terror Mines from a third person perspective. Kind of like how we saw the kids being attacked in Graveyard Games. I'd also like to see the Gorewood Forest and blood being extracted to create iron. Some stuff from Saws & Steam comes to mind.
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