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  1. Didn't we say a while ago (and I thought Legacy agreed) that Hollywood would be getting the Billie house but Orlando was going to be a show only. What did I miss that put a house on the speculation map?
  2. Lots of grumbling about a speculation map which is purely speculation - it's make believe. I think we need to come to a realization that this is a slow motion disaster that is affecting the entire world simultaneously, and we don't know when it will end. Hell, we can't even define "end" at this point. HHN is very likely to have a much less scary atmosphere. And if they do, I'm OK with that. They reacted to 9/11 with the non gory HHN XI. They cut Eddy. The show goes on, but it has to take world circumstances into consideration. Anniversaries don't change that. I can't say it enough - expect anything. I'd bet anyone that the planners at Universal are looking at EVERY contingency - even the idea of pushing "Horror Nights" event to early or mid 2021. Who needs it to be "Halloween Horror Nights"? Imagine it taking place when weather is nice or schools are out. Would people really be opposed to such an idea? My intent here is not to squash speculation. It's healthy, and good. It's just that complaining about something imaginary is a bit silly.
  3. There's something else that may change significantly this year for HHN (at least I HOPE it changes. It NEEDS to change for 2020). I am speaking as someone who has at least one underlying condition that makes this virus very risky to me. So all haunts may be out for me this year. Squeeze tunnels, body bags, refrigerator flaps, hanging fabric, threads in face, water effects - I think these must NOT be in any house under any circumstance this year. I'm sure how many of you can recall a moist, sweaty squeeze tunnel brushing past your face in past years. I can't tell you how many times I've returned from HHN with a cold brewing. This is much more than a cold - and history shows that around October, we may be facing the beginning of a second phase of this virus. There's always a "part II" that quickly follows... The scare elements I mentioned are bacteria and virus factories. Orlando is hot and sweaty - you have no idea how many times you wipe the sweat from your eyes in an evening. Many hundreds of contaminant transfer opportunities. Even a mask and gloves (expect to see those quite a bit) don't protect your eyes. And damn, a mask and gloves in Orlando would be extra miserable. I think the houses need to be completely re-imagined - more open, fewer transitions, less of a desire to keep sound from "bleeding" via refrigerator flaps. Patrons should not be coming into physical contact with anything that 20,000 other people came into contact with that evening. People are going to be worried about flying to Orlando for fear of contracting coronavirus on the plane, yet unafraid of going to HHN and contracting it. That in itself is scary. 2021 things should be back to normal - but this year needs to be careful like never before. Regarding phase 2 - Hoping I'm wrong. Praying I'm wrong. Suspecting I'm right... Stay safe, everyone
  4. As long as we are all shut ins, I wanted to share something you can do daily to have a little something to look forward to when you get out. Starbucks has a promotion going now through 4/8 called Starland. It was started before everything hit the fan, and was intended to be an AR game where you earned stars (Starbucks currency that can be used to get free stuff). You normally earn up to two entries per day to the promotion by buying stuff, but as with all promotions, there is a way to earn free entries (no purchase necessary). In this case, you get two free entries by filling out a form )one form per entry), and the entries appear in your inbox immediately. Over the past 14 days, I have won 380 stars (enough for 7 croissants or 3 drinks, or almost 2 lunch sandwiches) and 8 raffle tickets. At the end of the promotion, there will be raffle drawings for a bunch of categories. You enter your ticket(s) into drawings of your choice (i.e free drinks for a year, $500 gift card, 15,000 stars, etc). Not bad for spending $0. To do this you need a Starbucks account (free) or the app on your phone. You can do this all from your phone, but filling out the form is a snap using your PC or Mac, because they auto fill it for you. The game is at www.starbucksrewardsstarland.com You need to scroll down a bit to see the *To enter without making a purchase, click here. It's very tiny print. Sorry I didn't share this sooner...
  5. Assuming you have a respirator mask under the helmet, at least your work garb fully covers you. Lysol the exterior every day, and take care, sir!
  6. According to my wife, I am definitely non-essential. In California. My kids are doing remote learning. My wife is doing remote teaching. I am doing remote working. Stores are stocked, but waits are over an hour even if you show up before opening. It's like having to buy your food from Hagrid. My 17 year old daughter just doesn't get why she needs to be practicing social distancing. My son is a gamer, so it kind of came naturally... We have a little dog and I looked up what would happen if she got sick. Vets are open by appointment only. You drive your pet to the vet. They meet you at your car window, take the animal and you wait. Kind of like if Uber Eats served pets. We can still eat out, but only for take out, or home delivery. Business are hurting terribly. Everyone is terrified of losing their job. This will end, and the economy will come back stronger than ever. I really believe this. Gotta believe it because of the alternative. If any of you feel anxious and afraid, I REALLY recommend you listen to Scott Adams (the Dilbert comic strip creator), who does a non-political Periscope once or twice a day. He is completely rational to listen to and I feel so much better as he talks about the crisis. Not political. Not happy talk. Not scary talk. Not comedy. Just level headed commentary. There's a good chance you will feel calm afterward. Take care, everyone.
  7. In my opinion, if ever there was a year where things are up in the air, it's this one. Even with IP contracts in place, I can imagine ANYTHING can change at this point. Look at how movie studios are now pushing out their release plans. Those delays will ripple. For example, who knows if Candyman will be pushed out or if it will even release this year. I wouldn't be surprised if we hear originals announced first or if all announcements will be late. So this year may be like the good old days - when no one knew what was coming until it was announced. I wouldn't even be surprised if Hollywood backed off the "apocalyptic virus zombie house" (a.k.a. TWD) if the US has a much higher than expected death rate. Bill & Ted may get a go simply because it's a show intended to make you laugh. Might even be a very light year for gore, as they did in 2001. And number of houses? I seriously doubt 11. Heck, 10 might not even happen. Think about this: some major airlines have already said they are not resuming international service with Asia until OCTOBER. If similar happened with Europe, that's a non-insignificant amount of the HHN GP. The crystal ball is very cloudy as to what domestic travel will be like a short 6 months from now. Remember, viruses tend to flare up again later in the year... You had better believe theme park execs are video conferencing right now as to how or if they might be able to enforce a 6 foot separation rule in queues. I'd give the event about a 90% chance of happening at this point. Expect anything. Believe me, it's not fun being the pessimist in a room full of optimists. But that's what a pessimist would say...
  8. I like the idea of icons being the focal point. What I'd really like to see is a movie that doesn't center around a bunch of stupid teenagers that we are supposed to care about, getting picked off one by one. Like every other slasher film since forever. I'd like to see it centered around the "real icons" who have taken out their scareactor wannabes, roaming the park and going after random people. Build from there. No sympathy for the guests - just root for your favorite icon. And perhaps culminating with the icons going after the designers that brought them into existence in the first place. Maybe we can care about them... Nah.
  9. I forget the happiness or sadness reference.... Which episode was it?
  10. I think you mean 'Boomba 11 houses'. Anyone know how the usable area in Cafe La Bamba compares to other venues? And I guess the queue could go behind the gate?
  11. A chance for anything, but who the heck knows. Anxiously awaiting more info from Permit Bot.
  12. Does that mean if B will be used it will require a unique permit?
  13. Not having memorized the SS buildings even after all these years, I had to look up the reason for Mystique's excitement regarding SS23. In 2019: SS22 (1 house), SS24 (2 houses), SS25 (1 house) were used SS23 has not been used since 2011, and is capable of holding 2 houses, but the permit was only for half the building. So many possibilities for speculation....
  14. Agreed. This is only what they have announced so far. In my opinion, this virus scare tosses everything up in the air. The travel and theme park industry is going to be rocked by this to be certain. No telling how long it will take for things to settle or what they will do to lure people if ticket sales are just not there. Five months doesn't seem like a long way away at this point, given all that is going on. I want nothing more than to have people repost this in June saying "Can you believe this idiot was worried about HHN back then?"
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