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  1. ugh so quiet... I mean I guess the event is what it is, I have to wait until the end of October for my trip, but I miss when the forums used to be so hot and active during the HHN season with theories and things like that during the immersive times doing our games and Legendary Truth stuff. Still awesome event but I guess less to discuss now. It has opened, everything is revealed and yep....thats it
  2. From the videos I've seen the stilt women look like Lady Gaga tributes lol or I am just a crazy Gaga fan lol. Anyways from what I've seen online I am pleasantly surprised
  3. I love that this thread exists, wish we had it other years. Also if anyone can say if posted wait times at entrance to houses differ from what is presented on app?
  4. I was thinking the same thing! Hahaha!!! They will only last the first few weeks in the beginning
  5. I am hoping and going with that since the right holders of Ghostbusters had issues with some gore content, or the very least Us and 1000 Corpses, I am assuming they are responsible for the more "family friendly" vibe of this year and hopefully will return to more standard tone next year.
  6. Surprised how quiet it is after employee preview....and whatever has been talked about seems very lukewarm....I mean not bad but nothing as raving as the immediate reviews were of last year.
  7. From years past it seems like employee preview for the streets is never all that positive or a true reflection of the final product, def wait until opening weekend or possibly second weekend for those usually
  8. Yes!!!!!! I wonder how much of HHN got resembled for tonight after all the take down and hurricane prep? Could effect the quality of tonight's event, but I am sure by weekend it'll be much better
  9. Wow crazy news! Maybe that is a reason why Ghostbusters is here this year as a final hurrah for him. Yea I am sure HHN will be fine as long as Murdy doesn't get his hands on it but I doubt he will.
  10. Yea didn't even hit me until now that yea no Us or 1000 Corpses merch is out yet....so thrilled with all the other merch I forgot lol! I'm assuming they would have something out for those two properties at the very least one shirt for each....?
  11. Good luck my friend. While of course we are thrilled it is looking like better news for Orlando, anyone in its path I am truly devastated for, especially anyone in our Nightmares community. I hope it turns away soon....
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