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Official HNN 2010 Meetup v2


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Again, no shirts from other fan sites. This is a HNN shoot. We are not Vault. We are not Rumors. We are not CSW. We are HNN. I'm sure the owners of those sites would say the same thing.

So the time will be 10:00pm. Nobody suggested a place, so I'm going to go ahead and say the meetup place will be at the same place the Vault picture is usually taken. For those who don't know, It's the same place where the Ghost Hunters were last weekend. Across the street from Mels, on the lagoon side under the pavilion. I'm on my phone, so if someone could upload a map and mark the spot for others that would be awesome. Otherwise I'll do it when I wake up. Please be there at 9:45 so we can get organized and take the picture by 10:00. Afterwards, we will travel as a group through Hallow'd Past. We will play it by ear from there.

Hope to see everyone there :)

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Yeah, if I don't bring a jacket, I'll just turn my vault shirt inside out, and stand in the back so it isn't noticed. I consider myself a member of this site, but couldn't pull off buying a shirt this year, hence why I still wear the vault shirt all of the time.

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I have a suggestion for the group picture.


^ That right there pretty much defines HNN.

Also, it's a big enough area to fit a lot of people and doesn't get in the way of the event.

The small problem is very far distance between the two locations (707 steps and Hallow'd Past) so I hope it's not really a hassal for people to locate here from there.

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We will take a picture at 707 during Stay & Scream, This WILL NOT be the main group photo though, this will be just for ones that work the event and join us at 707.

The trip to Hallow'd Past will take place after the main group photo. We will be posting the final location for that soon!

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Here are the final details for the group photo.

When: October 31st.

Where: Front (Fences) of 20 Years of Fear (Scare Zone)

Meet Time: 9:00-9:15 PM.

Photo Time: 9:30 PM.

I know this is 1/2 hour earlier than planned, but it's to get the cast we want.

Remember to wear your HNN shirts if you have one, if you don't we will allow any HHN, HOS, or general shirt.

After the photo is taken we will then proceed to Hallow'd Past. If time allows and the group wants to stay together, we can get in some other houses.

Thanks everyone, and hope to see you there!

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