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  1. Had a great opening weekend for HOS 2013! Life is better in the Bayou :)

  2. Just a quick question.. Im going tomorrow night with some friends from HOS, and one of the guys from my group has to buy his at the gate. Will he be able to get the Fl red discount at the gate? Casey
  3. I'll be there next wednesday the 17th with some other HOS peeps! This is me and my best friend Taylor. We will both be there. And this guy will be with me And possibly this pretty lady Scare us! k? Casey
  4. Thank you, I just can't tell when he's teasing when he's quite abbrasive with our fellow posters 9 times out of 10. And I completely agree with you. The two events are totally different. My original post was misinterpreted and took off from there.. Leaving me in the dust to try and explain. I was just trying to say that I think HHN could pull off doing hordes, things would just have to be re-tweaked a little bit. Hordes open up more creative freedom, and I think uni is going to pull it off just fine.
  5. My apologies, Reaper. I'm just not going to tell people they're right and im wrong just because they say im wrong. That's not what speculation is about. Back to topic.. How bout them streets? Casey
  6. I didn't attend last year, as I closed IOA every weekend last haunt season.. But they weren't all generic zombies.. It seems that just because I mentioned that HOS had hordes last year and I thought it could work at the studios, you think that im head over heels about HOS, that I think HOS and HHN are on the same level, and that you're going to hurt me by bashing HHN.. Maybe if you dropped your holier than thou attitude and read my posts things would be clearer. If its a crime to speculate and add my two cents, then there shouldn't be a spec thread, huh? If you could call this a spec thread.. Its more like people speculate, and then get bashed by people who are gods. Casey
  7. Yeah, ive been trying to decipher them myself.. but I thought hordes couldn't work at HHN? -__- Casey
  8. I would hope so! A park full of zombies seems like it would be quite monotonous.. I see zombies, clowns, chainsaws, demons, werewolves, etc. Casey
  9. That's what I meant in ny original post about "getting down to our roots." Before we had sz's with amazing sets.. We had hordes.. And it worked. Whose to say that if it worked before, that it can't work again? Isn't the CDT technically a horde? A large group of chainsw wielding maniacs that aren't in a central themed zone.. Yep, id call that a horde. And I remember back in XX when they started at the gates.. Then ended up in NY.. But NY is too wide for a horde.. So is central park, IFF area, Shrek alley, san Fran. Yep. Those areas are far too large for a horde. Casey
  10. I've been to both parks, I've been to both events, and I've worked at universal and will be working at Busch Gardens come September. Everyone keeps talking to me like Ive never been to the parks, or either events. I'm not stupid, and i will keep posting my speculations, even if im wrong. I know that the gp doesn't always run to the rides leaving houses open.. But it does happen. I know that the walkways are larger at universal than at bgt.. Because I've been to both too many times to count. Just because I do not post that often, it does not mean that I do not know anything. I've been on all of the boards since hauntfreaks.. I'm not new to this.. Speculation thread is more like a "defend yourself" thread.. Casey Thanks Lyn! Everyone keeps saying im comparing the parks and events, but im not.. Casey
  11. Yes! We need to give credit where credit is due. A&D can pull just about anything off. I have faith. On the rides topic, I love that all of the gp ride the rides! Makes the house lines smaller. Casey
  12. I'm just voicing my opinion. If hordes aren't going to work, and people are saying that we aren't getting traditional stationary scarezones, then what's going to work? I threw out my idea to you guys, and im wrong. So, what are we to expect this year with streets? Casey
  13. Sorry, by the time I typed my response, there were already three more replies. I, however, still think that a mixture of zones and hordes can work. Have a zone inside the gates, one in central park/hollywood, one outside of disaster, and one in sting alley, with hordes in NY, Shrek alley, outside of amity, and outside of IFF. Maybe im just being ignorant.. :/ Casey Casey
  14. I wasn't necesarily comparing the two events . I just don't understand why roaming hordes wouldn't work at HHN? The only argument regarding hordes is "What about our sets?" and "The gp wont like that because they expect stationary zones with sets." I think we've been babied with our scarezones, and we all come to expect great sets with our scarezone when minimal sets/ roaming hordes can be just as effective. With scarezones you know where to go for your scares.. With roaming hordes you'll near know when a group of zombies or clowns are going to jump out at you. Id rather have an unexpected scare out of left field than "Oh, im in NY, according to the map there's chainsaws here.. Expect to see chainsaws." As for the repeat houses.. HHN has a bigger budget than HOS, and what HOS does works well for them. HHN can shell out the money for new houses every year, therefore we expect new houses. HOS obviously doesn't have the money to make it rain all over our asses, so they have to reuse houses. I enjoy both HHN and HOS, and that's because I don't walk into the event with preconcieved notions. If you walk into HHN this year saying "Omg, the streets are going to be amazing!" and then they don't have the street sets that youre used to.. Then you're going to be dissapointed.. Even though I think they will be able to do a wonderful job, and I'll still be pleased, there will still be the spoiled children who expect the same every year. Likewise with HOS. I've always enjoyed HOS, even with repeat houses, because I don't walk into the houses thinking that just because its a repeat house, then its going to suck. In fact, between HHN and HOS, Escape from Insanity is my all time favorite house.. And it was at HOS with multiple repeat houses. I think hordes will work at HHN, and I fully expect hordes at HHN this year with maybe two or three stationary zones. They can put the zones on the map, leave the hordes unmarked, and have a footnote telling you to watch your back as there's something lurking in every shadow.Casey
  15. HOS pulled off roaming hordes pretty well last year, from what I've heard. So why should we be all up in arms about losing sets in the streets? Why is the gp going to complain about losing scarezones if they didn't complain at other events? I believe Universal is throwing a curve ball at us this year, and we will be going back to our roots. I think we've been selfish with our event, because, as the event grows, so do the sets, and the costumes, and everything is so elaborate.. But now that everything is possibly changing, everyone is at each others throats beween those who know, and those who don't, and its absolutely ridiculous. A&D never fails to surprise us, and I feel like we are in for a treat. So, calm down, speculate without aggression, and accept change! Casey
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