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  2. Aww kim! I know the feeling, however, not being a scareactor, I'm sure it's exascerbated for you! Well all we can do is look back on the memories and look forward to next year!
  3. I've said it before and I've said it again. The best scares in this house in my opinion came from Black Pirate. He was awesome. Microphone cindy with creepy FX at the beginning was also pretty cool, and the rest of the actors put in a lot of effort, but it just didn't pay off
  4. Thanks for informing me Mango, but I already know now!
  5. I want to see Kevin the Bird again
  6. Andrew! That video was simply awesome! Thanks so much!
  7. Wow! So it wasn;t inactive scareactors! Them ops were awesome
  8. Well, one change that brought a great amount of applause was, at the end when Bill and Ted say they know a song that will really get the crowd moving, Richard Head said "I'm in a ship, Mike Aiello." Which brought many laughs and quite a long round of applause
  9. As I've said before, this zone was quite possibly the best one in a long while, the cast was so energetic, and injected their own humour into things. Great teamwork between Cast B Alice and Chainsaw at front on Cast B (Was it Justin) because this was amazing, honestly. The best thing to have come from this zone this year, other than the memories is the song: Up on the Sidewalk, Away from the scares, Up on the sidewalk, Now you're drawing the stares, Up on the sidewalk, Sidewalk. Thanks guys, and hopefully I'll see you all next year, Congratulations on Street of the Year, and thanks for the awesome memories!
  10. It's going to be a long one: Thanks to everyone in SnS, but especially Bryan and Giant, you two are complete monsters and as usual, I never see anyone run faster than when chased by a chainsaw wielded by a maniac like either of you two, or anyone else in the zone Thanks to Fear Revealed for everyone having to put up with beig hounded for their photo all the time and yet still managing to get scares Thanks to Twenty Years of Fear, especially armyofrobots (RAWR NIGHTMARES RAWR) and Cast B Alice (Up on the sidewalk!) And of course, who could forget the Sentinels? In fact, during a cast change just before the photo one came out wielding a chainsaw! Ah yes, and the chainsaws at the front of the SZ Houses: Thanks to LT for having some great effects, and more importantly, having fun on the last night, kudos to the dancing chair and floor guy especially (I can't remember which cast) Thanks to Psychoscareapy for the actors seemingly genuinely insane, with their stareouts and dancing along with manic laughter Thanks to Hades for being pretty intense on the last few nights, especially "Jake 'toga' Jakemeister" when he worked the event on Thursday. On the last night, the first scene was incredibly intense, I don't know how you guys did it! Green eyed skull monster was running around all over the place! Havoc: Congratulations for house of the year, you deserved it! At first I didn't like you but then I grew to you guys, alas it was only in the final week so was a little too late to actually appreciate it, but never the less, I still loved the house! How you guys kept up that intensity for the entire event, I'll never know! The dedication to the event started from the outset by shaving your heads, which is an amazing feat in its own right, and good job on petting the dogs or trying to scare the kittys away! Brilliant guest interaction here and will be doubtful of another stuffed animal fun year as good as this one! Best sprung house ever, closely followed by; Catacombs: Cats and Combs you will be dearly missed too, I wish I was part of Stephs fan club, because I really liked the peckers! This house was claustrophobic and twisty and turny, yet had a lot of neat things in it that not many people noticed when giving it a run through! I must say I loved the stories about you and the kittys, and laughed on more than one occasion, again, great guest interaction there! Hallow'd past: Great house, thanks to Cast A Treak(or was it foon) who danced with me,the Cast A zombies in dead exposure that were also sneaking around with me on tip-toes and dancing, I think Drew even gave you a tip of $1 for it! Thanks to the Body Collectors too for their spine ripping goodness! Oh, and Cast A Jack. Zombiegeddon: Thanks go to Invader_Butters brilliant charisma and hilarity on the megaphone! Orfanage: Thanks also go to creepy cindy in first room, and of course, best actor in the house in my book simply because he scared me every time I went through this house in his cast, Black Pirate (HO HO HO) that laugh will taunt me forever! Finally, to recap all my major thanks: Cast B Alice, C_D, armyofrobots, giant4203, Pumpkinhead and Invader_Butters One of the better years, in general, I'd like to thank all the actors for making a so-so concept/theme into an amazing year with their energy and dedication! Keep it up for next year, folks! It was great meeting everyone in the photo, and I can't wait to see what it turns out like, especially with the Sentinel in the back! Now it's time to thank everyone from here that has made the event special for me, it has honestly been the best year I can ever remember in my book, and I'm genuinely sad to be leaving you guys, hopefully I'll make it back next year, but if not, then I'll be back another time! I'll try and stay in contact with you all, and quite a few of you should be expecting care packages after Christmas (Yes, my bank is drained of funds) In no particular order: Mark, Jenn, Michele , Jake, Max, Steph, Andrew, Drew, Carlos, Ladyvulpix (I've never ever known your real name) If I missed your name out don't be offended! These were the people who I spent most of my time with, or had great memories with from before, or I might've simply had a mental block and forgotten to add you! All in all, the best year I've ever been to, not only because of the energy of the casts, and the enthusiasm the actors have, but because of the people I've met, and the new songs like the sidewalk song, and new habits, like calling out rabbit 'hoes I've picked up. I'll leave you with the Lyrics to a song: Up on the sidewalk, Away from the scares, Up on the sidewalk, Now you're drawing the stares, Up on the sidewalk, Sidewalk! Thanks guys, and hopefully the same next year :')
  11. All I can say is Alice. Everyone else here is amazing, Alex, on stilts, Justin and the other chainsaw guy and of course Robots, and the Frankenstein who whenever he saw me said "YOU'RE A NIGHTMARE RAWRR" and then smashed the fence! Alice, however, (Cast A I believe) calling out Rabbit 'Hos,singing the sidewalk song, and being hilarious in general deserves a trophy or medal or something haha
  12. Kris

    The Final Curtain

    I will miss all of the people I've had the pleasure of meeting in the past month, and will miss ALICE <3 I'll still have the Sidewalk song in my head, and I'll still call out them rabbit ho's for you, Alice!
  13. Next to the facepainting area, just as you turn right from the entrance into this zone, they're on the left, 2 chairs with nice big cushions and really comfy!
  14. Alice is .. GREAT I'm sure Jake will agree
  15. Great video! But remember, TJ said they could do this theme any year, next year even
  16. I can confirm that last night there were no puritans either. Has anyone else noticed the ridiculously comfy chairs (Just the two of them) in this scarezone?
  17. Pumpkinhead, you're awesome too! Made us all laugh when sat down, and then was jumping in sync with us, dancing with alice and just being a generic cool guy. AND I got a picture with you which is now my facebook profile picture, hope you're happy!
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