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  1. I personally don't see how it is a 'terrible' or 'worst house I've ever seen' house. I may not be familiar with the story of Steven and all, but I still enjoy the house. I may not know every Alice Cooper song, but I still enjoy the house. I think judging a house by not understanding the story or knowing the songs is kind of unfair. I know opinions are opinions, but how is this the worst house HHN has ever done? I don't see that. At all. I've seen much worse. I think the costumes are great for what they are meant to be. Those Alice Cooper masks cannot be done better. I've gotten more scares in this house than I did in some of the sound stages. I believe that if you go in open minded you will enjoy or even love the house. Give it another chance, and if that doesn't do it for you then I don't know what to say.
  2. I MISS YOU!!!!!! :D

  3. I've seen this show over 10 times by now. The first time I saw it I thought it was just ok. I gotta say though...it has improved a lot and I adore it!
  4. Hey Joseph! It was great to see you too! Glad you enjoyed the event this year!

  5. Hey Steph! It was great getting to see your again this year!

  6. Glad I was a part of this group on opening weekend. It was wonderful
  7. You're all in for a surprise. This year is truly amazing!

  8. Can't wait for Vuducon today :)

  9. One week till happiness!

  10. I'm excited to see my friends at the meetup! Aw, I'm too old to go to this one. It's alright. Can't wait for horror nights, every night!
  12. Whaaaaat? Don't bite me! That hurts!

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