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Official HNN 2010 Meetup v2


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Well heck I might actually be able to make it for that time 10PM was getting too late for this old-timer.

I'll skip the house but shoot for the picture. There's a family issue going on that has me now at only

a 50/50 shot of even making it out Sunday night but cross your fingers. I didn't anticipate my last visit

being my LAST visit so I'm hoping it all works out so I can say good bye to Fear and the skeletons,

steamers, doctors, zombies, icons, witches, dogs, ghosts, inmates, underworld demons, and of

course my beloved orfans.

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Lots more people showed up than I had thought x_x Everyone organized so quickly though! Thanks for coming out and being a part of the first HNN group photo :) It was great to meet several new people and see so many familiar faces all together in one place. I hope everyone had a great night and is looking forward to next year B)

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Benny! It was nice meeting you, Kathy, and Panther last night. And our epic walk to Hallowd past, followed by an epic split up.


Lol, epic indeed. We were kinda stumped by that wait time. Boo on the general public for actually coming on Halloween Night :(.

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