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  1. I've fallen in love with this house and last night I just noticed something, is there like a blanket with Jack on it in the house? I forget which room as for some reason I was walking with my head tilted and at that angle one of the sides looked like one of those MAD magazines foldouts where you would have to look at it with the just the right view and creases and it was Jack... or I could have been tipsy... either would be logical... lol
  2. I Finally saw him the other night, like a unicorn, he does exist...
  3. So I know everything outside the house is fairgame for photos, so is the last Ash fairgame? I always want to snap a photo but the fact there is like 5 security guys standing there makes me nervous. (And how does that suck to be that scareactor, having several grumpy looking security folks watching you all set long?)
  4. Anyone know who is all in there for photos? I saw some purgers leaving the Monsters Cafe but wasn't sure who else was there
  5. Yikes. I wasn't expecting that. Hopefully Universal can work some magic and get a stage up fast, the show deserves more than being in the corner. I know it would be a crowd control disaster but maybe doing it on the Music Plaza Stage as a way to "entertain the guests waiting in the plaza, would have to eliminate some of the switchbacks for the crowd though.
  6. I will say this, I'm not sure what cast it is, but one of the Scareactors is a dead ringer for Lily Rabe in the Asylum part, I thought it was her at first
  7. I'd riot if they got rid of my twisted taters. They are over by Louies exit on the water again.
  8. So did they change the music in the Asylum game room/lounge?? When I went through on Friday they had Christmas music on the record player but last night they had Dominique on but it was very very faint and hard to hear. I know they use it as background music outside but thats one thing I feel is missing from the Asylum section (that and more than one chorus of The Name Game in the "super-queue")
  9. Agree, not to mention the location makes me think they WANT people to not go to the house. Its just so out of the way for a so so house.
  10. So I noticed at least 3 triggers in this house but due to the pace of the line didn't get to see what they all do, does anyone have a list and know what they all do?
  11. I would like to know as well. I loved the meet and greet last year but haven't had any luck finding out if they are doing it this year agian or not. Maybe I will try again on Wednesday.
  12. Does anyone know if they are still doing the post show meet and greet with Bill and Ted this year? The only time I have seen it so far I didn't stick around afterwards to find out.
  13. This is officially my favorite house this year! The "distant cemetery" scare gets me everytime! I know its coming and it still gets me. I love it, everyone does such an amazing job in this house!
  14. I finally got to spend sometime in this zone tonight and I love it. Got "trapped" twice. I wish it was a bigger zone and hope this becomes a house soon but bravo to everyone in this zone!
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