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  1. Finally got some time to concentrate and read your entire review. You were a lot of harsher than I would have been but made a lot of good points. And yes, I will give you the death stare.
  2. I don't think Universal would be able to put the parade on hiatus. There's a lot of people whose full time job involves the parade. I don't think they'd be too happy about being laid off for two and a half months.
  3. Final Nights - 20 Alice Cooper - 18 HoH - 19 P&T - 19 Gothic - 22 Dead End - 21 Silent Hill - 13 TWD - 15 Bill & Ted - 3 20 Penny - 0
  4. Warriors - You guys were my favorite. Sure, I like the outfits, but I seriously never saw another legion move as much as you guys did. Loved the guys crawling around on all fours. The coordinator last night was going to try to get one to do it for me again, but I sadly had to leave and visit houses one last time. Sad I missed it. Through four years of attending practically every FFP night with Jenn, you guys were the first (and only) ones to make her scream. Special appreciation to Mikey for being my "favorite of favorites" for two years now. Vampires - My second favorite of the legions. I saw lots of good energy here every night as well. The vampire with the jacket that has a leopard print collar was my favorite. Thanks for all the special attention and the flower. Traditionals - It took to pretty late in the game to see why you were the fan favorite. But, I totally get it now. Loved owl boy, Valdez, Chloe (the blonde fox), and of course, Rosie. Alice Cooper - Jock, Cast A. Thanks for always showing us love. We came through last night looking for you, and we ended up missing you. To be continued...
  5. Lost all respect for whomever voted Beasts as street of the year.
  6. I go back and forth between Gothic and Dead End being my favorite. Right now, it'd Dead End. That could change based on the last two nights. 3. Alice Cooper 4. TWD 5. P&T 6. HoH 7. Silent Hill
  7. If you're doing Stay and Scream, you will be able to get through all houses without issue. Crowds don't get bad till 8ish. I do expect it will be crowded since it's already been extended till 2 AM.
  8. I was happy to have spent more time with the Traditionals last night. Valdez got one of the best scares this year out of me. Also have to give shout outs to Iniquitus and Mikey from the warriors. There's nothing more creepy to me than sitting on a bench alone and having a scareactor sit down and stare at you.
  9. I'm really enjoying all the great pictures you guys have posted. I'm amazed at how nice they are. I am going to try to get some better shots tonight and tomorrow. I haven't had much luck getting anything to come out this year, and I have been leaving my DSLR at home.
  10. Skinny marinky dinky dink, skinny marinky doo, I love you.

  11. We had the Baccanoid challenge last night and almost didn't make it. I didn't get a good picture of the group shot because there were so many of us. I did get a nice individual shot, though.
  12. Lines weren't too bad last night, on what will probably be the last night that I'll be able to get a lot done. I waited for the Baccanoid meet up, and that took up a lot of my time, so I only did AC, HoH, P&T, and DE. Also saw B&T once. I wasn't happy to see the change to the rap. New totals: Alice Cooper - 16 HoH - 18 P&T - 17 Gothic - 19 Dead End - 18 Silent Hill - 13 TWD - 15 Bill & Ted - 2 20 Penny - 0
  13. New totals: Alice Cooper - 15 HoH - 17 P&T - 16 Gothic - 19 Dead End - 17 Silent Hill - 13 TWD - 15 Bill & Ted - 1 20 Penny - 0
  14. We waited 30 minutes in Express for HoH last night. The Express line for TWD was out the queue around 11 or 12. Usually Halloween isn't so busy, but this year has thrown everything off.
  15. A special shout out to the vampire who called me bench warmer a couple of weeks ago (maybe opening weekend), and came up to me last night and said he'd been looking for his bench warmer and handed me a flower. <3 A traditionals Pumpkin Head in Hollywood at around 7:15 scared me while I was sitting on a bench. One of my best scares this year.
  16. Been slacking a bit lately. Only did one house on Sunday and three last night. Enjoying the warriors, eh Legions, instead. My total, so I don't forget: Alice Cooper - 9 HoH - 11 P&T - 10 Gothic - 13 Dead End - 12 Silent Hill - 13 TWD - 12 Bill & Ted - 1 20 Penny - 0
  17. Trying to sign up for passholder preview of the New Fantasyland, and the website won't load! AHHHHHHHHHHH.

  18. Friday Alice Cooper - 1 House of Horrors - 1 P&T - 1 Gothic - 1 Dead End - 1 Silent Hill - 5 TWD - 1 And I never, ever wanna go through Silent Hill again. Overall Alice Cooper - 9 House of Horrors - 9 P&T - 10 Gothic - 13 Dead End - 11 Silent Hill - 13 TWD - 11 Bill & Ted - 1 20 Penny - 0
  19. I had menchie's for the first time ever, and it was SO GOOD.

    1. JDW


      yes it is and those cute little spoons :P

    2. MahB


      :D Yay! Everyone always wonders why I'm raving about that place. You just don't understand until you go. :P
  20. It appears they completed a full review of my account. I have received not only the Four in One badge that I was missing but also 5 visit badges for a couple of houses. I did not receive an email reply. I just noticed the badges on my profile. Very glad that they took the time to straighten this out.
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