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So I'm starting a new physical project I have never attempted before. I don't want to give too much away but key words are: matryoshka, Ten, Icons.

So, as a side project for my good friend's B-day, I doing something. I wont show the rest till i complete it and give it to her.


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The Smartest Fish

A Shining white light
Is all most fish see
But it’s not quite right
Brightness obscures reality

Behind it lie teeth
Like a thousand point daggers
Begging for fresh meat
To consume and devour

So the fish drops all defense
for it cannot begin to see
Through the anglers great deception
And the colossal conspiracy

The average fish is gone
In one easy snap
But I've learned to survive
I've learned to fight back

I've developed strong jaws
And a ferocious appetite
I mimic their calls
Then take them in one bite

Sure it can be lonely
(You cannot conceive)
But who has time to notice
When you’re as hungry as me


The poem is something I wrote in college. I was inspired lately to draw the idea.

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Basically the poem on the surface is about fish.

But the reason I wrote it was in regards to how people pretend to be friends and lure you in.

But,once they have you, they attack and try and destroy you.

Works for girlfriends/boyfriends too.

So I imagined that, in order to combat those evil people, one would have to become more devious and more evil than the people who hurt them. But ultimately in the end you become exactly what you hated.

Applies a lot in my life. Although I have never become the evil fish. I just went numb and avoid their lures.

Actually this little fishy recently let down his guard for the first time in decades not too long ago. Was a very poor decision.

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Just a little video I made on connecting the dots. Tried to pay homage to the movie Se7en and my "obsession" for HHN.

Shot entirely on my cell phone camera. Effects and editing done in Adobe Premiere.

On an unrelated note:

My book "Fear World" is back in production... only 20 years in the making. But I have a writer now to assist with fleshing out the story and he seems pretty excited about it.. So fingers crossed I get book one completed finally in the near future.

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Thanks! It was going to be but I started up on my book again and have diverted my time to that. I really like the concept of the Creature being far less human. Logistically though, as a costume for a haunt, I don't think it works. The extra joints and tentacles would become very difficult. They might like the overall idea but I'm not sure, implementation-wise, they would go for it.

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