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New pic for Burghal Mythos. I probably wont show all of them but at least a few full pics and some details.

This one is Plat Eye.

Although, after looking at it a second time, I think I'll reformat this initial concept. I think it just needs something else to really capture the idea and story of the plat eye. So once I redo it, I'll post it.


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Working on the new pic. Completely redesigned and much more intricate.

I'm going to use this one as a sample for the book along with the poem that goes with it. So Here's the poem of the Plat Eye:

Plat Eye

If you ever find yourself in the GonnaGetchaWoods,

You best find a path home if you know what’s good.

Avoid the graveyard and the fall of twilight.

For the Plat Eye may catch you in the dark of the night.

Clutch you powder and sulfur, hold on to it tight!

Or you could fall into a terrible plight.

If you’re born of the caul you might see it come,

As a cat or a dog or hog on the run.

Faster and bigger with each resounding stride.

You’ll have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

Heed my warning chillun. Heed it good!

If you ever find yourself in the Gonna GetchaWoods.

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OK OK one more... (its not complete) But I can't show EVERYTHING that will be in the book.

I redid the spider legend which was the very first pic I did for the book.

I just feel that it no longer fit the style of the book. So here it is revamped.

Sorry Hon... First clowns and now spiders.


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I started putting together Brughal Mythos last night and, as it stands with what I currently have, it will be approximately 22 pages, 9 main illustrations, and 11 poems.

I'm opting for soft cover and the price will be about 10 dollars.

Do you feel this is good content to dollar ratio or would you prefer to see more content for a $5 increase?

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