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  1. Anyone have any idea what the hashtag BTS on the construction photos. When I click the link on it it's a lot of jpop and I highly doubt that this house is related to that.
  2. My first house was The Madness of Edgar Allan Poe. Feels like it was yesterday xD
  3. That fantastic moment when you get Seven Dwarfs Mine Train fastpasses off a whim of going. :P

  4. Wasn't meant for you JDW, it was for the post after what you said. I'll quote next time. No ill will here man But I understand that people don't like IP DRIVEN events, I can see that. But hating IP's in general is just stupid and that's what's holding back HHN. Original houses are hard to come up with. Try thinking some up in your spare time, its hard to think of something that will pull in people. Now do 8 or 9 more times. Almost impossible. IP's help with giving some material to work with. With which they can do a scene by scene, a mash-up, or a new story in a different universe. Don't hate on IP's just because of your jaded sense of nostalgia.
  5. Nothing is set in stone this early, so there is no point trying to pry info this early in the year. Let it be. 90% of that will be changed in the next month or two.
  6. Okay, I hate to be the person to bring this up but the way things are going at HHN, a recent horror game (if you can call them that) is gaining lots of traction. I've heard multiple people that I talk to about HHN want to see this. Five Nights at Freddy's...It's so upsetting but its a very popular horror game made by an indie developer. It's prime material for an event trying to rake in the money and bodies.
  7. When it comes to Leave it to Cleaver, H.R Bloodengutz, and any other house they haven't sequeled the shit out of. I think leaving it as a one hit wonder is for the best. Leave it to Cleaver: Revelations, Genesis, Resurrection, Reloaded, Forever. *cringe* Get it outta here. Come to think of it, the walking dead is close to legally having to have Revelations or Genesis as a subtitle.
  8. The same could be said for American Horror Story. If they tried to do a recap year, that will be on the same level of coherence as 25 years last year. And starting at Hotel seems like a lot of missed opportunities. Fox would would probably through there yearly temper tantrum because we can't get people getting raped or nudity in a PG-13 event. (Spitballing a lot of this but I could only imagine that's one of many problems that FOX has with HHN). Would I love to see it, hell yeah. Will it happen? Not likely.
  9. I think Oyster was talking about Afterlife. Everyone seems to like the In-Between here I myself included. But Afterlife had a very mixed reactions. I liked it, it wasn't the best by any means. But still in my opinion a solid house.
  10. Okay, I can admit getting rid of them is a bit of an extreme but seeing nothing but people stalking actors to take a selfie with them, its a bit disheartening. Why can't people just enjoy the event? A few pictures with actors is fine (especially if you know them) but people watching has become saddening watching people track down every actor in the scarezone and taking pictures with them, sometime against the actors will. Also people climbing on props and hurting actors is becoming more and more of a problem that seriously needs to be addressed.
  11. Can we just not have any scarezones this year? I'd rather miss out on those, put those efforts towards a larger house count and more shows. I can't stand that scare zones are now just photo ops. It leads to so much congestion around scraezones that make it unbearable to walk through. That may just be the opinion of a very small portion of people but I stand by the fact that people ruin everything. In short, put your fuckin phones away and just enjoy the event. You don't need a picture acknowledging your existence and honestly, I or no one here gives a shit that you're at HHN. /endrant
  12. I'm calling this year, The Year of the Sprung Tent. They are losing so many house locations this year I think they'll have no choice to do one of these two options. Acquire another or 2 more sprung tents and place them around Universal, or the smarter opinion would be to open up both parks but keep the rides to a minimum if having any open. I would put all the original content and less popular houses in IOA with a connection back to Universal where the big IP houses will be. They could also finally have a reason to use the theater in Toon Lagoon (if it's still operational) and The Carnage Warehouse one more time. At least until most of the construction is over and they gain more people eater rides to thin out the crowd. Also if they have King Kong open during the event that will pull a lot of the crowds as well. Seems like a win win but they don't pay me the big bucks so I would have no clue if it is a good idea logistically or not.
  13. I feel like I'm the only one who is indifferent to Icons. If we have them, cool. If not, who cares? Yes, I love the old icons, do I want to seem them every year? God no. All the newer icons didn't live up to the old ones because everyone puts them on pedestals to the point where nothing will ever live up to it. I'm kind of glad they are moving away from Icons. IP horror is what brings crowds so prepare a majority of houses to do this from now on. Because that is not going to change until it stops bringing in money. Icons don't sell like IP's do or ever will.
  14. Bloody Mary can not be used due to some assholes who think they can profit from a legend they will probably never have the creativity to come up with if their lives depended on it. So anything like that is a no no. But Mary Agana is fair game. But is she really worth revisiting? Wasn't the whole draw her being Bloody Mary? The backstory for her wasn't really anything to get googly eyed about. AHS is never going to happen either because FOX doesn't like to cooperate and frankly, its past the time of it being profitable. the walking dead will probably not happen but we've been wrong for the past 3 years, so I wouldn't be surprised if they try to milk whats left. Lets face it, the walking dead will leave HHN as soon as it stops being profitable.
  15. Boosaphus took the words right from my mouth. Sadly I think Bloodengutz will only be a one time thing and it might be for the best.
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