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Witch mask put together. Will needs some oranate stuff to tie the antlers together so it will stabalize them. Also the eyes needs the black fabric to blot out my eyes. Plan on adding red LED lights that I can turn on and off.


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Suffer The Children

Life has been too busy for art as of late. But my New Year's resolution is to start drawing something... anything! each day. I need to Brush up and sharpen my skills. So, hopefully this page will get more attention.
First pic I'm working on. "Suffer the Children". On a related note don't leave ink in rapidograph pens for over a year...


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Thanks :)

Just a quick doodle I'll probably flesh it out.This whole "draw something everyday" has me drawing quick things constantly so maybe I'll get better with the quick sketches. I do need to flesh out some of the other stuff I've done though so may work on my wrek it ralph for a little while.

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