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What reminds you of HHN?

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Hello all you Nightmare-ers, I was just wondering what type of things in your daily lives remind you of Halloween Horror nights. For example some things that remind me of HHN are:

Movie Theaters: Everytime I go to the movies I remember the haunted house "Silver Screams" and how much fun it was.

Child's Play, The Wolfman, Saw, Friday The 13th, NOES, TCM: Everytime I see these movies I remember the huanted houses we had based on the movies.

Going to parties: Everytime I go to a party and they have fog machines I remember walking in the scarezones.

Chainsaws/Leaf Blowers: Everytime I hear those noises I cna't help but think of The Chainsaw Drill Team.

I've got plenty of more but thats all I could think of now. So tell us, what reminds you of HHN!?

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I tend to smile every time I hear a chainsaw. And when Kelly and I saw the Wolfman remake, we spent most of the movie either pointing out things that we remembered from the house or making fun of Anthony Hopkins repeating himself all the time. Yes, we made fun of him repeating himself.

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the smell of some soaps reminds me of the frankenstein house, and the scent of baby powder reminds me of the chucky house a lot.

most of mine are smell oriented, i cant think of any more at the moment.

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I can find something in everything. As you all have mentioned movies, fog machines, chainsaws but even sunsets remind me of HHN for some reason.

Yeah, I feel the same way, A lot of different random stuff could remind me, there is just too much

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What reminds me of HHN?

Fog machines DEFINITELY, everytime I hear some sort of low, creepy music my mind instantlly flips to memories of walking around the park.

Everytime I read something that has to do with Fairy Tales xD I was sort of scarred for life by a few of those guys back in 08 lol

Anytime I watch something like F13, NOES, Chucky (especially Chucky. I didnt watch his movies for almost a year after the disappointment I felt from his house.), and the Wolfman. Oh, and RHPS of course.

Everytime I'm on CityWalk or am entering the park during the off season. Just being under the arch way makes me dizzy :]

But I think the biggest thing of all is this smell. Idk what it is, but every so often, I'll get a random whiff in my nose and it makes me think of HHN. It's that cold, muggy smell that you catch onto when you walk into that park. I don't know what causes it, at the park or outside of it, but it has this habbit of following me about randomly in my everyday life :] Not that I mind, of course...;D

Oh. And little vanity mirror sets (like the one Bloody Mary was seen sitting at during her commercial spots.) My best friend has one and everytime I look at it, I can hear the music playing in my head all over again XD

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ok, I thought about it more and random stuff reminds me, Of course the Halloween or horror/creepy stuff reminds me a lot, but randoms: Mirrors, Specially broken ones,

Trees, at night, branches and roots or fallen branches on the ground remind me,

Hallways, anytime I am in a Hallway in a building, if they are kind of narrow, it reminds me of going trough the maze,

The Sewers, Dolls, brick walls, statues, the flash on the camera, flickering light bulbs, bridges, construction equipment, pickaxes, knives...

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All the regular stuff, fog, chainsaws, blinking necklaces..etc.

The way old houses look, tall ceilings, huge rooms , but with small closets. And the way they smell, all that wood

that is 70 years or older , it can be creepy yet appealing. You know like the Munsters house ;)

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Really, I can look at any object and it can remind me of HHN. I have a brain that can so to speak "side-track" often.

Example 1: my computer mouse reminds me of the Rat Lady wich can remind me of Cirque Du Freak, which could remind me of how one of the Vampaneze got on all fours and ran towards a guest (scaring the bejesus out of her). Example 2: my floppy disc pencil holder reminds me of my teacher who made it, and he had a movie poster of the Dark Knight, and the Joker lived in Arkham Asylum, which reminded me of Shady Brook, which reminded me of the YouTube video C_D uploaded full of cast pics. Does anyone else think like that?

With all this talk about fog, I got out my fog machines yesterday and started messing with them. So I thought I would be cool the pour some fake blood in with the fog juice to turn the fog red. Well... the blood was thicker than imagined and clogged the small tube running from the fog juice contained to all the gizmos that turn it into fog. So now my brand-new fog machine is "broken". :(

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The fog and the smell of it. LOVE that smell.

Shaun of The Dead and Don't Stop Me Now (Silver Screams)

Nights in October. Have a certain atmosphere to them that reminds me of HHN

Thriller. Was played in queue for Creatures house.




Bloody Mary (Just the legend reminds me of it)

Certain Mirrors

Coloful Strobes or lights

the list goes on and on and on

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