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Rank 2010's Houses and Scarezones



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  1. 1. Which house was your favorite?

    • Horror Nights: The Hallow'd Past
    • Catacombs: Black Death Rising
    • Havoc: Dogs of War
    • The Orfanage: Ashes to Ashes
    • Zombiegeddon
    • Hades: The Gates of Ruin
    • Psychoscareapy: Echoes of Shadybrook
    • Legendary Truth: The Wyandot Estate
  2. 2. Which scarezone was your favorite?

    • HHN: 20 Years of Fear
    • Fear Revealed
    • Zombie Gras
    • Saws 'n Steam
    • The Coven
    • Esqueleto Muerte
    • Roaming Chainsaw Drill Team

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1. Hades

2. Psychoscarepy

3. Horror Nights

4. Havoc

5. Orfanage

6. Catacombs

7. Zombiegeddon

8. Legendary Truth (The only house that I flat out don't like.)

Now the Zones are very hard to number, but I will try.

1(tie). 20 Years of Fear

1(tie). Fear Revealed

2. Saws n' Steam

3. Esqueleto Muerto

4. Zombie Gras

5. The Coven

(I loved every zone.)

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People must really have a boner for the Parade building. Last year Silver Screams won House of the Year when Dracula and Frank were clearly better houses.

Silver Screams SHOULD have won. We lost on technicalities to Dracula because we had more call outs and injuries. We were a much better house than both.

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This is really hard! There are no bad houses.


1) Catacombs

2) Hades

3) Legendary Truth

4) Hallow'd Past

5) Zombiegeddon

6) Psychoscarapy

7) Orfanage

8) Havoc


1) Saws n' Steam

2) Zombie Gras

3) Esqueleto Muerte

4) The Coven

5) 20 Years of Fear

6) Fear Revealed

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Silver Screams SHOULD have won. We lost on technicalities to Dracula because we had more call outs and injuries. We were a much better house than both.

I LOVED silver screams just for the sheer eye candy and the interaction that I personally had with the casts, but I feel Dracula had the scares and scared the crap out of me countless times, which is a difficult feat. If you were to flip a coin to see who would win HotY, one side Silver Screams and the other side Dracula, I wouldn't be disappointed with the outcome.

I don't think one was better than the other.

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Overall my favorite house this year after attending the event 3 times is Hades: Gates of Ruin. Amazing facade, great sets and costumes. Amazing detail throughout the entire house. And the scares in here are just ridiculous (Minotaur and Medusa get me every time). In my opinion this house blows every house from 2009 out of the water. Don't know how they're gonna top this one next year!

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I picked Hades.. But they are probably actually tied with Psychoscarepy...

The only house that was STRAIGHT CRAP, was Legendary Truth

& Havoc, left me with a horrible nightmare after the event, so it gets second.

1-1. H: GoR - PS: EoS

3. H: DoW

4. O: A2A

5. HN: H'd P

6. C: BDR

7. ZG

8. LT

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I picked Hades.. But they are probably actually tied with Psychoscarepy...

The only house that was STRAIGHT CRAP, was Legendary Truth

I firmly disagree with the statement that Legendary Truth was "straight crap," because I'm certain there is at least one aspect of the house that you liked. Whether it was the facade (which no one has complained about), the concept, or the story, there had to have been something that you liked about it. Could the house be improved? Any house can. There is no such thing as a perfect house. The only way it would have been a complete crap house would have been if you didn't see a single scaractor or if there was nothing to it (see Fear Factor from 2002). Regardless, that still doesn't take into account the hard work that hundreds of people put into it, from designers to builders to scaractors, who are working their butts off to make the house a reality.

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Hallowed past for me. Best not in terms of scares but in terms of things to see. It was criminal that the UTH tour did not go through this house.

Wow, I'm stunned that Catacombs is rating so high on everyone's list. I just didn't get it. From a historical perspective, it was very well done, but in execution, it was just too repetitive. Same thing for Hades... I have yet to pick a winner though. Every year the house I liked the least seems to win.

2010 was a truly kick-ass year, with no outright terrible houses, and only a couple I did not love.

For me, it was:

1) Hallowed Past

2) Zombiegeddon

3) Legendary Truth

4) Havoc

5) Psychoscarepy

6) Orfanage

7) Hades

8) Catacombs

Why all the hating on LT? It was a technology-driven house, not an in-your-face house. The last room could have used a lot of improvement, though. And LT also packed the BEST SCARE at HHN - can anyone deny that the chair scare was the best (and most effective) scare in years?

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1. Psychoscareapy

2. The Legendary Truth

3. Hallow'd Past

4. Havoc

5. Catacombs

6. The Orfanage

7. Hades

I didn't have a chance to go through Zombiegeddon.


1. Saws n' Steam

2. Zombie Gras

3. Twenty Years of Fear

4. Escueleto Muerte

5. Fear Revealed

6. The Coven

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Alright, I'm going to modify my list based on my additional trips... they were all very close and let me emphasize that I enjoyed EVERYTHING this year.


1) The Legendary Truth

2) Catacombs

3) The Orfanage

4) Hades

5) The Hallow'd Past

6) Zombiegeddon


8) Psychoscareapy


1) FEAR Revealed

2) The Coven

3) Twenty Years of Fear

4) Saws'n'Steam

5) Escueleto Muerte

6) Chainsaw Drill Team

7) Zombie Gras

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1.)Psychoscareapy-(im a big fan of this House Series.) B)

2.) Hallow'd past-(it was great to see every prop from past years, and i love how the brought back Dead Exposure in there)

3.)Legendary Truth-(This was PACKED with scares, and the Screaming Sound Effects were loud, scaring me even more haha.) :D

4.)Catacombs/Havoc-(Both Are tied for me. Catacombs was just Straight up Creepy, dark, and intense)

5.)Catacombs/Havoc-(Havoc was Loud, and VERY energetic, NOT ONE actor was slacking,Very intense scares in here. GREAT JOB!!)

6.)Hades-(a lil short on scares, maybe it was bad timing? oh well; But the design and costuming was AMAZING)

7.)Zombiegeddon- (My Most Expected house...it could have been Better, but overall, it had the right amount of scares, and u cant go wrong with zombies. lol)

8.)Orphanage- (Sigh.... i really wanted this to be my favorite, but ehh...then again i went in this house around closing time, and cast change)


1.)Fear revealed-(EDDIE!!!) :D

2.)20 Years of Fear-(great interactive Zone,like fear Revealed, but damn there was ALOT of scares in this one!)

3.)Saws and Steam-(Chainsaws + LOTS OF FOG + Nine Inch nails Music = WIN!) B)

4.)Zombie Gras-( The first Scarezone to Ever make me fall on my knee's, and Hug my camera like a lil wuss. XD haha)

5.)Chainsaw Drill Team- (Try walking alone through a chainsaw alley in the dark -__- lmao..and i have a fear of chainsaws..) :chainsaw:

6.) The Coven-(Not to much but Princess looking Chicks, but the coolest part were the witches inside the huts. *Shivers* lol.)

7.)Esqueleto Muerte-(it couldave had potential, didnt like it cuz i had only ONE scare the entire month of october. still pretty cool design)

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1. Catacombs - Aside from me being cast in it, it's a phenomenal house in its own right. I feel like it sets a new standard in house design, specifically in how creative scareactors can be in finding their scares in a house. A times, I feel like I'm in a street.

2. Orfanage - Hard choice between this and Havoc, but the nod goes to the Jaws queue. I went through with a small group, and I kept turning around to watch them and saw most of the scareactors. Superb atmosfear with hardly a drop of blood.

3. Havoc - Well done, Dogs.Ya'll made me like the house. Smart use of strobes, lots of narrow booholes, very cool house. Havoc might as well be considered, "Spawning done right."

4. LT - I didn't get the best run through of this house, but I saw where the effects are and can see how incredible this house can be. I which the booholes were better, but I can see this style of house making a return with some minor tweaks.

5. Hallow'd Past - Nostalgia runs this house, and not the best sort. The "scare" rooms leave a lot to be desired in their variety (No Hellgate? Really?), but the scareactors do a great job with their positions.Sadly, to an extent, the coolest part is before the tunnel.

6. Zombiegeddon - This is why "stories" in HHN houses are always so esoteric. It's so hard to convey a "turning point" in a house effectively. I wish the zombies weren't stuck behind so many barricades, because I feel like the threat is diminished.

7. Hades - The problem with this house is that it was exactly what I expected and there seems to be no logic in what was included. Minotaur has a great scare, but I personally think that drop-doors are cheap, regardless of how loud the accompany roar is, how much air is shot at you, or how much the floor shakes.

8. Psychoscarepy - Love the aesthetic of this house. I really do. However, it suffers from just as much schizophrenia as the patients. I feel like the scareactors want to make it funny, when it isn't suppose to be. Smart scares (love the windowed hallway), but Shadybrook is leaving with a whimper.

Can't really rank scarezones, as I only have time to run through them at the end of the night, and I still haven't really seen the front three.

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1. Hades

2. Legendary Truth

3. Zombiegeddon

4. Havoc

5. Catacombs

6. Orfanage

7. Hallow'd Past

8. Psychoscareapy

1. 20 Years of Fear

2. Saws n' Steam

3. Fear Revealed

4. Zombie Gras

5. Esqueleto Muerte

6. The Coven

For the scarezones, though, it's practically a 6-way tie. I loved all of them this year.

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