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Rank 2010's Houses and Scarezones



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  1. 1. Which house was your favorite?

    • Horror Nights: The Hallow'd Past
    • Catacombs: Black Death Rising
    • Havoc: Dogs of War
    • The Orfanage: Ashes to Ashes
    • Zombiegeddon
    • Hades: The Gates of Ruin
    • Psychoscareapy: Echoes of Shadybrook
    • Legendary Truth: The Wyandot Estate
  2. 2. Which scarezone was your favorite?

    • HHN: 20 Years of Fear
    • Fear Revealed
    • Zombie Gras
    • Saws 'n Steam
    • The Coven
    • Esqueleto Muerte
    • Roaming Chainsaw Drill Team

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  1. hades-it was bit scary got big deal of time and i loved the details of the house greatly as a fan of myths and legends it made me love it even more
  2. Catacombs-it was very scary too and i loved the design of the way they scared you in that house it made it feel more fun overall it was a fun house to me
  3. Orfanage-it was a great house it had good scares not very scary but it was great overall i loved the feeling of the house the smell of burning in the house it was a great house
  4. Havoc-it was a great house overall it had great booholes and it was very fun to walk trough it i loved it
  5. Psychoscareapy -great house it was scary in parts but the overall effect of a nuthouse being abandoned and forgoten made it a classic to me i loved it overall
  6. Zombiegeddon-fun house overall fun scares in it it made fun but it was kinda a short house to me it was fun a bit
  7. The Legendary Truth-good designs but poorly done house overall not that scary and poorly done
  8. Hallow'd Past-it wasnt scary but a detailed trip trough the past and it felt like a dead scarezone

  1. ZONES
  2. FEAR Revealed-greatly detailed scarezone it made me happy as it did give some of my frist scares of hhn
  3. Twenty Years of Fear-greatly detailed zone as it did give me some great scares
  4. Chainsaw Drill Team-fun i loved the drill they were great at giving scares
  5. Saws'n'Steam-fun and detailed scarezone that gave some great scares in the areas they were working that night but it was pretty dead in back end of it
  6. Zombie Gras-fun area to walk trough really not much to it
  7. Escueleto Muerte-it felt too weak to me to scare me
  8. The Coven-greatly detailed but weak in scares and pretty dead when i went trough it both nights most of time
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Here's the thing....I voted for legendary truth but let me tell you why. I went last thursday and, for whatever reason, the park wasn't that busy. I was able to go through all 8 houses and 4 of them i did twice without any express pass. So I was able to get some really good run through of the houses. Orphanage wasn't great, 20 years of fear was ok, psychoscarapy, hades, zombiegeddon were good. Havoc,catacombs, and LT were my top 3. But in LT, during one run through, I was able to catch each and every special fx thing they had in there and that place was rockin by the end. The cast was really on that time. Maybe I was lucky, but it seemed like I got the best of all the casts in each house.

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1. Havoc: Dogs of War

2. Hades: Gates of Ruin

3. Catacombs: Black Death Rising

4. Horror Nights: The Hallow'd past

5. Legendary Truth: The Wyandot Estate

6. Zombigeddon

7. Psychoscarepy: Echoes of Shadybrook

8. The Orfanage: Ashes to Ashes


1. HHN: 20 Years of Fear

2. Saws N' Steam

3. Fear Revealed

4. Zombie Gras

5. The Coven

6. Esqueleto Muerte

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1. Catacombs(this one would have tied for first with my 2nd place ones if i didn't get to go through by my self that experience alone made it my favorite house of all time :) )

2. Hades,Legendary Truth and Hallow'd Past all tied for 2nd i can't choose i love them all soo much :P

3. Psychoscarepy


Havoc, Orfanage these two were the worst in my opinion i just never got scared at all in these two houses


1. HHN: 20 Years of Fear

2. Esqueleto Muerte

3. Fear Revealed

4.Saws 'n Steam

5. The Coven

6. Zombie Gras

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Really Hard considering that I loved all the houses except the orfanage

1. Catacombs

2. Hades

3. Hallow'd past

4. Havoc



7.Legendary Truth



1.Esqueleto Muerto (I love this zone to death, and I hope it comes back in the future)

2.Saws n Steam

3.Fear Revealed

4.20 years of fear


6.The coven

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Ranking the houses and scarezones was really hard this year. I enjoyed them all.


1. Catacombs / Cats N Combs

2. Legendary Truth

3. Hallow'd Past

4. Zombiegeddon

5. Hades

6. Psychoscareapy

7. Havoc

8. Orfanage


1. 20 Years of Fear

2. Saws N Steam

3. Fear Revealed

4. Equeleto Muerte

5. Zombie Gras

6. The Coven

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1) Hades: Gates of Ruin

2) Psychoscareapy: Echoes of Shadybrook

3) Havoc: Dogs of War

4) Horror Nights: The Hallow'd Past

5) The Orfanage

6) Zombiegeddon

7) Legendary Truth: The Wyandot Estate

8) Catacombs: Black Death Rising


1) Fear Revealed

2) HHN: 20 Years of Fear

3) Zombie Gras

4) Saws N' Steam

5) Esqueleto Muerte

6) Chainsaw Drill Team

7) The Coven

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I really don't understand all the hate for Orfanage. This house to me was VERY well done. The atmosfear was off the charts disturbing(though i found it sadistically funny on my 2nd night there :biggrin: ), the sets were great, and the scares were definetely better than some houses i've been in(PS, LT, ZG, everything from last year). Could the children have been better at scaring, absolutley. No house has the perfect amount of scares through one run(although i felt that way during HHNXVII with NOES and Catacombs). Yes, some kids were just standing around doing nothing but hiding and staring at you, but some really put some energy into it, like both cindys on both casts, the pirate looking kid(damn kid got me every. single. time. plus the kids in the beds, and a room with bates on either side with 4 actors and a drop door at the end, i dont know what it's called). in my top 10 of all time defenitely.

now as for LT, defenitely could've been executed a lot better scare-wise. it relied WAYYYYY too much on timing. i went through this house only once, and i got scared only once, plus the masks were really stupid(i screamed when he scared me, then laughed at the mask :biggrin: ). The facade, technology and sets were all immaculate(especially the garden. incredible!), and that's the only thing that saves it from last place.

Zombiegeddon gets that unfortunate honor for me this year. i didn't get 1 single scare in the entire house, plus the sets really weren't that spectacular, but i give it a 9/10 because i found the story cool, i felt the energy in the house, and the zombies WERE scaring plenty of people, i saw and heard them, but they didn't get ME.

PS:EoS was a fantastic house, but really lacked on scares. the facade, sets and atmosfear was all there, but the scares were absent. someone mentioned before about them trying to make it funny instead of scary like it usually is, but that's not supposed to be this year. i imagined this house to be really cool and fun but not scary, and i was right. I still think it's a 10 house and a great way to end the series.

HN:H'dP was a very well done house. It had the nerdgasm rooms of props, awesome recreations of houses/SZ's, and the atmosfear was....alright. It felt kinda home-ish to me, like it was all familiar to me...and thats because it was. Could they have done this house different, absolutely. i thought they should have done this: the prop scene was fine in the beginnig, then the tunnel, but do the rooms in this order:

Chaos room(Jack/eddie)

Vengence Room(Usher)

Legend room(storyteller)

Death room(caretaker/cindy)

Sacrifice room(director)

5 house rooms(change alice, treaks and DE. i loved DE with a passion, but they should've left it alone)

FEAR room

then it would've been complete.

HAVOC was a very energetic house. nice atmosfear, some really good scares, and just plain fun.

Hades was a very creative house. the facade would have been the best of all time if it weren't for LT. the costumes, however, are the best. i don't think i've ever screamed more than in this house. fantastic scares from the second i walked in to the second i walked out. one of the best houses of all time. an EXTREMELY close second with my first place winner and HotY:

Catacombs!!!!!! This house scared the crap out of me. the "Peckers" were non-stop coming at me both trips through this house. i got like 50 scares!!! it was incredible!!!! the sets and facade were nothing to brag about, but they didn't need to be. it's and undergruond cemetery thats 500 years old!!!!! the room with the zombies/air pumps/sheets petrified me both trips through. i applaud Uni for making the greatest original house ever!!!(2nd best if you count the movie house NOES).

I don't really care for the SZ's but the only one i hated was ZG. it sucked. period.

House Rankings:

1. Catacombs

2. Hades

3. Orfanage

4. Hallow'd Past


6. PsychoScareapy

7. Legendary Truth

8. Zombiegeddon


1. 20 Years of fear/Fear Revealed(i consider this the same SZ. there right nest to each other and they flow right into each other. the past into the new age of darkness)

2. Escuelerto Muerte(awesome neon and costumes. i got a few scares out of this one actually)

3. Coven(nicely themed. i got a pretty good scare out of this one as well from the witch in the hut)

4. Saws N' Steam(i saw the energy, and people getting scared, but i didnt get scared, note it's low rating. but i did see one woman get the life scared out of her by 2 sawmen)

5. Zombie Gras(fail)

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