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I should have clarified, yes that's the employee map out of the newsletter.  Which is a 6 meg PDF that's too big to post.  But, being it's employee it makes no mention of any of the rides.  So I'm still holding out hope for Diagon and Gringotts.

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The facade is very Jack. We've always entered through his mouth into his houses, if memory serves. 

Glad to finally see Chance. It's nice to see her back to her original hair color, and I can't wait to see how her costume has been updated. 

Little tidbit about the media gift. 

I've read the guy taking the selfies is named Hal. Wonder if that's an Easter egg for us fans...

2011 HHN "superfan" that "snuck" into Bloodengutz and took pics. Fortuna (LL) finally got him and took him into her service as one of her minions  


for chance i hope they have  this actor for chance for james keaton jack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CoVJ2hxKTU

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Some more facts have just come out of that travel event:

  • The Scary Tales - Steampunk characters will be both Steampunked and messed up in various ways. (Cinderella and Prince Charming have glass slippers impaled in them, Belle was slashed and mauled by Beast)
  • The rooms in Asylum in Wonderland 3D will each warp between the two different worlds (The Asylum and Wonderland), playing off the "Is is real or is it not?" angle.
  • AWIL is exact replica with a few additional scares.
  • There was a video of the new AWIL puppets. Apparently, they are both way more fluid and way more realistic than before.
  • Each icon in Icons: HHN will have two killings in a 45 minute set.
  • There is a THIRD roaming horde. CDT, Psycho Clowns, and now the ClownSaw Drill Team (Name not official.). It's exactly as it sounds.
  • The Purge will be the Creative Team's own personal take and twists on the Purge franchise, due to lack of new Purge material this year. Basically, like AVP last year.
  • Large scaled illusions and sexy dancers confirmed for Carnage Returns
  • Blood will cover the streets and buildings in PS - Unleashed. It will be applied post RTU (Duh.).
  • Walking Dead house does ignore some major locations (If I were to guess, I'm guessing we don't see the Grady Hospital.), making it a condensed version of Season 5.
  • Depending on what characters are out in All Nite Die In, related movies will play on the screen. Also, Purgers, Strangers, and Chucky and Tiffany confirmed for the modern All Nite Die In cast.
  • Monsters and Mayhem will have 15 rooms, the most in HHN history. Jack will make appearances in different forms throughout the house.
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I couldn't figure out how to get the map sorry guys 

You'll get 'em next time, tiger.

Is it like the female prisoner CDT? I swear I heard that somewhere.

Me too. I can't remember from where for the life of me.  But it was a while back. So Insane Clown Posse will be a horde.

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I think part of the deal with HP stuff is it can not be mentioned AT ALL as to being open...not even on a map. 

Looking at the map, it looks like the Evil's Roots scarezone includes the central park area as well since the yellow goes through all the side paths as well as the main road. Even the description of the area mentions the paths. Hopefully it turns out to be turn! More areas to explore.

As far as the current queue areas, I really hope that there are more than just exit location errors. If AWIL seriously gets one of the biggest queue areas, I am going to be shocked! That needs to be Jack's queue with an AWESOME queue video playing on the massive stage. 

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