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  1. well we know this aielo dream ip and he seems to happy
  2. im sorry i have to say this to all bill and ted fan hhn fans it getting to point i think ending the show was right thing to do bill and ted does not make hhn great yeah it going to be miss because of the history bur it time time to move and accept change and it drive me sinck there a petrion out there to save bill and ted it time to move on and accept change
  3. this scarezone give the festival of the dead vibes but oroginal take on it
  4. my problem is the lack of commucation they need somebody who talk not only hardcore fans but also the genral audeince
  5. they dont care the marketing thing is one for thing only for the genral public but they got to understand hhn has it hardcare fans as well if you put something soemething like that clock it going to pissied people off
  6. we are month away from septemer and they only annoce three houses so far
  7. what a joke hhn has become screw the general public and marketing
  8. sound like the soul collectors getting zone or horde
  9. the general punli i understand why they it needs but at the same time the gernal pulic are also the people who ruins the event as well
  10. https://blog.universalorlando.com/whats-new/hhn27-ash-vs-evil-dead/ it a mix of both it seems
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