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  1. With that argument, wouldn't any of the "original" mazes all be considered rip-offs or things that have been seen before? Most of the originals everyone talks about revolve around cliche themes - clowns, butchers, zombies, vampires, etc. Or these types of characters thrown in a random setting to make it different.
  2. Quick question about the Unmasking the Horror Tour, I know last year they said no photography but ended up changing it to select mazes. I know the same warning is on the website now, so do you guys have a guess as to how it'll be this year? Are the original mazes the only ones we can take pictures in?
  3. Nah, I still need to buy a HNN shirt! It was just my girlfriend and I, was wearing the Exorcist shirt that day I think.
  4. Yeah it's surprising they're willing to sacrifice all that potential profit. I believe they have been dry since 06' when the event was brought back.
  5. Agreed I haven't really dealt with anyone too obnoxious. If anything, our event in Hollywood has WAY more drunks and our event is dry. Lol Everyone just pregames it at Citywalk. The crowd in Orlando is tame in comparison.
  6. I was there during that show! I felt bad for the performers because everyone started paying attention to him instead and it was during the finale.
  7. Pretty generic zone. Half the scare actors are on point, the other half just stand around doing nothing. That's pretty much all the zones this year.
  8. It's not that the shows plot is the same that makes it bad, it's that the jokes are terrible this year. Not one good joke.
  9. No I didn't even think about that to be honest. Can anyone confirm if that is possible? Seems unlikely but if that's true now I'm even more bummed out. Lol
  10. Confirmed with guest relations tonight in person that pictures of the facades and Ghost Town are allowed (GT is the only original included in one of the tours). No pictures for IPs confirmed. Just got a refund for my 2PM tour tomorrow. This sucks.
  11. Agreed. They should just swap the two shows next year and it'd be perfect. Academy of Villains is so freaking good, especially compared to the stinker B&T is this year.
  12. Fuck this. I have my tour scheduled tomorrow and I just see this. Thank god for the forums but I think I'll be cancelling if this is true. What a bunch of bull shit.
  13. 3rd year coming to Orlando's event and I think Hollywood actually had a stronger year. I never thought that would happen to be honest. Lol But this year still was really great!
  14. Yeah I saw the bear and Jack in the box in the attic scene but they didn't pop out while we were in the room. They were just standing there. Damn that sucks. Not sure why they decided to not have Krampus pop out at all. So weird. Lol
  15. Quickie review! Lunatics Playground - Worst maze of the event. Definitely could tell they wanted to save money by reusing Alice 3D props. TCM - The leatherface scare actors were HUGE. I thought I was legitimately going to die when he came charging at me during the metal door scene. Halloween - More faithful to the second movie compared to Hollywood's event, but it was less intense and creative. Lots of repeating hallways/rooms. Michael scare actors were also very small. Hollywood is miles ahead on this one. Exorcist - Orlando's version is SO MUCH better. Scared me a lot, and the transition rooms and effects looked much better than ours. AHS - One really damn good scare with the freak under the wooden wagon before the Freakshow facade. Overall solid maze but Hollywoods was much better. Tomb of the Ancients - WOW! Could've been really cheesy but ended up being in my top 3. Felt more claustrophobic than it was because of the crap hanging everywhere and the scared were firing on all cylinders everywhere. Ghost Town - Air blast gun scare made me poop myself. Great sets, fun maze overall. Not super scary though. Krampus - Assuming we went through during a cast change, but majority of the scared were from elves. Hollywood's facade, puppets, scares and set design was much better. Still will give this another shot tomorrow. The Walking Dead - Enjoyed this years version a lot , especially compared to last year which I hated. Loved the sewers segment and thought all the scare actors were on point.
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