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  1. What really sucks is it's hard to tell if YES the event is this crowded now or if it was merely just due to being a celebration year and it'll die down next year. Went to the last bill and ted myself and barely made it despite being 30mins early. I was in the outside standby line of "you are not guaranteed entry if you're in this line" spiel. However everyone in the show it seemed has seen it 5000 times as they knew all the lines.
  2. I wanted a few scarezone themed merch this year to which there was none. Was there ever any? Don't know but I do know I wanted some.
  3. Another year of Bill and TedJack of course - Jack everywhereAlice - A lot of people hate that it's not scary but to me that's what's so appealing about this houseI don't know if I have A&D to thank for this but. Carnival themed food stalls
  4. At the end of Saturday night. Probably last set I went through 25 Years for the first time (yes kill me, I'm sorry) But I love Jack, Jack has a special meaning in my heart. So don't ask why I never went through his house until the last minute. Anyhow Mirror jack. Mirror jack is my love right now and completely made night. He reached out his hand (I guess for the effect or he just wanted to make me feel special I don't know) and let me touch his hand. I really appreciated it. Jack opened the doors to HHN for me and since that was the last house I went in for the run it meant a lot to me that he did that. It was almost like my own personal goodbye from HHN from the boss himself.
  5. The jack shirts and lanyards sold like hotcakes. I was minding my own on I-drive grabbing a bite to eat with my brother and his friends at a Denny's. We were in town at the same time but for different reasons. We saw several of different groups and everyone was wearing the "Jacks got your back" shirt. He leaned over to me asking why so many different people were all wearing the same shirt and I had to explain to him about Jack and HHN. Even walking through the park I saw tons of Jack shirts and lanyards and I don't even think I saw any walking dead shirts.
  6. I'm really happy this scarezone won. Granted I saw it coming. Dark, low visibility, claustrophobic, has the true halloween feel to it. The zone is also small in cast numbers so they don't have to worry about losing so much of their cast as a larger zone does. Good job guys.
  7. That missing song might be the same song that I'm trying to find. I hear it a lot but I haven't been able to find it. I've gone through all the songs people have tagged and nothing sounds like the song I've heard and want to know what it is.
  8. Honestly the location is terrible and isn't really something that the actors alone can fix (to me). I get using the front area of the park because you really can't miss it and they seemingly want to occupy the whole park; but I hate it. When I want to go home at the end of the night I want to GO. I get cranky when tired. I loved both concepts of screampunk and the masquerade last year. LOVED the concept. But I never spend any time in the zones due to location. Every time I've always power walked through them. There's no interesting scenery/backdrop to play off of with props, no food/restaurant to kind of sit at and watch. I don't even think they have benches in the area. It's basically a speed bump on my way out and in but it's not an experience. If anything a hoard would do nicely there.. Like walking into the Purge last year was an experience. Walking into Psychoscareapy is an experience. Even Evils Roots while has quick traffic flow you are so closed in and immersed it's so surreal. Each zone feels like you just walked into something. This year when I went through this zone I hardly noticed. Last year it was more noticeable because of the high props, stilts and everyone made sure to shove a candle in my face. The zone at the front of the park has nothing going for it to me. Ever. I'm always saddened they put my most anticipated concepts there.
  9. Between being both a Saturday and Halloween. Logical thinking would conclude no for an extra FFP day. They've already extended the hours this week. Earlier a majority were 1AM closes and now all but sunday are 2AM and even Sunday could change; who knows. Hollywood went as far as adding a few extra dates in. As Clash said; Sunday is still open.
  10. See one of the things I actually do not understand is why is acting out on reflex actually ok? The entire event is people in your face, in your face, jumping out, screaming, loud noises. That is what you paid to experience. If your reaction is anything more than a jump scream and restrained moderate chicken arm flail then you really shouldn't be at the event. If you react punch one person; who's to say you don't serial react punch 15? Do they keep tabs all across the park on who punches and how many? I doubt they have that good of a communication system. To know if that one guy who punched someone at Run, also punched someone at Insidious and again in say Icons. Who knows. It's the nature of the event. It's literally what you paid to experience, I'm just going to go out on a whim and assume if you're able throw a punch that is strong enough to do any harm to the recipient then you've lived in your body plenty long enough to know and understand how you react in these situations by this point in your life, you shouldn't be just now figuring out that oh you throw punches when "scared" at the age of 30 while attending a completely fake halloween event that isn't actually real... I saw a guy once shoulder bumped into another guys girlfriend in a crowded zone and kept walking purely accidental no big deal. The girls guy turned around and got all huffy and started walking after the guy until the girl pulled him back to keep walking in the other direction. I just couldn't help but imagine what the rest of the night was like for him.
  11. Didn't make the video nor have anything to do with it; Just a good video I found that really sets the mood for the last week of Halloween.
  12. Bloody Mary is an urban legend. How can anyone claim that? Thats. Eh that's stupid. Can't they just create their own version of Bloody Mary with a new wardrobe and makeup style and still be safe?
  13. I don't think it'll be fixed. Mostly due to money loss and shockingly peoples attitudes towards the problem is the problem. There's a lot of "if you don't like it don't do it; being sexually harassed, consistently harassed, hit, punched, kicked, so forth is part of the job" Honestly these people who have that approach are a huge chunk of the problem in my eyes. Yes there's risk to the job as any haunt. But it's kind of silly to compare UniOrl to any old haunt. How many people do they let into the gate? I don't know but whatever the number is it seems too much sometimes. Just reading actors just say "if you can't take it don't do it" bothers me on the sidelines. The environment should be as safe as possible to keep up with the times of more and more people having less manners and respect towards others. Changing something to make it even slightly more safer should be a good thing. Refusing to accept that things are looking grime and saying "it's always like this, deal with it" Does nothing for anyone. It reduces morale and honestly hypothetically if I was a scare actor and I had been harassed or something and told a fellow actor and all they had to say was "Don't like it? Leave." I would probably quit because of the actors attitude about the issue rather than the issue itself. I wouldn't want to work with someone with such an outlook about a problem I had just experienced. Any type of harassment violent, sexual or not is all bad. As such the mentality to just deal with it or leave should go out the door. Be more sympathetic towards your fellow actors if you are an actor reading this with that very mindset. Help them, console them if they are having a hard time and no one can do anything about it. GIVE THEM A REASON TO STAY. Offer to scare with them or whatever you think will help them out. Don't be a jerk about it because you've been an actor longer or whatever. 1 year or 5 years it's really irrelevant in the end. People want to do the best they can and be as safe as they can. If they are new, be the bigger person and step up to help. If they aren't new but are experiencing problems they haven't faced before just remind them what they have been doing all these years and to not give up. My very personal thoughts about that. (I'm experienced in customer service but I also am very stickler on workplace morale and how we treat our fellow co-workers. Respecting and helping co-workers is a big thing with me.) As for what Universal can do. Not much. They get too much money on alcohol sales. The only reasonable thing to do is to train the actors more and possibly put more warning signs up about the rules in more prominent locations to where you'll have to be oblivious or blind to miss at that point.. I don't know what kind of training they get and if it includes how to spot a drunk, angry, or up to no good facial expression. I'm around a lot of people at work dealing with customer service, people have distinct facial expressions and body language you can train to pick up on to kind of gauge if there'll be a problem with them or not. 18+ is a no go as well. I've seen less than a year old babies at the event which is mind boggling because of the noise levels and the smokers but that's not my parenting call. 18+ would just open doors for people who normally keep their composure due to there still being kids around to kind of let loose more because there is no kids. I fear for an "oh this is an adult only even I'm an adult and can do what I want" mindset. Plus even though there are scared kids at the event I'm sure; there's also still might be kids/teens who actually like horror and halloween or who are on vacation and their parents aren't going to leave them alone in a hotel room for the night (I sure wouldn't). No point to ruin it for them and their families. There isn't an immediate fix though. But gee it's the last week! I was really looking forward to having some fun on Sunday night so hopefully things will still be rolling as normal.
  14. I don't even know if more security helps; no one really respects them. I can say that I don't think posting the rules in more visible places hurts. They basically use fine print in the maps and barely have any other signage out. Just a small standard paper size of all the rules at each bar location/cart, in stores, before houses and scarezones, bigger fonts maybe a whole dedicated flap in the map on the same page as the actual map and not on a page no one looks at and so forth. Honestly I don't think many even see the rules so making them more noticeable to where you have to be truly oblivious or blind to miss them could hurts less having them more prominent than changing the event to no alcohol or 18+.
  15. So why doesn't anyone like the audience participation? Any particular reason?
  16. If you eat outside in the middle of a scarezone.. That's on you... If you want to eat in peace, eat inside or move outside of the scarezone.
  17. That is true. It reminds me of when a customer tries to do something and are told no and then they go tell the world how horrible they were treated when all they were told is no. Nobody likes people like that who try to make a scene. Honestly I don't think there's any specific thing or person to blame. There's too many factors to pinpoint from reading a bunch of stuff online. Hopefully the event can pull it around and figure out a solution either with more training next year or eliminating roles that might get targeted easily. Honestly there's only one week to go. As long as this stays out of the major news outlets and just stays in all the niche theme park fan blogs then it should be ok overall in terms of the event reputation. The minute a news source brings it up then that'll be a real problem I bet.
  18. If you manage to read some of the fan groups it's starting to divide the scareactors who openly post in them which is sad. The veterans are like "this always happens this is nothing new. I've been doing this for ___ years and some of you are complaining about nothing" New or old each actor should still respect each others concerns especially if it's about harassment and safety. So what if things have been happening since year 1. Changing something to make an event safer to work at wouldn't be a bad thing in my eyes. Disregarding a newer actors concerns (in public mind you) is just... Not the way to support fellow co-workers and probably reduces their morale and will make them more likely to quit if they don't feel safe and be made fun of or disregarded amongst co-workers for expressing their feelings with getting "people have it worse than you". Any violence or harassment towards any actor is bad. No matter how big or small, it's still bad. Reading all of that just makes me sooo happy with my own work place and co-workers. If anyone at my job belittled a newer persons concerns or even a veterans concerns over safety and harassment they would probably have a chat with the manager. Here is a post from a fan page. I'm really not sure if telling people to "accept it" is the right thing to say about the situation. A few people who have done it for years and say this was the worst year to date so who knows.
  19. Between the copyright and trademark infringement. Me thinks not.
  20. If you say "one more time" That clearly implies you have done it more than once. I do no nothing about you but reserved seats are reserved and if it wasn't reserved for you I don't really see the problem with asking you to move? So yes; they'll probably continue to keep doing so if you continue to sit there without the proper qualifications...... I don't know how they decide who sits in the reserved area and who doesn't but next time just take up the problem with the situation of having to move and why with the theater staff right then and there instead of letting it go.
  21. Do you know what ADA is? If it was reserved then it was reserved. Mostly for people with disabilities and not all disabilities are visible to the naked eye. How about just sit somewhere that isn't reserved or have yourself one of their disability passes or a wheelchair and they'll let you sit in an ADA section that isn't reserved yet or try to make similar accommodations elsewhere so you may enjoy the show. It seems like you make a habit of this with "one more time"..... And Clash speaks the truth. If anything I thought Amy Winehouse was "too soon" But then again it's been 4 years which is longer than I thought. It really seems like just last year. Either way at the end of the day I enjoyed the show and went on my way.
  22. People have always expressed their feelings towards making it adult only. My fear with this is adults will become even more drunk or cause more problems because it's an "adult only" event so those who do keep themselves in check for the most part because they do see that there are kids around might let go a little bit more if that were the case. Honestly the only thing that could help is making harassment a more serious offense or making the rules more prominent instead of using the fine print. They could use an entire flap of a map to point out 1. Don't try to scare actors 2. Don't touch Actors 3. No masks/costumes 3. Shirts/Shoes all times or whatever the full rules are and have a sign before every zone and every house. Heck maybe print smaller US paper sized ones and put them at bars. I don't think anyone gets involved other than a "hey don't do that" unless punches are thrown (which probably doesn't do anything. If you're intentionally being a jerk; you're going to continue to be a jerk regardless of if someone told you not to be. You're just going to wander to a different area and rinse;repeat). Also we can say it's the drunks; kids; teens; residents; out of towners. The reality really is; manners seem to have gone out the window no matter your age or where you're from in this point of time. Kids and adults alike have no respect, manners for others other than themselves. I was taking a picture with someone and once had another group completely butt into my picture phones in mine and the actors face begging for their own instead of patiently waiting their turn for the actor to be free. No Florida Discounts are likely not going to happen because Florida residents pay for a lot of Theme Park improvement projects (Downtown Disneys Parking Garages for example) out of taxpayer money. UCF night though is questionable.
  23. Word on the street was Eddie was spotted in Icons. Anyone seen him out and about yet?
  24. I don't think the company is preventing it; more-so just a matter of someone standing in a room all day wants them too. If you stood there all night and saw a coin you mean to tell me you wouldn't take it for yourself?
  25. If I was a house op and I found a coin I'd take it too with the #sorrynotsorry mindset (I'm a jerk.lol). A lot of people who sign up work the event despite the long hours and the drunks are also fans if you get the chance to chatter with them. I imagine they have to deal with a lot of BS guests who try to harm their sets/actors and so forth while standing in the same spot(s) all night.
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