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  1. 1. Favorite HHN 2011 House

    • Saws n' Steam: Into the Machine
    • Nevermore: The Madness of Poe
    • The Forsaken
    • The In Between
    • H.R. BloodnGutz presents Holidays of Horror
    • Nightingales: Blood Prey
    • Winter's Night: The Haunting of Hawthorn Cemetery
    • The Thing

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this is really hard this year. i loved every house. i will only be attending once more on the 27th so my rankings may change.

1.Saws N Steam: this house was suprisingly awesome. i had zero anticipation when the rumor came out. it sounded like a copout for an original idea and i wasnt a big fan of the SZ. but oh my god this house blew me away. the effects/scares/sets/everything was perfect. cant wait to do it again.

2.Nightingales/Nevermore/Winters Night: i cant pick one out of these 3. they were all so amazing.

3.BloodenGutz: i didnt think this house would be as good as it is. its the perfect balance of funny and scary. i got plenty scares, the sets were the best ive seen in disaster, and it was just a fun house.

4.In Between/Thing/Forsaken: in between is only this low because i missed every actor. i wasnt completely feeling the thing. it seemed as if the house was lacking in many places. cool house none the less. forsaken was stunning to look at, and the SA's were doing good, but i feel like it needed to improve a little and from what im hearing it did. along with thing, for that matter.

also i find it pretty funny noone voted for the thing yet :P

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This is so hard for this year, there wasn't a single house that I didn't like for one reason or another. But after four nights so far...

1. Winter's Night

2. H.R. Bloodengutz

3. Forsaken

4. Nevermore

5. The Thing

6. Saws & Steam

7. Nightingales

8. In Between

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Final List

1. The In Between

2. The Thing

3. Nevermore: The Madness of Poe

4. Saws n' Steam: Into the Machine

5. The Forsaken

6. H.R. BloodnGutz presents Holidays of Horror

7. Nightingales: Blood Prey

8. Winter's Night: The Haunting of Absolutely Nothing

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8. The Thing (not as good as The Thing: Assimilation - the creatures and effects have improved, but we're watching the movie rather than being caught in it)

This is the analysis of this house that I've been looking for. I've been trying to express why it doesn't hit home like the 2007 version, and this is why. Not a bad house, by any means, of course. I still like it quite a bit, but Assimilation was like stepping into a living environment.

I'm still going once more -- hopefully on halloween night -- but after 3 nights, here are my rankings.

1. The In Between (Unbelievable 3D, Great actor energy, and its hard as hell to see some of the demons before they get you; mild flaw: middle portions are more wicked cool than scary).

2. Saws n Steam (Nerve-racking, truly cool looking sets, and I <3 the waterfall scare. When the tunnels get really filled w/ steam, watch out; again, hit or miss scares)

3. Nightingales (Scariest atmosphere, great costume design, and some damn cool scares; flaw: scares are hit or miss, depending on the cast)

4. Nevermore (Beautiful sets. Creepy as hell. A lot of variety in the scenes and characters; I never seem to get scared in here, but I do love walking through).

5. The Forsaken (Wonderfully original, good effects, great finale. However, aside from the finale, the designers did the actors no favors in giving them good hiding places -- e.g. the courtyard scene).

6. The Thing (Voorhees analysis fits. I like the sets, and some of the costumes are cool, but it just doesn't have the atmosphere that the original did. Solid effort.)

7. Winter's Night (Gorgeous to look at, but the atmosphere isn't nearly as scary as some of the others.)

8. H.R. Bloodengutz (Just not my thing. I thought it was funny the first time, but that kind of wore off. Few scares and I'm not enamored with the sets.)

I'm not floored by any house this year. Nothing is as good as Hades or Catacombs last year, in my opinion, because nothing's really seemed to deliver the scares for me this year. However, its a very solid house list. I like all the houses, and that's a rarity for me. Usually after I get down to number 3 or 4 in my rankings I have more criticisms than compliments, but not so this year.

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This is tough, as there truthfully isn't a house that I don't like. I enjoyed them almost equally, so except for my top pick this is a bit arbitrary.

1. Nightengales

2. The In-Between

3. The Thing

4. H.R. Bloodengutz

5. Nevermore

6. Winter's NIght

7. The Forsaken

8. Saws and Steam

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I'll start off by saying there are no bad houses this year. Every house is absolutely incredible in one way or another. While I do have my least favorite house, I can say this was one of the best years for houses, no questions about that.

1. H.R. Bloodengutz

2. Nightingales

3. Nevermore

4. The Thing

5. Winters Night

6. Saws n Steam

7. The In-Between

8. The Forsaken

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I can't think of one house this year that was just "meh".

That's saying a lot, considering that past years have had at least 1 or 2 meh houses. There wasn't one house this year that I even considered skipping each time I went so hats off to Uni for delivering some truly awesome houses, chocked full of experiences that I looked forward to each and every time I made my way through them :D

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my final rankings:

1.In-Between:the first time i did this house, i missed every actor. this time i got about half, but saw the rest of them. this house with the SA's is incredible. i don't think ive ever seen any effects as awesome as these. the actors were on the ball and were getting scares every 3 seconds, especially the first drop door(scared the shit out of me) and the winged demons. excellent job, and defenitely a memorable one. Defenitely my favorite.

2.Winter's Night:I've been through this house 6 times, and every one of those times, i got at least 2 scares. this consistency, plus the atmosphere, sets and everything else, is what makes this excellent. it only loses to in between because that house is trippy and cool and just awe-inspiring.

3.Nightingales:beautiful sets, LOUD, and powerful scares. this isnt 2nd or 1st because of many of the male actors. they showed no enthusiasm and just sat there, especially the black rip scene male. there were some that were doing great, especially in the last few scenes, i got scared by them. also got scared every ru though in this hosue, and i did it 4 times.

4.Nevermore: very beautiful house, defenitely the most detailed for any house in that tent. the SA's were on it, and i got plenty of scares from here. hurts to place it this low on the list.

5.H.R.Bloodengutz:This house is fun to walk through. most of the SA's know what their doing, especially lincoln(got me good, and i knew he was there!). funny atmosphere, very dark, humorous, and a good time.

6.Saws N Steam:the effects in this house are insane. the SA's were consitently being aggressive and getting scares, but i didnt recieve any this time. great house, defenitely the best use of the JAWS queue.

7.Forsaken:both times i did this house i got cast A and both times they didnt seem to be trying that hard. the conquistador in the first scene was doing good, some in the courtyard, and the finale, but thats it. i noticed that about 3 scenes were just walls and posters. such a waste of space. i think it's because of the really open scenes like the courtyard, so they didnt have much space. they still could've put in some SA's. the cast makes this house stay this low on my list. the sets are breathtaking.

8.THING: i think the SA's weren't very good in this house. it seemed to be more of a show house than anything, but the puppets were still awesome and the sets were kickass. 1000000000x better than 07 THING though.

i think that everything this year was incredible and nothing was actually bad. best lineup of houses, best SZ's, just a lot of fun.

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Every House scared me this year!! But some were scarier than others.This was so hard!!


2. The In-Between (Crazy!! Insane scary demons)

3. Saws N Steam ( Gross with Chainsaws!)

4. Nightingales (detailed very good with good scares!)

5. Nevermore (Way better than howloscreams)


7. Winters Night (The bone guy gets me all the time!)

8. H.R. Bloodengutz (FUN! And hilarious!)

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Okay, this is gonna be hard because there really isn't any house I dislike. It's just a matter of liking some more than others. Here we go:

1) Saws & Steam, for all the times I've been terrorized out of my mind in it.

2) The Forsaken, another terrorizing gem

3) Nevermore, perfect blend of scares and set design

4) The In Between, for its acid trip quality and aggressiveness

5) Holidays of Horror, love H. R.

6) Winter's Night, hit or miss but great scares when it's "on"

7) The Thing, great house but so dependent on timing

8) Nightingales, mainly last because I always seem to have bad timing in this one

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1. The In-Between

2. Winter's Night: The Haunting of Hawthorn Cemetery

3. Nightingales: Blood Prey

4. Nevermore: The Madness of Poe

5. Saws N' Steam: Into The Machine

6. The Forsaken

7. The Thing

8. H.R. Bloodengutz presents Holidays of Horror

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I understand that The Forsaken and The In-Between tied for House of the Year! The Forsaken really developed into a phenomenal house, especially during the last run through of the house around 11:20 pm on Halloween night - the scareactors were CRAZY! The In-Between was a great house from the start - there was not much room for improvement, but the effects and great timing on the scare actors' parts made this a very memorable house. All of the houses were great this year and I can't wait to see what Universal A&D has in store for us next year! How about a 7 house? :)

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The Forsaken really developed into a phenomenal house, especially during the last run through of the house around 11:20 am on Halloween night - the scareactors were CRAZY!

What he said :D

How about a 7 house? :)

Agreed - but we also still have to have H.R. for icon 2012!!

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