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  1. 1. Favorite HHN 2011 House

    • Saws n' Steam: Into the Machine
    • Nevermore: The Madness of Poe
    • The Forsaken
    • The In Between
    • H.R. BloodnGutz presents Holidays of Horror
    • Nightingales: Blood Prey
    • Winter's Night: The Haunting of Hawthorn Cemetery
    • The Thing

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Nightingales has my vote for the moment. It's the one house i left saying "Wow. ...wow." But it still has plenty of room for improvement, as do all the houses.

Right now it's a four-house race for me between:


The Thing

The In Between


Any of these houses could end up the year's best, depending on the actors. They certainly all have AWESOME sets.

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Nightingales also gets my vote, it was between that one and nevermore for me, but Nightingales wins, amazing sets, amazing costumes, this is an amazing use of space too, I mean, I don't know but for some reason it feels like they used the space in the house the best way possible, feels very claustrophobic, the trenches make an amazing effect, i mean, this house works in so many levels, the sets were done so well. the boo holes were placed in the right places, the masks, everything about this house is amazing

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My Rank as of 9/30/11

1. The In Between

2. The Thing

3. Nevermore: The Madness of Poe

4. The Forsaken

5. Saws n' Steam: Into the Machine

6. Nightingales: Blood Prey

7. H.R. BloodnGutz presents: Holidays of Horror

8. Winter's Night: The Haunting of Hawthorn Cemetery

There all solid houses, nothing is a throw away. Although if Winter's Night scares don't pick up that house will go down as museum.

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This is hard to do - all of the houses are amazing this year. After five nights and more than seven run-throughs in each house, I'll go with the following, for now.

1. Nightingales: Blood Prey (consistently the best house - great scares and great energy)

2. HR Bloodengutz: Holidays of Horror (the scareactors fill their roles the best in this house - perfect casting)

3. Saws 'N Steam: Into the Machine (high-energy and aggressive - the loud noises makes this house stand out)

4. The In-Between (the most amazing effects in any house in any year - it was hard for me to not rank this higher)

5. The Forsaken (beautiful sets and great use of space - predictable scares, but the scareactors are making this house work)

6. Winter's Night: The Haunting of Hawthorn Cemetery (love the cold and the ambiance - this house is improving greatly)

7. Nevermore: The Madness of Poe (not a Poe fan, but the stories come through well in the house)

8. The Thing (not as good as The Thing: Assimilation - the creatures and effects have improved, but we're watching the movie rather than being caught in it)

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I won't list the houses in order, I feel like it'd be silly for me to do so since I missed most of Winter's Night due to a panicking niece and HR Bloodengutz due to the OPs. If I can't include 2 our of 8 in the list, why bother?

But Nevermore gets my vote for best house, partially because I'm a literary snob, and partially because it was the perfect blend of scares and eye-candy.

The In-Between and the Forsaken were close. I feel like we caught a slow night for Thing and Nightingales since not much seemed to be happening. Can't blame that on the houses though, we only went through each house once, and it's unfair to rank a house based on one run through.

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I'm just going to list my order after tonight, because I will be writing my own review in each of the house an scarezone threads, but:

My vote was for The Foresaken

My list:

1- The Foresaken

1 and 1/2 (so close) - Nightingales

3- The In-Between

4- the Thing

5- Saws n Steam

6- Winter's Night

7- Nevermore

8- HR Bloodngutz

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This was very hard but I have to say H.R. I love this house and it was better every time.

My rankings are highly volatile... I really feel they were all so good I have a hard time ranking them... right now.. this is the list.. and I'm not even sure of that.

1.) H.R. Blood N' Gutz

2.) Saws N' Steam

3.) The In Between

4.) Blood Prey

5.) Winter's Night

6.) Forsaken

7.) The Thing

7.) Nevermore

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After my weekend my ranking is as follows:

1) Winter's Night: loved the atmosphere, the sets, and the scareactors constantly had me screaming

2) Nightingales: very close race with Winter's Night. Great sets and actors. Only downside was I continually kept missing the guy getting ripped in half. Winter's Night won out cause I love cold, and it was the perfect temperature for me

3) Saws N Steam: more for the concept than the house. I love dystopian future stories, and the Logan's Run/Soylent Green aspects of this house I loved. Scares were hit or miss

4) The Forsaken: absolutely beautiful set. The courtyard scene was amazing!! Scares were good the first few times I went through. The detriment is the glowing eyes that give them away.

5) In Between: awesome effects. On Saturday, due to the rain, I couldn't keep my glasses on, and I actually got more scares with them off than I did with them on, lol

6) Nevermore: great ambiance, scares were there most of the time, I just wanted more from this house

7) HR Bloodngutz: it was a good house. The queue video was better than the house tho. No scares, but I loved the concept and the actors did the best they could.

8) The Thing: I hate to put this last because it was a really good house. I got most of the scares the first time through, and hit or miss every other time. The animatronics were surprisingly effective...most of the time.

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