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Halloween Horror Nights 28 Discussion

Mark M.

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On 11/1/2018 at 6:55 PM, zombieman said:

10/30 turned out to have decent staffing (I estimate 70%).  That estimate is based solely on what I did NOT see during my walkthrus.  It looked obvious to me that Cast A and Cast B were missing key performers, but between them they had all bases covered.  One cast seemed to be missing the flying witch and a Tangina.  I never once saw either of the stilt monsters in Poltergeist.   Lots of Michaels missing in either cast.  


I did not see the bungee witch at the end of ST on any of 10/27, 10/28, 10/30.

Keep in mind that all of these scares (as well as things such as the clown and Ernest Lee in Carnival and the big House Swarming puppet in Sinema) are harness roles: back harnesses and, in the case of some of the white demons in Poltergeist, full-body harnesses, have to be unhooked and rehooked during cast changes, and this can take a lot of time that keeps the actor offstage until they are actually ready to do their scare.

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So last night was pretty good for crowds.


Finally did Stranger Things - after having just rewatched the show this week they did an amazing job recreating the sets and characters. In my opinion it's the best straight adaptation of a property they've done. Felt a bit more like a ride than a normal HHN house but honestly I think it was a wonderful addition to the event. BTW everyone in Orlando should watch a walk-through video of Hollywood's ST Maze. Our costumes, sets and scenes destroy theirs. I was especially impressed by the demagorgons and the children who all looked spot on.


The last house we did was Poltergeist. 90 minute posted wait: On the assumption this was a ruse to deter people (and it was, the wait time was actually 30 minutes) we walked in at 12:45. Remember when I said ST was the best straight adaptation? Well this was THE BEST adaption of a property to a Haunted House I think they've ever done for HHN. The fact that they took the property and spun it into their own nightmare was next level design by A&D. Many of my friends thought it was the scariest house they've ever done. I think it finally beat out the original Halloween in terms of IP to house translation. 10/10 with fantastic sets, incredible design and phenomenal scares.


Trick r Treat went from being my least favorite house to my 3rd favorite once they got everything down in it as the event went on. SoX really grew on me over the event. Halloween 4 was my favorite house when I did my first run. My second time through the cast was basically asleep and it moved to the bottom of my ranking.


Overall this was my favorite year since I started going regularly from 23. I think if the scarezones had been a little better this year would have been untoppable in quality (and it still was).


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