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  1. 100% agree. The HMH maze looked incredibly lame. The acting was bad, the scares were WAY too obvious. HHN would blow that out of the water. Hope it happens, but like the rest of us, need to wait and see.
  2. Don't know why, but holding out hope for IT this year. Not trying to get my hopes up too high, but we'll see.
  3. Happy Birthday. We're exactly 10 years apart. 32 today
  4. Oh yes, don't get me wrong. I know some previous installments were much worse than the remake and they did the right thing and killed off Tina in 5, but Judy Greer it seems will be in the next one at least. She's still awful... Well I certainly hope that was the case, because if not, it was pretty bad
  5. Off topic, but I re-watched the Blumhouse Halloween again this past weekend and the more I see it, the more I don't like it. I am a HUGE Halloween fan and for some reason I just cannot get into this one. I think it's definitely overrated and I would rather watch Halloween II or Halloween 4 than the new one. 1.) The entire premise of the "new Loomis" was incredibly dumb. I get that he's supposed to be obsessed and wants to see what it feels like, blah blah blah. But when he put on the mask and was somehow able to lift an unconscious Michael into the back of a police car on his own.. no, no thank you. 2.) The randomness and the quantity of the kills were just too much. The first one was so good because of the way they kept you on the edge of your seat waiting for the inevitable to happen. In this one, it's just thrown in your face almost immediately. Doesn't matter if we're invested in the character (not many) or if it's a random neighbor, he's just going around getting everyone. And the gore level is approaching Zombie status too. The doctor getting his head smashed by a boot or the woman getting her head beat in with a hammer. The other movies didn't need to resort to that much gore to make them exciting. 3.) Judy Greer is the worst actress ever. She was terrible in Jurassic World (watch when she tries to "cry" on the phone with her sister) and she is terrible in this movie too. She is not believable at all, she shows no real emotion. She's the worst. 4.) Character Investment. At least the other movies tried to get you invested in the characters. Even if they were annoying and just there to be killed off, they at least tried to get you to care for them a little. Not so in this movie. The friends of the daughter are in what.. 2-3 scenes tops before they get killed off? And NONE of them are likable except for the little kid. And even his humor takes away from the scare factor as well. I'm ranting obviously. About 6 months too late I know. Maybe I'm off, but the movie felt rushed and wasn't what I expected overall. Rant over....
  6. Interesting. Not sure how they would make that work seeing as how half of the movie takes place on a boat in the middle of the ocean with the same three characters. What else could they incorporate into the maze to actually make it scary? Only so many scares you can do with a mechanical shark.
  7. UPDATE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE Just finished up episodes 6-10. Great show. As I previously stated, I do not scare very easily. It takes a lot to keep me legitimately scared and this show did the trick. Creepy, scary, freaky etc. I can definitely see this being a great maze at HHN. The house itself, plus the funeral home, plenty of ghosts and zombies to put into scenes. I think it will come out really well done. We'll see!
  8. Watched the first five episodes of Haunting of Hill House this weekend. Takes a lot to freak me out with a movie or show, but this show does the trick. In terms of a maze based on the show, I'm not sure how it will translate. I'm sure the sets will be top notch, but you don't really see too much in terms of physical ghosts or monsters to fill an entire house. Maybe I just need to see the rest of the series first, but so far you have Abigail, the zombie in the basement, the bent neck lady and the floating dude with the cane. Is that enough to create an entire maze off of?
  9. Ah okay. That's what I figured. It's depressing watching the video of the IT maze they did last year. Maybe it was a bad video, but the acting was super cheesy and the scares were lame. I know they just started doing the event, but it sucks that HHN might not get the chance to put their spin on it. I think HHN would do an amazing job with it (pun intended)
  10. This question may have already been answered so I apologize if it was. But, does Warner Bros. or another company own the rights to the TV movie of IT as well? I know the movie coming to HHN is a very big long shot, but would it be plausible for the 1990 version to happen?
  11. Hahaha this is spot on. I thought the Purge section was even worse. There was nothing remotely scary about the Purge portion. At least HDD stayed true to the movie, but ironically that's it's downfall! What else could they do with a movie that continuously repeats the same scene over and over. Like someone said above, if they could've found a way to put the killer in a different spot it may have helped, but it was the same thing every time. And yes the "Nice one Dickhead" track was quite humorous. Yep. It was all the same throughout... but then we got to the Purge portion and is got even worse!
  12. Am I the only one who didn't like Happy Death Day and has no interest in seeing a sequel and another Maze based on it this year? It seems like a lot of people enjoyed it, but it's just not my cup of tea I guess.
  13. Hahaha there's no chance she would ever go for that.
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