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  1. HHN Hollywood Twitter said we might wanna check in on Monsterpalooza on April 14th... 2nd house announcement for another shared-IP?
  2. I just got back from Us... PLEASE LET THIS BE A HOUSE!!!
  3. 1. An SCP house would be amazing. That house writes itself. 2. On the final night of HHN 28, while discussing about houses for HHN 29, a Nightingales sequel came up. Then an older man came over who's been a scareactor since 2000, and he told us that from what he's been hearing, they're saving a Nightingales sequel for 30.
  4. Do we have any idea for the originals? Any sequels or prequels? H.R. Bloodengutz sequel please?
  5. Prequel - The Director: First Take - This house takes you through the twisted mind of The Director when he was making his first films. As you go through, the films will get more disturbing and torturous as The Director takes bigger approaches to his "stars" and how they die in his movies. And for the ending, The Director is filming his newest movie... Which happens to star you. Can you survive the First Take? Sequel - H.R. Bloodengutz Presents Holidays of Horror: Rerun - It's been 10 years since the massacre at Channel 21 WKNB Station, and Larry Kurtzberg has been imprisoned in Carey Brook Emporium ever since. Channel 21 WKNB Station has announced they are premiering a reboot of The Midnight Horror Show with a new actor to play H.R. Bloodengutz. And this reboot is premiering on the same night that Larry is being transferred to Shadybrook Asylum. In the middle of the transportation though, the bus crashes and all the inmates escape... Including Larry. He makes his way to Channel 21 WKNB Station, slaughters the director, producer, and cameramen, and holds the new actor hostage. He gets into his old H.R. Bloodengutz costume and announces his grand return to the show, and that tonight's premiere will be an improved rerun of the final episode. Prepare for carnage and some dark comedy as H.R. Bloodengutz presents his new and improved rerun of Holidays of Horror! Mash Up - Seeds of the Reaping - A mash up of Scarecrow: The Reaping and Seeds of Extinction. The monstrous plants and vegetation has expanded its way into an old farm that was one of the many victims of the dust bowl. However, the scarecrows that guard this land refuse to let anything invade. In this battle of scarecrows and mutant plants, you must escape with your life. Will you live to tell the tale, or will you fall victim to the scythe of a scarecrow, or the meat-eating plants? Good luck.
  6. Know what could make a fun comedy house? Psych. The house could be a compilation of the more darker episodes.
  7. So is Shrek and/or the new parade building being used?
  8. Still avoiding spoilers, but I present three properties that need to eventually come! My Bloody Valentine (1981) - Would make a GREAT house! It's simple: Ya got a creepy mine, really good kills, and an unsettling miner killer! Leprechaun - This would make for a great comedy house. Plus it could also get pretty freaky with Leprechaun himself. Slasher - A fantastic who-done-it anthology show on Netflix. Season 1 can be skipped since it wouldn't make for a great house, but Season 2 would be perfect! Plus ya got Season 3 coming very soon, so this year would be perfect!
  9. Hello! Been avoiding reading this to avoid spoilers of the house announcements, and I'm coming to you with a probably-not-accurate-at-all speculation map! The Curse of La Llorona - Soundstage 21 Stranger Things 2 - Soundstage 22 Original (Sequel) - Soundstage 24B Original - Soundstage 24A Happy Death Day 2U - Tent 3 Killer Klownz from Outer Space 3D - Sprung Tent 2 Original - Sprung Tent 1 Original - New Parade Building Child's Play - Parade Building Original (Sequel) - Shrek 4D Theater 2
  10. Slasher Season 3 just got a name and a cool-looking killer: The Druid. Comes out in June, and I really hope we get a Slasher house.
  11. It's now official: September 6th to November 2nd.
  12. Oh my, I never got notifications for that. Lemme add it in. And done!
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