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HHN 27 Speculation


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Just now, TheLadyGator said:

Anyone else notice this? Enter once daily for the chance to win the Halloween Horror Nights™ 2017 Sweepstakes. Plus, access new content, special opportunities and rewards mere mortals will never know.


I was just about to post this. But there's no other mention, so this is BS. 


Also, I can't enter this, so I just sat here watching a timer for absolutely no freakin' reason. 

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Sweepstakes link is up, they are giving away an entire trip with airfare and several first prizes with T-shirts that have the skull from the site motif. 


Also, the first lock is open. It's fucking wallpapers. 



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Holy shit.. my countdown didn't even go the full time it was supposed to (I'm on Central Time).  Now, there is no countdown and it says 19 souls collected.  So, apparently, they can still collect souls.  What the actual fuck was the point of the stupid countdown???  THAT WAS JUST IDIOTIC!

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