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  1. Thank god AoV is back since they actually bring creepy atmosphere and different acts instead of Bill and Ted’s same unfunny jokes that have no place at a Halloween event every freaking year.
  2. AoV should literally just do the plot of beetljuice's graveyard review.
  3. Good idea in concept, but it would be horrible as we’d end up seeing a lot of censoring of ideas to make some quota of how many houses of each eating are needed. Toxic Avenger could be really fun.
  4. I’ve always liked the idea of It Follows being a scarezone where all the actors are dressed like normal guests but they just stare at you and walk to you slowly through the crowd.
  5. god i fucking hope not. As for Alien, if Walter can have a match with Pac when one is signed by wwe and the other is signed by AEW then anything is possible.
  6. Bioshock is my number 1 dream house. Nintendo would never let it happen, but if nintendoland is popular enough super Metroid would make a fantastic house.
  7. Happy Death Day 2U was great and a lot of fun, it is just is a sci fi comedy, not a horror movie.
  8. Black mirror is a very hard type of horror to convey as a haunt. Yeah a couple episodes could have scares like metal head and white bear, but black mirror has more in common with night crawler than the shinning. I think the best way to do it would be to bring back a sort of interactive repository type thing, and have black mirror’s staff make an original storyline
  9. US looks incredible, hope it becomes a house, I don’t see why not, as it’s not about race, the characters are just black. The main reason I can see us not getting it is that blumhouse seems scared to bring their really good movies to HHN (Split, Get Out, Whiplash...)
  10. For a music house, Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s album Beethoven’s last night is about him going deaf and insane at the same time while trying to bargin and reason with various demons. It uses classical music with a rock style and would be awesome as a house. As for Nintendo, I doubt they would ever let it happen(since Nintendo doesn’t even use this game franchise for games)but a Metroid house would be incredible.
  11. On this odd 30 thing, I’d love to see dungeon of terror but run by the sals amusement park salvage gang
  12. Forbidden eye, Spider-Man, Tower of Terror and forbidden journey can all have words. I’m just sad I’m not rich enough to try journey to the center of the earth yet.
  13. 1. Dinosaur is the best ride in America. 2. Please let me be on a space ship.
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