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Scare Zone of the Year



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  1. 1. Favorite HHN 2011 Scare Zone

    • Your Luck Has Run Out
    • 7
    • Acid Assault
    • NightMaze
    • Grown Evil
    • Canyon of Dark Souls

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1. 7 (by FAR the best scarezone of the year)

2. Grown Evil (amazing atmosphere, but low on scares)

3. Acid Assault (energetic cast and cool projections)

4. Nightmaze (great idea, but more moving walls - this has improved)

5. Your Luck Has Run Out (I just can't get over those masks)

6. Canyon of Dark Souls (I just don't get it)

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1. 7 - Great eyecandy AND tons of scares, I could have stayed here for hours!

2. Grown Evil - Not a single scare, but I loved the atmosphere. I felt like I was in the beginning of Silent Hill 2, lolz.

3. Acid Assault - The projections were cool, and the cast was really on top of things.

4. Your Luck Has Run Out - Better than I thought it'd be, and I actually got some photos so yay!

5. Canyon of Lost Souls - I was pretty unclear on the concept. Generic demons? IDK. It didn't help that I got lost looking for a house and wound up going back and forth through this zone, like, nine times.

6. Nightmaze - Maybe we caught this at a bad time, but there was NO ONE there, just a bunch of black walls. LAME.

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I'm very surprised to see 7 with so many votes. I thought it was mediocre at best.

The best zone was Canyon of the Dark Souls easily. The cramped atmosphere, the fog, the actors, everything was on the ball. The canyon itself is more daunting than it appears during the day, especially when parts of it are completely indistinguishable from the actors themselves. People were getting annihilated in here the last time I went. Very impressive.

Gotta also give an honorable mention footnote to Acid Assault. The "ash" falling from the sky and the crumbling buildings are both very cool effects, and there's a lot of nice set pieces in the streets. The actors are full of energy. Very atmospheric.

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1. Grown Evil

2. 7

3. Canyon of Dark Souls

4. Acid Assault

5. Your Luck Has Run Out

6. Nightmaze

With the exception of Nightmaze, all the zones this year were A+! Very tough to rank them, but in the end I went with the only zone that gave me a scare. Damn good team work inside of Grown Evil!

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1. Acid Assault. Honestly, I’m surprised it isn’t getting more praise. Perfect execution, perfect design, perfect placement. I really loved this zone; it had me running for the hills each time I went through. On a side note, there was one scare actor dressed as an old woman pushing a cart…and my dad, thinking that it was a legit old woman, tapped her on the shoulder to ask her if she needed some help…only for her to turn around and TERRIFY him. The combination of location (slightly congested area, not many places to run/hide) and great makeup made this the scarezone of the night for me.


2. Seven. This was my first ever scarezone. The cast was super energetic and I have so many great memories. My brother’s girlfriend and I approached one of the minions and asked for a photo…but only ended up receiving a grunt and the summoning of some of the chainsaw crew. At about eleven our group of five was split by that same chainsaw crew (which, I have to say, were just spectacular throughout the night) and we were forced to regroup in a local shop. Early on in the event (about seven-ish) when I was shying away from the smallest sound, I was triple-teamed by a few gluttons. That was before I realized how much a mistake running away really is.

3. Your Luck Has Run Out. The atmosphere of this one was perfect. I just really adored the fact that the chainsaw revs just seemed to be getting louder the closer we got to the alley-exit. Really builds up the tension.

4. Nightmaze. I would have rated this lower, had it not been for one of the hooded guys. It was getting close to closing and this was the only zone we hadn’t hit. My brother’s GF is the total opposite of me. As the night goes on and my adrenaline kicks in I become jaded and just tend to laugh at others reactions, while she gets progressively more scared as exhaustion takes over her. There was one actor that targeted her almost immediately, scaring her a total of four or five times throughout the maze. He just hung onto her like a leech. :D

5. Canyon of Dark Souls. This seemed like something pulled straight out of the silver screen. The actor’s played their role perfectly and were very intimidating. The façade of the zone was what got me to love it though. It just looks so dark and menacing. The only negative is that the concept didn’t really click in my mind…so I wasn’t that scared, but everyone around me seemed to be.

6. Grown Evil. Very similar to CODS in that it’s great from an outsider’s perspective, but going in just doesn’t offer that many scares…which kinda disappointed me a bit. I feel like this zone had so much potential and in the end it just felt like something was missing. The tree scare got my dad and sister real good, though.

Overall, to me there was no zone that I would call bad. Some were better executed than others, some had better setups and design, but as I exited each zone they consistently left me in a state of either awe or terror. As I trekked through each they only made me more excited for what was to come…and so, in that sense, each area was successful. This was a great first year…and I know it won’t be my last.

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