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Scare Zone of the Year



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  1. 1. Favorite HHN 2011 Scare Zone

    • Your Luck Has Run Out
    • 7
    • Acid Assault
    • NightMaze
    • Grown Evil
    • Canyon of Dark Souls

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  • 7 months later...

1. acid assault

2. 7

i give two rankings, every other scarezone sucked, no scares, the themes sucked. acid assault amazing, 7 was good, alot of the girls ta-tas were out, but other than those two, it could have been way better for the others

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Every year, it seems like Universal creates a SZ with a ton of fog, and then mistakenly scales it back. It's too bad, because both of the last two years had zones that were absolutely terrifying when they were flooded with fog, and were only pretty cool when they're toned down. Canyon of the Dark Souls was absolutely awesome this year when visibility was reduced. The actors were already blending into the walls so well, and the flamethrowers @ the zone's entrances were so distracting, that the fog just made scares unbelievably easy to come by.

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