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  1. anyways, you think they will announce anything other than penn n teller or alice cooper? cuz to me it sounds like those are equal ip, why would they only announce one... is there anything else u can think of ?
  2. so its gotta be another IP house right? theyre not gonna reveal an original idea with ip houses? what do you guys think it could be
  3. billboards? what do u mean? in the park ? or like on the freeway?
  4. ok think about this , lady luck was involved in the houses last year, what if p&t were involved with horrific pranks in the houses? thats a huge stretch on my behalf considering it wouldnt fit with silent hill or the walking dead but just diarrhea of my mouth
  5. i agree with the comment "what has penn and teller done for horror".... and they need to bring rob zombie to orlando for god sake, i want a halloween house or something sick
  6. so when it says the fans will be running not walking is that saying they will be chasing us? or just that little hype they give
  7. well based off acid assault and the thing and winters night they will most likely do the ash falling from the sky, which im excited for, and im excited to see how they wil be doing the fog, that will be scary as hell

  9. There is strength in numbers and you must band together to make it through many of the iconic settings made famous by the critically-acclaimed AMC hit television series, The Walking Dead. As the city is crawling with hordes of “walkers,” the issue of your becoming one of them is not a question of if, but when.
  10. where is that confirmed p&t debunked? dr jimmy put all his faith into that rumor
  11. if anaybody noticed, they have the big box for walking dead on the hhn orlando home page then silent hill underneath it, whats up with the empty box underneath it? perhaps for another update?
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