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HHN XX Event Photos and Videos


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Sweet love the Marching CDT pics I am in some of the pics...(sorry dunno how to use multiquote so I couldnt show the ones I was haha)

I was Cast A last night. It was so much fun, but so hard haha.

EDIT: Oh and we open the event up front to get the people coming in, then move to the back of the park at night

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So I just bought a new camera for HHN hopefully I will be posting some nice pics later on. The problem is I am not really camera literate. I didn't get an expensive DSLR camera or whatever but I did get one that is supposbly good. Anybody want to meet me early at the parks one night and help me get the best out of my camera? I hate having a camera that I don't understand completely.

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UMTH pics...

So here are my UMTH pics. they are on my FB. If you can't see them, well you'll just have to befriend me... I know so terrible but I don't know too many places to put THAT many pics up. Oh and in case you don't already know. HUGE spoilers... there you have been warned.

UMTH pretour



Wyandot Estate

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Just got home from our UTH Tour. David was our Tour Guide and he did a fantastic job! I'll try to get my photos up as soon as I can, however we're headed back to the park shortly. It probably won't be until tomorrow that I can get them uploaded.

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OK I compressed them all down.

here they are

Oh my god, Wow man Those are really awesome pics, you are the best thanks!

Anyone else hear FEAR with a British accent?




I love Fear's minions, they are really cool, remind me a little bit of Silent hill, the way they move is just awesome, I guess Fear is sexy for girls, but for me the minions are kinda sexy because of their movements and their clothing, they are hot lol :D

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