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HHN 25 - Most Anticipated House/Scarezone

Most Anticipated house  

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  1. 1. What Is Your Most Anticipated house?

    • The Walking Dead
    • Freddy vs Jason
    • Insidious
    • The Purge
    • American Werewolf In London
    • Anniversary House
    • Run
    • Alice 3d
    • Blizzard

Recommended Posts

1/2. Insidious / Blizzard

3. Freddy vs Jason

4. The Purge

6/7. Walking Dead / RUN

8. Alice 3D 

9. AWIL (It will still be good, but it's still a been there done that.)

I'll probably adjust this once everything gets revealed.



1. Insidious

2. Body Collectors - Recollections

3. Monsters and Mayhem

4. Freddy Vs Jason

5. Asylum In Wonderland 3D (I got burned by Afterlife, but I have hope for this one.)

6. RUN: Blood, Sweat, and Fears

7. The Purge

8. The Walking Dead: The Living and The Dead

9. American Werewolf In London (Still love it though.)


1. All Nite Die IN - Double Feature

2. PsychoScareapy - Unleashed

3. Scary Tales - ScreamPunk

4. Icons - HHN 

5. Evil's Roots

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1.  AWIL(my 2nd favorite horror movie and its supposed to be better than hollywoods and i loved that house)

2. Freddy vs Jason(never seen a NOES or F13 house and i get both in one)

3. Insidious(my favorite horror movie and favorite hhn house so fat interested to see what orlando does)

4. The Purge(i know this wasnt the original design but i always wanted a purge house)

5. Anniversary(Idk most interesting of the originals to me)

6. Blizzard( never saw either of the character before so i dont know what to expect)

7. Run(if its like what i hear the 2001 house was like, im really interested to see what this is like)

8. Walking Dead(Dont Care)

9. Alice 3D(Sounds Generic to me)

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1.) Blizzard (I loved the idea behind Psychoscareapy: Home for the Hollidays)

2.) Insidious (Great movie, hope it's a good house)

3.) Run (Very hopeful for an amazing house)

4.) Anniversary House (A house with Jack is a house I'll like)

5.) AWiL (Loved this last year! Anxious to see where they go this year)

6.) FvJ (Movie was funny, it'll be a great jump house)

7.) Purge (Scarezone was good, have high hopes for the house)

8.) Alice 3D (Meh)

9.) TWD (Meh meh)

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1. Blizzard (though I really hope there is diversity in this house. Their individual houses were pretty repetitive despite being liked).

2. Anniversary House (Hallow'd Past was a terrible let down. Let's hope this does it justice)

3. AWIL (I'm curious to see how they redo the house and improve it)

4. Freddy v Jason (with a larger budget and a more intense theme, how will they battle it out?)

5. Insidious (May be legitimately creepy)

6. RUN (Never did the original, doesn't sound interesting to me. Only here because I have faith people like it for good reason)

7. Alice (Knowing how 3D houses are I'm not expecting much even though it could be pretty twisted)

8. The Purge (hate the theme, but using Scream's sets could be okay)

9. TWD (bleh)

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1. Blizzard (Yaaaaas)
2. Anniversary (Let's hope it's not Hallow'd Past redux)
3. RUN (Sounds like a fun concept)
4. Freddy vs Jason (Two of my favorite horror icons combined? Hell yes.)
5. Purge (Liked the scarezone. Hope it translates well.)
6. Alice 3D (Not a huge fan of 3D houses, but w/e.)
7. AWIL (Eh.)
8. Insidious (The movies are creepy, but not high on my excitement list)
9. Walking Dead (...Euuuuurgh.)

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Guest kiwisoup

1. Freddy vs. Jason (I'll feel somewhat redeemed for not being able to go to HHN 17, Hope it's not heavily based on the actual FVSJ movie)
2. Insidious (Really like the first movie, the other two were eh...but I'm excited)
3. Blizzard (Really hoping this gives me an original house feel that I haven't really had since 2011, also I've never experienced either of these houses separately)
4. Anniversary (I'm gonna try and keep this one a surprise till I'm there, but I'm hoping there's some exciting stuff from the past!)
5. The Purge (I'm gonna totally be looking for remnants of the Scream house that would have been #4 if it wasn't scrapped)
6. American Werewolf in London (It was good, but I didn't want to see again so soon. Hoping there's new twists and improvements and that they have actual masks in the nightmare scene this time around)
7. The Walking Dead (Over it, but interested in seeing this past season represented)
8. Alice 3D (campy 3D houses I never get into, I also don't get the whole twisted fairy tale appeal, but we'll see)
9. Run (A queue house with an apparent carnival theme, without most of what made the house interesting? No high hopes for this one)


-After the full reveal, I'd have to say my interest in the Anniversart house moves it up to number 3 just because it's confirmed as a mega-house and has some of my favorite 2011 houses featured!

-American Werewolf in London might be at the bottom of my list now that it's been stated as "identical" to the original maze sans some new effects. I was hoping for new scenes!

-I'd move Run up a spot or two because of the Hellgate Prison setting and the claim that it's going back to it's original incarnation rather than the last reimagining we saw.

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1. Freddy vs Jason (I've wanted this house for 8 years. NoES 07 terrified the 11 year old me to my core. I've NEVER been that scared at the event since, nor will that ever happen again. That being said, that has put Freddy at a very high pedestal for me concerning the event, so being able to have him battle Jason in a house excites the hell out of me. I'm keeping my expectations low so I don't ruin it for myself, but I just really hope this doesn't turn out disappointing like AvP.)

2. Alice 3D (Alice is PERFECT for a house and in 3D. I'm afraid it will be Afterlife quality, but trust them to handle this one more carefully, as it seems they all really love Alice.)

3. Insidious (I've wanted this since the first one came out in 2011. Perfect HHN property. Hollywood's looked outstanding, so hoping our's will follow the same level of quality.)

4. Blizzard (Everything they've teased so far looks wonderful. This could turn out to be an all timer.)

5. Anniversary (Sounds like this one is gonna be another legendary original. Hoping more than anything it's better than Hollow'd Past. Warehouse scenes were amazing, homages to past events were not, save the Alice room.)

6. The Purge (I think it's better for HHN than Scream. I kinda wish this was planned to see where A&D took it. This should be a lot of fun.)

7. RUN (Cautiously excited for this one. If it's in tune with the original I'll be very happy, but I just can't see how they pull it off with the crowds nowadays. I feel this has the biggest chance of flopping, but am going in optimistic.)

8. American Werewolf in London (If I didn't have the experience I did with NoES, this would be my #1 house of all time. It was god damn perfect, and I've no problem with it coming back. It's too soon, I'll agree, but once I walk into the Slaughtered Lamb again, I won't care it's back so soon. Only reason it's so low is because I know what's in it, so nothing to anticipate.)

9. The Walking Dead (I've yet to look forward to a TWD house. That being said, I've yet to not like one. 2012's wasn't great but passable, 2013's was fun, and last year's was a lot of fun, but none of them have been more than average, so I'm still not going in expecting something outstanding. That also helps with being a lot more happy with what's there, when you have no expectations anything will seem good lol.)

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1. Hallow'd Past 2 - First one was amazing, and it'll be love letter to all you fans out there. Can't wait to see all those characters again.

2. American Werewolf In London - Round 2 of this amazing house. Sign me up.

3. Blizzard - Scenes they've been teasing look amazing and I'm a sucker for originals. 

4. RUN 3 - I really liked Hostile Territory and this one sounds like there's more to it.

5. Freddy Vs. Jason - Very indifferent. They've done them both before.

6. The Purge - A good save. I won't write it off.

7. Alice In Wonderland 3-D - Could be cool, but Alice in Wonderland has gone the route of Walking Dead somewhat, but they've used it too much. If it's anything like the scarezone, it should be cool.

8. Insidious - Movies just aren't scary.

9. Walking Dead - Stick a fork in it.

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1) Blizzard - two of my favorite original IPs, hopefully mixed in with "Winters Night." Like 3 of my top 10 houses in one.

2) FvJ - the two horror icons of my generation, and I'm sure this was Creative's "dream project" this year

3) Wond3rlanD (they need to call it this) - not a huge 3D fan, but I am a big Scary Tales fan, hoping that captures some of those houses' dark humor

4) Anniversary house - who doesn't like a little nostalgia?

5) The Purge - I know it's a rush, but like the idea of the IP, think claustrophobia of a house serves it well

6) AWiL - no problem seeing it again

7) Run 3 - never really "got" the first one--only one walk-through tho--not a fan of the second; inclusion of Eddie would jump this up a spot

8) Insidious - only because I've never seen the movies. If I manage to before event, ranking may well go up, I hear good things.

9) TWD - played out, etc. I am curious to see how the flooded basement works, but not expecting much else..



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This is the first anniversary year that I'll get to attend, so I'm pretty much excited for everything except Walking Dead which I couldn't care less about as a property (although the house was cool last year, I'll admit)

1. Freddy Vs. Jason. I love Freddy so very much, and regret not impulsively buying a ticket to come down for Carnival of Carnage back in 07 to see his house, and having both him and Jason in one maze is thrilling. 

2. Anniversary House. As I have only recently been able to attend Horror Nights, I am excited for a house filled with event history. Ive been following since 03' so I know a lot, but to experience it in person is exciting. 

3. AWIL. missed it the first time around, so I am stoked that I'll get to check it out. Hoping it's got some new twists. 

4. Insidious. When I first saw Insidious I went "damn this would be a fun haunted house" so I am psyched. 

5. Alice 3D. Having worked 3D haunts, I'm interested to see where this goes. I love creepified Wonderland stuff, so I hope it's good. 

6. Blizzard. These two house concepts combined is strange and intriguing. Hope it's something along the lines of Home for the Holidays

7. Run. I dont know much about this concept besides the basics of Eddie. If he makes a return, that'd be neat 

8. The Purge. This is low on the list only because office of how late it is in the game it is. I loved the scare zone so we'll see. 

9. The Walking Dead. Yawn. 


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1. Blizzard - Body Collectors is still the most frightening house I've ever been through. 

2. Run III - I remember enjoying the original and loved the gore in the second. I'm excited to see what they do.

3. Freddy vs Jason - Big fan of both of the movie franchises and just find Freddy to be incredibly scary. 

4. Alice - A fan of the originals and can't wait to see what they do with it. 

5. Insidious - Could make for a rather freaky house. 

6. Anniversary House - I'm sure I'll enjoy revisiting scenes from the past, but it's difficult to get super excited over something you've already experienced. 

7. AWIL - ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS HOUSE, but it was only two years ago. 

8. The Purge - Preferred Scream but am okay with this. 

9. The Walking Dead - Unfortunately, I was never a fan of the show or any of the houses. 

The great thing about HHN is the houses I usually am least excited for, end up at the top of my list by the end of the event. Can't wait until September 18th! 

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1. Freddy vs. Jason - I love Freddy and Jason. I loved both of their last houses. I can't wait to see them together!

2. Blizzard - Two of my favorite originals together. Sounds amazing.

3. Anniversary house - Can't wait to see what is in store for us with this.

4. insidious - I like the movies and I always thought this would make an awesome house.

5. Alice - I seem to be the odd one out, but I always like 3D houses!

6. Run - Never got to experience the original run house so I guess the hype just isn't really there for me.

7. The Purge - Still a little annoyed this isn't going to be scream, but I think it will be fine.

8. AWIL - I like the first house a lot, but it wasn't my favorite house that year and I feel like I'm just not ready for it again yet.

9. TWD - I actually really enjoyed the house last year and if they keep it up I'm sure this will be okay, but zombies are getting old for me. Even if this was just a generic zombie house I think it would be in the same spot. 


This list was really hard for me to make because I am really excited about everything this year. Just because I put things at the bottom doesn't mean I am not excited to go through the houses. I always leave HHN having had so much fun and I know this year won't be any different. This is honestly the most exciting house line up for me in a while. 


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  1. Freddy vs Jason - Just because.
  2. AWiL - didn't go the first year, so really exciticed to see if it lives up to the hype for me.
  3. Blizzard - Photos just look awesome coupled with A&D's excitement.
  4. Alice 3D - I unapologetically love the 3D houses.  If I can get a room with huge/tall 3D painted mushrooms with anybody/anything on stilts with a ridiculously oversized tophat on that would be incredible.
  5. The Walking Dead - Don't expect any super scares or magically different zombies, but the water zombies sound VERY interesting and I love the show.  Hoping to go into the church and see the aftermath of the beatdown.  Hoping to see stuff from characters that have died (not posting any ideas for those behind on the show).
  6. Icon House - These have been my most anticipated house before...and failed to live up to my expectations.  They're a bit tempered this time.
  7. The Purge - if it wasn't a rush job, this would be much higher up my list.
  8. Run - This has the highest risk, highest reward.  Never did a run house, but keep hearing how it can't work with the conga lines we have now.  So down my list (ie not getting my hopes up) but has the potential to shoot up the list if can capture some of the old feel everybody loves.
  9. Insidious - Have no interest in the movies, could end up being my favorite house.  Who knows?


Post full reveal edited list:

  1. Freddy Vs Jason
  2. AWIL
  3. Run
  4. Blizzard
  5. 25 Years of Horror / Icon House
  6. Alice 3D
  7. TWD
  8. The Purge
  9. Insidious

The description and excitement around Run really influenced my updated list.  Same with the Icon house...I thought it was going to be another warehouse type thing, this sounds much better.


  1. Scary Tales:  Speampunk.  I LOVED the demented Wizard of Oz zone years ago, hope this is similar.
  2. Icons.  Just a glorified photo op, but for someone like me who loves to take pictures, always one of my favorites.
  3. Evil's Roots.  Central Park is always one of the darkest, foggiest, best lit zones so I'm really looking forward to it.
  4. Psychoscarapy.  Would have preferred this zone just to be slightly demented trick or treaters.  LOVE the decorations, not sure what I'll think of the scaractors in the zone yet.
  5. All night Die In.  I'm usually underwhelmed by this area, but if they have characters in full black/white/gray outfits and makeup, this could be pretty cool.


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