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  1. Late to the conversation, but one of the reasons this year's discussion feels more barren is probably because we had zero speculation to work with.
  2. The only houses I felt were short are Ghost Town and TCM.
  3. I swear to God, some of you guys transform into Jack Torrance when the event is about to start.
  4. 1. Tomb of the Ancients 2. Ghost Town 3. Krampus 4. TCM 5. AHS 6. Halloween 7. The Exorcist 8. Lunatics Playground 9. TWD
  5. Welp, looks like that 10th house is real; it's a VR Upcharge house! http://blog.universalorlando.com/whats-new/hhn26-virtual-reality-experience/?__source=sm.awr.ag.gp.&linkId=27604419
  6. 1. Dead Man's Wharf 2. Vamp 1995 3. Banshee's Lair 4. A Chance in Hell 5. Survive or Die
  7. Unless it's going to be a LT thing towards the end of the even there's no 10th house.
  8. Lake is also off the 17th so that'll make matters even worse Polk, Volusia, and Brevard have September 19th off which could mean no difference between Saturday and Sunday Volusia is off Friday October 21; it's only one county so who knows how big the effect is
  9. My guess: AHS Cobweb Exorcist Ghost Town Krampus TCM
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