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  1. Is it weird that I have been waiting for this since Horror Nights started, still hoping for a individual Hollywood review. Kinda surprised at how much you like Exorcist, but I agree, I think it's the best house this year even though my run through tonight was ruined by drunk assfarts
  2. I'm pretty sure someone did something like this last year there's a thread for it in the 2015 section I think
  3. Wait did you ask if you could go on the tour and still get a refund, it sounds like you can from what other people are saying
  4. It's true, but I wouldn't cancel if I were you. This might be a stupid question so I apologize in advance but can you only get the refund if you don't go on the tour, or can you take it and still get one for false advertisement. If you can't take it and get a refund, I would still go, the experience just won't be completely worth it. Basically I'd say go either way but they should let you get a refund and go. I think if you haven't booked yet(I know you have Arsik, but I'm just saying in general), don't, unless they change the policy, or lower the price
  5. That's fucking unbelievable, it's the one of the main reasons to take the tour. I'm glad they are giving refunds out. Absolutely absurd to take away something that was always intended to be apart of the experience
  6. Actually no, our version of the Exorcist is disappointing from what I've heard. More bad than good, and some of the pics I've seen don't look good
  7. You know there are 2 most anticipated threads for houses and scarezones
  8. Nvm on my last post, just realized that everything hasn't been announced yet
  9. I see the most anticipated scarezone list is up, when can we expect the house thread
  10. Why would they give the icon the short stick just because she's a clown, they should've just skipped 3D this year
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