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HHN Hollywood 2014 Speculation

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Since it's the new year, I'm letting the real speculation open up for this year (Even though we've already done so in wishful thinking). I'll still leave the other thread open for wishful thinking.

So let's discuss the possibilities for 2014.

-It is possible we'll see Walking Dead back for one more year?

-Could we get a Paranormal Activity maze this year (Marked Ones looks a bit HHN-ish)?

-Will we get more that one show?

-Will Monster Remix be back for another year?

-Could we see an icon again like Jack, Director, or even Usher?

-Will we see another 3D maze?

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There's one property that's been requested a lot by fans that Murdy is 90% sure is going to be a part of the event and another property that involves somebody he's been wanting to work with. The long timed want to work with is (as discussed) most likely John Landis. Same issues of limited venues, awareness, and convincing suits to spend hundreds of thousands on something on low awareness.

Often requested property...there's Cabin in the Woods, American Horror Story and Resident Evil, which has a movie coming out this year. Although AHS and Resident Evil still have the same issues as last year. TWD is both of the second best rated mazes of all time and the show is more popular than ever with a lot of new scenes to use, so it is a safe bet I would imagine.

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I think The Walking Dead will return, thus cancelling out RE and AHS.

I think Insidious will return, seeing no need for Sinister or PA.

I think we'll finally get a second show.

I think we'll get a new venue (maybe not 7 venues, but a replacement or return to an old one).

I think this is our biggest chance of seeing The Exorcist.

I think we will have an original maze.

I think we will finally do something other than a music based maze

I think this will be Murdy's final year.

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I think it might be a possibility seeing Walking Dead again, but at the same time, Resident Evil will be having a new movie, so there would have to be a decision made. I mean, I don't think you can do both houses that have the same theme (which is, of course, zombies.) I think Hollywood even proved that in 2013 that you can't do it.

I still doubt that we will be having a Paranormal Activity house because, again, it probably won't work.

As for original houses, I think one of them will most likely be an music artist/band-based house, and obviously, it has to be 3D.

and for another original house, it also have to do with an urban legend, continuing on the trend after La Llorona and El Cucuy. I'm not quite sure if El Cucuy might return, but that just came to mind, and there might be a possibility that it will return.

I know for sure that The Purge scarezone will be returning for another year because of the sequel that will be coming out.

There might be a possibility that we might be seeing Eli Roth collaborate again with having The Green Inferno as a house. I don't know for sure, I don't know if there's that many environments or whatever that's worthy of a haunted house but that's just my guess.

As for the shows, I don't think we'll won't be having any shows at all. I mean, we don't know for sure if Bill & Ted will be returning. I mean, of course, Universal got the licensing to Bill & Ted and all, but I don't think it means that they can do whatever they want with it. Even if they did bring back Bill & Ted, would it be the same? Would it have to be toned down? I don't know.

And of course, there might be a possibility of Universal Monsters Remix returning. (What can I say?)

I doubt that will ever have an original icon like The Director or Jack again. Considering the direction that the event has gone (from a themed event to a mixbag event), I doubt we'll be seeing stand-out characters like them any time soon.

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Will the Walking Dead return for another year? Yes, Universal/Murdy wants to milk it for all its got.

Could we get a Paranormal Activity maze? No, it doesn't look maze material at all.

Will we get one more show? Likely, we might get some new shows especially after the B&T fiasco last year.

Will we get UMR for one more year? I think so.

Could we see an icon again? I HIGHLY doubt it. If Murdy didn't want the Usher maze in 2012 it won't happen as long as he's in charge.

Another 3D maze? I see this as a 50/50. If we get another rocker maze I'm pretty sure it'll be 3D.

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I think we'll see The Walking Dead again this year, it's such a popular property right now and the last two mazes have been so well received I would think they would want to do it again. Plus so far, the first half of season four has given us a few maze-worthy scenes.

I'm really curious about shows this year, I think that either we'll get a really tame, really PC version of Bill and Ted. Or we get a new show entirely to replace it, at least for a year or two until the heat dies down. But I would be really surprised if we got more than one show.

I think we'll get that backlot area where The Walking Dead and Black Sabbath were last year again this time. It was such a cool area and the scarezone was so well done. It seems like the kind of thing that you can't just give everyone once and then take away.

I think we're going to have six mazes this year still, but maybe a new venue for one of the six.

I have a hunch that Michael Myers will be back, he hasn't been at HHN since 2009 so he's due to return.

I have a bad feeling that Universal Monsters Remix will return. I didn't hate the maze as much as some people did but three years in a row would be running it in to the ground and then some.

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