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  1. "Objectives: Future thinking is an important domain of cognitive functioning, with reduced ability to imagine positive future events associated with hopelessness in depression and parasuicide. Rumination has been shown to exacerbate negative cognitive biases in depression, and to reduce likelihood estimations for positive future events. We examine the hypothesis that, in depressed patients, rumination would reduce the ability to imagine positive future events, whilst increasing the ability to imagine negative future events. Method: The ability to imagine positive and negative future events was assessed using the future thinking paradigm (MacLeod, Rose, & Williams, 1993). Depressed and nondepressed participants completed the future thinking task after being randomly allocated to either a rumination or distraction manipulation (Nolen-Hoeksema & Morrow, 1993). Mood was measured before and after the manipulation. Participants also completed a standard verbal fluency task. Results: In the depressed group, compared to distraction, rumination increased both negative and positive future thinking, although the effect was only significant for negative future thinking once baseline levels of hopelessness were controlled for. These findings are consistent with the prediction that rumination would increase negative future thinking, but inconsistent with the prediction that rumination would reduce positive future thinking. Previous findings that, compared to controls, depressed patients generated fewer positive future events were replicated. Conclusion: Ruminative self-focus leads to greater negative future thinking in depressed patients, further confirming that rumination exacerbates negative cognitive biases in depression. The relationship between rumination and positive future thinking was unexpected, but might potentially reflect a general priming of self-related information by rumination." Lavender, A. and Watkins, E. (2004), Rumination and future thinking in depression. British Journal of Clinical Psychology, 43: 129–142. doi: 10.1348/014466504323088015
  2. You'll all end up going and having a great time. What good has worrying and whining about the IPs ever done?

    1. IheartNARWHALS


      Couldn't have said it better myself.

    2. JDW


      Didn't get the value last year. Was very unhappy with the event. Still on the fence if I'm going. IP's are irrelevant though. The issue lies far deeper than IPs

    3. ferox
  3. Step one: Become scarezone supervisor. Step two: Talk to those people.
  4. I'm going to ask you one question, and all I want is a yes or no answer. Do you want to live through this?

    1. Ridesandstuff
    2. duh1011


      *sighs* there's always that one guy

    3. Freak


      Nope. BRING ON THE AXE!!! :D

  5. You still don't understand what you're dealing with, do you? Perfect organism. Its structural perfection is matched only by its hostility.

  6. Game over man. Game over.

  7. You know, the director's cut of Alien vs. Predator is pretty good.

  8. Kind of a cliche concept, but it looks like the execution could be worthwhile. I love KSF fans who want to lay claim on things like scary dolls or clowns. Because clearly, KSF owns the rights to every basic haunt theme.
  9. Whew. I was kinda worried that Orlando was going to have a house with angry natives. That would have been bad. This looks pretty awesome. I'm looking forward to seeing videos/pictures of it!
  10. If you are planning to go to KSF this year out of protest, I hate to tell you but they don't have American Horror Story either.

    1. splitsoul


      I legit laughed aloud.

  11. Honored to join the ranks of HHN scareactors.

    1. splitsoul


      Congratulations!! 'v'

    2. JDW



    3. Zero56
  12. They should make an example of him. Somehow. Hmm...
  13. Good point, it would be awkward to have a conversation about a house that doesn't happen.
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