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Legendary Truth - The Collective 2013

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  • 2 weeks later...

I am not sure. I can only imagine that they took the site down to create a new one. It is just strange that it has been down for as long as it has considering the following that legendary truth seems to be getting. We shall see, probably getting worked up over nothing haha

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This is pure speculation: As we all know, something as been going on with the LT site. I was looking at the domain info and realized the physical address is a California address. I can't remember if it was always a California or not, but I may have made a connection.

Three tweets:

@HorrorNights: We are working on something special for the end of the panel, lots to do to make this happen in time...hoops to jump thru but looking good

@HorrorNights: All I can say right now is its something we've never done with HHN before and very focused on our fans. Will know for sure next week...

@HorrorNights: Got a special announcement planned for the end of the panel. Something we've never done before with the event but I'm sure the fans will dig

What if LT is going bicoastal or HHNH is getting LT this year?

EDIT: Realized I posted one of the tweets twice. It's corrected now.

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