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  1. They took him back out to add to the Icons zone sadly. He might still make an appearance here and there through
  2. You did an awesome job! I know what I'll have to do when I grab one
  3. It isn't made for the actors. The chainsaw is a GAT although most people might not consider it to be.
  4. ">http://s494.photobucket.com/user/Miniatureneo/media/995e21d1-f45f-4e3a-9ecb-a0df893a89a8_zps1e55d76d.jpg.html]
  5. ">http://s494.photobucket.com/user/Miniatureneo/media/3123d763-ba66-4969-a9a7-29e658a66c7b_zpsc30f97ac.jpg.html'>
  6. Definitely forgot both the clown with the intestines and the jumper cable clowns. You guys always looked so amused with your props and the people going through the house. I definitely enjoyed watching you guys through out the house!
  7. So we know Jack is back for 25 but we will not know for awhile. Somethings they were testing this week makes it sound like there will be a great deal of interactivity in the park next year. As for what houses that may be a possibility next year are TWD unless the show sinks this season. AHS which I heard was going to be this year. Insidious which I also heard got cut from this year. as for original content an Icon house or scare zones would be great. Nightingales, Body Collectors, and Psychoscareapy would be great to see next year. The other house rumor that was wishful thinking/joke was Killer Clowns from Outerspace which would make sense since Jack is back.
  8. First off thank you to ALL of the actors who made the event so great this year! Streets Maskerade: Brooke you were amazing in Maskerade! It was always a great time watching you throughout the zone and I got some awesome pictures too! For the actor with the wooden stake and the ribbon. You were my favorite actor in that zone. You were always full of energy and got some pretty amazing scares. Face-Off: I don't know their name but for the girl with the tambourine that recognized me each time I was there on the 26th thank you for personalizing the zone for me! Also the scareactors with the maid you did a great job freaking out my friend "kitty" that night! The Purge: Damian it is always great watching you. You are always full of energy! Bayou: The voodoo queen was always fun to talk to in the zone. One day we will get the sacrifice back! Houses Dollhouse of the Damned: The final cast on the final night was great! To the actor that "makes" the doll "pretty" you were always fun to watch and it was great having you recognize me when I go through. The ballerina you were my one of the best actors in all of the event! Even when I knew you were there you would still get a scare out of me which many people can not do! The actors that are wrapped up in the wall with the doll also one of the best this year. Opening weekend you made my friend practically jump out of her wheelchair! Giggles & Gore: First off BIG shout out to April! You always made my experience going through unique. Now time for every other actor that closed the event in Giggles. The man operating and the girl thank you for a great entrance to the house! I am glad you two got to see the Giggles & Gore shirt I made! April and your friend down the hallway you two definitely made the last few run through amazing even more so when you gave the other actor my name! To the clowns behind the mirror. You two "both casts stayed" were amazing! the balloon with the light inside added so much to the last few runs. Glad you two got to see the shirt too! The tall clown in the grinder room thanks for the high fives! You also had such a great scare to the guy in front of me to the point he was on the ground! The clown in the shelf room you did such a great job! I loved you tell a group to shut their mouths as they went through the house. The female clown in the overalls I loved you! Thank you for making the house a great experience for me! Not sure what you are called in the house but all of the gray clowns. I loved all of your scares last night you did great <3. The final room for both clown I loved going though there! Especially the clown with the maracas You were one of my favorites through out the house you always got me to smile going through. The chainsaw clowns were both great! I loved I think it was cast A who went inside the mirror room waiting for a hug not only did I get one there but got a 2nd one in line! Sorry if I missed anyone in the house but ALL of you made that house not only my favorite this year but one of my favorites of all time! To all the other houses. I may not have had a completely unique experience going through but I loved all of your performances! I can not wait to see some of you scare in the future!
  9. I can't even express how great both casts did closing night. Both casts were out during the last 30 minutes which made the house full clowns and a great amount of chaos. Some of them brought in balloons and other props with them making the house very unique experience last night. I want to thank every single cast member for making this house the most interactive and enjoyable house to go through. For any cast members who read this I was the one in the Giggles & Gore shirt final night at last cast.
  10. you should just have to unscrew the battery opening and swap
  11. First off all of the scareactors great job this year! For those that I really thought out did themselves -Rosie the fox great to see you with your fans last night ROSIE FOR ICON 2014! -Chinese Cookie Master thank you for the humor has well as the cookies -The Havoc team at midnight on the last night thank you for making one of my favorite houses even more enjoyable with those fist bumps -Machete survivor on the RV your humor was pretty amazing thank you for some good laughs -Chainsaw girl you were the most entertaining thing to watch closing night glad I missed B&T for that -Finally whoever was the Llorona on the left side of the bridge at 640 closing night that manged to kiss my cheek after I waved to you, you made my night
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